Clickadu Review – The Premium Ad Network

Clickadu Review: Online advertisement industry is flourishing with each passing day. A number of businesses are going online as most of them have realized the power of internet marketing. Most of the businesses are getting online to promote themselves online and reach out more number of customers. Various companies have taken the responsibilities for serving the ads on behalf of number of businesses. One of suck renowned company is Let us learn more about this premium ad network and how it works for publishers & advertisers. – A Brief


Clickadu is a core advertising platform which provides some good tools and services top people in the advertising and publishing industry. The business can flourish them by reaching to more number of customers while the publishers serving the ads can earn revenue on eCPM basis. Clickadu uses the best ad server technology for helping the advertisers to reach large audience. It is one of the platforms that is created for the advertisers as well as the publishers.

How Clickadu benefits the advertisers?

  • Its smart optimization system helps in higher conversion.
  • The advertisers can reach desired audience through optimal targeting.
  • The middle & large sized clients get the dedicated account manager.
  • It provides automatic campaign optimization.
  • The ad serving is allowed on both desktop and mobile channales.

How Clickadu benefits the publishers?

  • It is spread to over 240 countries and serves high eCPM rates.
  • The payments are done weekly and the publisher can select from different modes.
  • The detailed statistics reports are provided to the publisher.
  • Its self service platform will be launched soon.

Why Advertisers should Choose Clickadu?

Clickadu is one of the very few ad serving networks around the world that offer high eCPM rates. An advertiser can be easily lured by number of features provided by Clickadu.

Quality Services & Tool

It makes use of the top notch ad server technology for maximizing the traffic for the advertisers. These advertisers can take their business to new heights by getting the desired audience for their product. Clickadu is the best ad publishing network having a wide network in around 240 countries of the world.

Simple Sign up Option

As an advertiser, you need to sign up with Clickadu by filling a short form for signup process to be completed. Once you have signed in, a dedicated account manager will contact you and make the things easier for you to understand.

Easy Promotion & Branding

The business products can be promoted easily on Clickadu’s publisher network. The only thing advertiser needs to look while promoting his/her product that no terms and conditions are violated as listed on The malicious links cannot be promoted on this network. If any of the advertiser’s website is found malicious then the funds on your account will be used to pay for the damage.

Payment Modes

A number of payment modes can be used to add money to your advertiser account. The payments can be made through Payoneer, PayPal, and few other options. Once the funds are deposited to the account, you can start your ad campaign until the funds get over. Remember that Clickadu don’t work on credit basis, so you need to refill the account with money before it gets empty.

Minimum Budget

You need to spend a minimum of $300 to start with your advertising campaigns. The greater you spend on the campaign, the more number of people you reach.

Advertising Amount Spent Daily can be controlled

The amount you spend on your advertising campaign daily can be controlled on a daily basis. You can easily calculate your budget and plan out the things accordingly.

Specific Ad Targeting

One of the best things about Clickadu is that it allows the advertisers to choose the type of websites on which he/she wishes to display the ads. This will help the business to reach to specific people.

Monitor the Cheating Behavior

Clickadu has invested a lot of capital on its anti fraud system for detecting the fraud clicks on the ads shown on the publisher websites. So, this ensures that your advertising money is not used unethically by the publisher.

Why Publishers should Choose Clickadu?

The publishers can try their hands on this power ad network based on eCPM. Clickadu has a lot of benefits to offer to the publishers too.

No Restriction on Type of Website

This is the best thing for the publishers of Clickadu. All types of websites are supported included the blogs, adult websites, micro sites, casino & gambling sites, and a lot more. But, the illegal websites are not accepted for displaying the ads of advertiser.

Different Ad Formats

The major focus is on the pop-up ads and click-unders. It even serves the ads inside the content. A publisher needs to add his site on Clickadu’s publisher panel. After this, you will be provided with a JavaScript code which needs to be published on your site for serving the ads.

Finding Advertisers

Clickadu makes use of broad digital footprints to search the right advertisers for your website around the globe. These advertisers are channeled according to the region and the language. This makes sure that the right people see the right ads.

Analysis System

Once you are logged in to your publisher account on Clickadu, you can easily analyze the earnings and see how many clicks have been made on the ads.


Make sure you have at least $100 to transfer the funds into your account. The payments can be received through E-Pese, Payoneer, wire transfer, Web Money, Paxum, and PayPal. One of the best things about it is that you are issued the payments twice a month. You can even get the weekly payments at several instances.

Final Words

Clickadu is an impressive eCPM based ad network which is growing at rapid pace. It is fetching over 100 million impressions daily which are providing over 180K conversions to the advertisers. Around 4000 publishers have joined this eCPM based ad network and the counting is not stopping. It is one of the best ad networks that provide equal benefits to the advertisers as well as the publishers. It’s the time to try this phenomenal ad serving platform.