Audials One Review: Best Software for Download Music, Video and More

Audials One Review: Streaming Videos and Music online is too mainstream these days as you probably already are familiar with Spotify and Youtube kinda platforms.

So what’s the next-gen step for the industry? How about instead of just “streaming” the media, you could actually “download/record” it? And well, LEGALLY!

I’m sure you’ve your own ways of doing this, but that’s not only illegal, it also seriously cuts down the quality of the movies or songs, right?

So what if I tell you there actually is a way that allows you to download and record music/videos from almost all the major paid media platforms on the web, legally and in the perfectest possible quality! Yeah, that’s where this Audials one Review comes in.

But hey, let me be honest, that this is going to be an Audials One Review. And one of a good length, thanks to the dozens of features the platform has packed into itself. So if you’re allergic to “professional tools with more features than you’d ever need”, I suggest you can quit right about now.

Or if you want to change how you listen to and intercept the online music and video industry once and for all, keep going through this Audials One review.

Audials One Review: – What is Audials One 2017?

So this is an Audials One review. But what exactly is Audials One? If you’re on this page and you’ve read this Audials one review this far, I believe you already know what it is, or at least have an idea, anyway let me humor you because even if you know what Audials one “was”, this is primarily Audials one 2017 review! (Stress on the “2017” version!)

audials one review


Audials one is probably the only tool in the market which lets you stream, record or download programs, episodes, series and music from almost all the major online media platforms across the globe (web).

And combine that with its advanced recording and streaming algorithms, and you’ve got yourselves the next-gen online media super-tool, of course, you can verify all of this in this Audials one 2017 review.

It does a lot more than just stream and record, but don’t take my word for it, in the next section, I’m discussing these features where you can get an almost live demo of the tool without needing to use it.

Audials One 2017 Review: Features

So by now you already know that this Audials one 2017 review is focused around a tool which lets you stream, convert formats and record media from your favorite platforms simultaneously and automatically- Audials One 2017.
But that’s not what makes it “unique” and worth your time. So what does? Let’s have a look.

Audials One Music: Let me tell you Audials is a powerhouse when it comes to features, so bear with me if this Audials one Review gets a bit long.

1). Music Wishes

The one thing Audials one prides itself is fulfilling music wishes. Basically, it has this superpower (algorithm) to search the millions of Online radios / music directories and websites for your and get you the music you wish for in a jiffy, for FREE!

audials one review
A wise soul once said numbers speak better than sentences, so here’s something for you. Audials one currently has over 12,000,000 tracks in its database covering over 3000000 artists! (That’s more than you could ever finish listening!)

4). Top-Charts for Music Wishes

Audials one has recently included this feature in its 2017 version. I’ll be talking about it in detail later but now, let’s just say that they have included a new “Top-charts” section to music wishes. And what it does is it detects the kind of music you listen, and then creates a qualitative playlist based on your taste from the Top charts.

5). Downloading More than one Music Wishlist

This is one of the newer additions to this Audials One 2017 review (as it’s a new feature for the tool itself!) Now you can download more than one wishlist at the same time.

Just create your first wishlist, add whatever parameters you want to the wishlist, create the second wishlist and done! It’ll download them simultaneously.

6). Music Streaming

Top-Charts: Audials 2017 comes with some pretty bumpy updates, including some of the best music charts you’ll ever cross paths with. The current charts include.

a). Pop Music
b). Dance Charts
c). US Single Charts
d). 80s Charts
e). Music Video Charts
f). Rock Charts
g). Newcomers
And couple more….

So basically, every kind of music you wish for is organized for you in a chart, all you’ve got to do is decide what your ears desire.

And it doesn’t end there, it even has an inbuilt music suggestion feature, which suggests new music to you which might as well just become your latest favorite.

Even more, you get Updated Charts as well. These are just the “updated” or the “more current” organizations of your music, these include

a). Evergreen
b). Climbers
c). Popular

So instead of searching in the normal charts, you can listen to the real-time music industry as it happens!

7). Double-Speed Recording

In the Audials One 2017 Version, you get to download music from platforms like Spotify and Deezer at double speed, without losing any quality!

And that’s not all. You can even play music from the platforms while downloading them, with complete audio controls.

8). Download from Best Sources

This is something that has also been extended to the video section of Audials One 2017, but as far as the music is concerned, you get to choose “where from” you want to download the music.

Platforms like Spotify and Deezer don’t always stream music in your browsers. But with the help of Audials one 2017, you can download it even from your app version of the platform on your computer.

audials one review

9). Automatically Record Every Online Sound

It’s just this feature you need to know about in this Audials One Review where it automatically downloads/records music whenever you play them online.

Eg. You’re playing something on Spotify; Audials will detect as music and record it as MP3 for you on your computer. See? This Audials one 2017 review is just full of “surprises” isn’t it?

10). Advanced (And Fast) Search Algorithms

One of the other factors which drove me to write this Audials one 2017 Review is its advanced music search algorithm.

It’s the feature which enables you to search for any music on this planet simultaneously from millions of sources online and get them to your fingertips.

Now what makes it interesting is that the found music is always from legal sources, and you can always download/record it for free!

So you just have to key in your phrase/keyword/artist/genre (or anything you feel related to the song) and you get the search results already grouped into albums, so that’s one less problem for you (because of course there might be hundreds of search results if you search for a specific artist or genre, right?)

audials one review

What’s New in 2017

This being an Audials One 2017 Review, I’ve got to mention the “new upgrades” in the 2017 version right?
So well the Search Algorithm has been updated, so now you don’t get random tracks for your key-phrase. Instead you get the “best music” for that search. (One of the many reasons why I decided to scribble this Audials one review down!)

Meaning if you search for “Katy Parry,” you don’t just get any Katy Pary song. Instead you get the “Top songs” based on user ratings, and that’s not all you even get “alternate versions” of the same song in the same search result in case you’re interested.

11). Record the Music

So once you get the music, you can choose to either listen to it before downloading it, (yeah stream it there and then) or you can download it beforehand and then decide to listen.

12). Pull in Complete Lifeworks Easily

Well, it’s like the Google of the Online Music streaming industry. All you’ve to do is, search for your favorite artist by name, album or even a specific genre that they might have, and Audials pulls up their complete life’s work for you.
Now the edge here is that, it not only pulls in a music “list”, but the music itself. So you can stream or even download the music right away.

Not just that, you can record either individual tracks or complete albums in one go! So you don’t have to manually downloaded each track if you’re in need of more than one songs in the album.

13). Download Audiobooks

These have been recently rising to popularity, and as I’m scribbling this Audials One Review, it’s only fair of me to mention that you can download not only music but audiobooks as well from Spotify and Deezer kind of platforms. (

14). Audials Radiotracker

Get Music as Complete MP3 in Any Format You Wish For, Free & Legally!

Radiotracker from Audials records audio and music from the internet radio stations for you and makes it easy for you to access the millions of songs.

In addition to access, it also allows you to save the media in any desired format in the most perfect possible quality, regardless of the media’s protection levels.

15). File Formats Supported

The internet doesn’t always use “mp3” for music files as you might be well aware, to counter that problem, Audials offers you well over 85 different file formats to choose from to save your music.

16). Universal Internet Radio

I don’t listen to the radio normally, but you’ll soon see in this Audials 2017 Review that Audials one just re-defined radio.

audials one review
It not only gets you the music from the stations, but even additional information about the stations, hence helping you choose better.

What’s New in 2017

Everything has been upgraded in the 2017 version, even the radio! This feature wasn’t here when I last wrote my Audials one review, but now it is.

So with the new radio, you can not only stream music, you can even bulk-download media.

Meaning, Audials can display for you the 200 most recent plays at your favorite station, and you can download the whole file with one click!

And now you can “record” music even before you listen to it!

17). Search based on “Taste”!

Consider it an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) level search algorithm. How it works is, you just give Audials a key-phrase, a reference to the kind of songs you need and it’ll get you bucket-load of them.

Let’s just say that I can give it a year, a genre, or even a reference song, and it will automatically detect “matching” songs based on a number of criteria and I’ll get a massive search result.

Now, you can either stream the music, download individual songs, or maybe the complete album? There’s no stopping.

18). “Suited to Me” Feature

Just like there’s that taste detection feature with the Music search thing, similarly Audials Radio too can detect the kind of music and stations you like based on your usage of the radio.

So after using it for some time, It starts finding new stations which I might be interested in by default.

19). Advanced Recording Options

This is one of the other “more interesting” features of this Audials One Review. Basically what this feature does is, it automatically records your radio stations throughout the day.

audials one review

Now the “advanced” part is that you can set it to record only specific “genres”. And to further narrow down your recording choices, you can set an automatic limit on your recordings based on

a). Number of Tracks
b). Time Recorded.

So you don’t have to manually start and stop every recording now, you can just set the genre and your favorite stations and go to sleep, Audials one 2017 takes care of the rest.

20). Easy Interface and Navigation

With Audials Radio you get this feature where you get all the information about a radio station even before you play the station.

This way you can narrow down your choices and searches, and land directly on the music you want. In fact there’s a special “Top hits” section as well which shows you if any station is playing a top-hit. (Again, something new for this Audials one 2017 review!)

21). Free Podcasts

These are one of the most recent innovations in the “education/entertainment/promotion” industry using “media” as their medium aren’t they? Podcasts!

Now I personally love listening to Gary Vee’s podcasts when I’m driving, so I assume I can’t be the only podcast lover on the planet. And hence when I saw this feature inbuilt with Audials, it instantly called for specific mention in this audials one 2017 review

So basically you get access to over half a million episodes from all the different kinds of podcast platforms out there, for free! And the even better news is that it’s an automatically self-updating database.

So bottom line, you’re never going to run out of podcasts again, be it audio or video.

22). Music TV

All I can say is, when you’re out of your choices and the radio isn’t playing anything worth listening to, there’s this Music TV which can be your new best friend.

You can run it in a background windows and it would still play some of the best music audio and video channels for you.

It’s like your own personal VH1 in simpler words. And some of the best Music TV stations are supported with Audials, here take a sneak-peek.

audials one review

23). Videos

This Audials One 2017 Review isn’t centered around just the “music” industry. Audials one 2017 is equally super-powered to interact, stream, download, convert videos as well.
So basically Audials one can stream and record movies and series from platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and a dozen other such platforms.

audials one review

In addition to the “recording” what else makes it special is its lossless quality and super fast speed.

24). Advanced Recording Options

audials one review

As you can see all the supported platforms are organized into tiles in the Audials Save Video tab. All you’ve got to choose your platform and play the media.

Then Audials 2017 automatically starts recording the media in any file format of your choice.

What is also great in video streaming from Netflix and Amazon is the episode by episode recording with the autoplay function – it will automatically save all wanted episodes or season overnight. Audials is the only one that can do this.

25). Encrypted Recording

I know this Audials One Review has already gone far enough, but there’s so much to talk about and it won’t be just if I leave the other features out while discussing some of them. And you’re loving the features anyway.

The other feather in the Audials’ cap is its ability to be able to record any kind of media regardless of its encryption.
Basically platforms like Netflix and Amazon (Paid video platforms) encrypt their videos so that it can’t be downloaded or recorded. Ofcourse considering they are billion dollar corporations, it’s only natural for them to maintain this level of security.

So most other tools are unable to record media streams from these kind of platforms, but Audials one 2017 can!
The added bonus is, they’re LEGAL! Of course you can’t sell these videos commercially, but feel free to use it privately with friends and family.

26). Select the Perfect Recording Source

With time, the platforms like Amazon, Netflix, etc too have upgraded themselves, and hence now they tend to offer their videos via “software/apps” for your computers instead of streaming them on browsers just like the music platforms.

And as you might be aware, downloading from browsers isn’t as hard as compared to downloading from apps, especially when it comes to videos.

That’s where this Audials One Review will come in handy, because now you know that Audials will tell you which source to go with, the browser or the app in order to get the highest quality recordings.

27). Adaptive Streaming with Audials 2017

The platforms we just talked about don’t always upload their videos in a single stream. Instead it’s uploaded as different parts. (It’s termed as Adaptive Streaming.)

What other software(including older versions of Audials) did was they downloaded the different parts alright, but while compiling them together and the playback, there was major quality loss.

But it’s one of the primary reasons of me writing this Audials one 2017 review that now in the latest version, you get the perfect balance between merging, playing and transitioning between the streams.

In simple English, all you need to understand is that now even for videos downloaded from platforms like Netflix, Skygo etc, you’ll get the highest possible quality.

28). Auto-Tagging

This is the section of this Audials One Review where you’ll understand the “professionalism” of Audials One 2017.
It doesn’t only stream and record media for you, instead it keeps its end of the deal till the very end.

Once a file is downloaded, it organizes it serially if it’s a series, or whenever possible you get it completely tagged with the Artist’s name, Writers, Album Image, Country of Origin, Directors, and even a description.

audials one review

Not to mention the recording source, bitrate, and other technical details as well. So basically there’s no angle left untouched.

29). Universal Converter

Last but not the least feature in this Audials one review is this Universal converter. One of the very first reasons I believe it’s really “the” converter, is because it’s been in this business since 2004!

Considering the competition in the industry, I’d say a tool must know what it’s doing in order to even survive 12 years of competition, and it has not only survived but is almost an industry leader.

One of the greatest perks you get with Audials One is you won’t ever get stuck with “copy” protections anymore.
Movies and other paid media files are most of the times protected with DRM copy protection, but I proudly announce to you in this Audials One review that with Audials one 2017 you can copy and convert just about any kind of media and save it as a personal, unprotected file on your preferred device in a format of your choice.

Secondly, it supports almost every kind of device which exists on the planet. Be it a cell phone, tablet or PC!

30). Device Oriented Conversions

Not just that, but it gives you a wide-range of specific device formats, meaning you can actually choose your cell phone and then it would convert the file so that you get the highest possible quality on your device.

audials one review

Final Verdict

I think you’ve got a more than fair idea in this Audials One Review about the potential Audials One 2017 carries.
If you ask me of my final verdict, all I can say is in addition to the huge “quantity” of features, the “quality” of the product is unbeatable. And I’m not saying this because I’m writing this Audials One review, I’m sure you’ve verified this information through this article by now.

The interface, the “quality” of music and videos you can download, the “Simultaneous” wishlist downloading, double speed downloading, adaptive streaming and all the other features give me all the reasons why I should vouch for the product in this Audials One review.

And as far as my personal experience goes, the platform has been upgrading itself constantly with new updates and new features, so I think you should at all costs give it a try to begin with.


So yeah that’s all for this Audials One Review, why don’t you check out the Audials One 2017 demo right now? You ain’t loosing anything that’s a personal promise.