CometChat Review – A Plugin that Integrates Chat Feature in Your Website

You will not want to lose even a single visitor if you are running an online business. You never know that which visitor will b converted to your customer. So, it’s always better to interact with the visitors in real time and turn them into the customers. Most of the businesses have gone online and created their company website. But creating a company website is not enough unless it has the real-time conversation feature. If you are in search of such a plugin that can be integrated with your website made on WordPress or any other framework then CometChat can be the best option for you. Check out the CometChat review alongside to learn more about it.

CometChat Review

CometChat Review – A Brief Knowhow

CometChat is basically a unique product by the software development company – InScripts. It allows you to include the chat functionality in your website providing an awesome user experience. It can attract a number of potential clients and can generate business.

No matter where your website is hosted and which type of framework you have been using, CometChat will provide you the flexible interface to chat on your website. It supports 9 major languages that are supported by just every browser.

It is basically light weight software that can be easily integrated with WordPress website through the plugin or site coded in any language through JQuery and PHP codes. CometChat even allows the audio and video chats and the users can talk using their Google or Facebook accounts. Go through the CometChat review thoroughly to have a brief insight about them.

What You Should Know about CometChat?

It is one of the best chat software that is used by over 30000+ customers in 127 countries of the world. The number is increasing handsomely. Here are a few things you should know about the CometChat.

  • It can run easily on any server without putting any extra load on it.
  • It has a WordPress plugin which can run on a WordPress website.
  • You can share the screen, share the files, and send text messages, handwritten messages, and documents using CometChat.
  • You can let the users to create new chat rooms, ban few exiting users.
  • It is available in 9 different languages.

Top Notch Features of CometChat

CometChat is a powerful tool that can act as a WordPress plugin to add the chatting feature on a WordPress based website.

Admin Panel

Its admin panel works like a CPU of the computer. You can get the complete information about who is chatting, total message received, total sent messages, which representative is working with which customer, and much more. You can even monitor the associates using CometChat.  Moreover, you can easily setup the chatrooms, plugins, and extensions, check the logs, setup the languages, and monitor the stats directly from the admin panel.

Audio/Video Call

This feature was launched a year back. The users can easily interact with the customer support staff through audio and video calls. The users themselves can initiate the video conferencing with other users in the chat. This option can come handy when you need to take the video conference.

Custom Advertisement

CometChat lets you to generate decent income by placing the custom ad units in the Chat Windows. The ads are displayed on the active chat boxes. Even Google Adsense codes can be integrated to the chat box.

A Couple of Themes

It understands the demand of different websites and therefore come up with the most selective themes. You are totally free to select the theme according to your choice. All these themes are mobile responsive and works well both on mobile as well as desktop device.

Seamless Integration

It can seamlessly integrate to your current website. They have an exclusive range of plugins to make CometChat work on different platforms easily.

Mobile SDK

CometChat is also available for Android and iOS platforms. You can download its SDK file on your mobile devices as well and can manage the entire dashboard all alone.

CometChat for WordPress

The CometChat can integrate with WordPress easily. It has its own WordPress plugin to allow the user to place the floating chat bar on their WP website. A user can initiate voice, text, or video chat from just anywhere, anytime. It even includes the private chatrooms, games, and the real-time translation features. CometChat can work effortlessly on the WordPress website.  Moreover, you have the choice to restrict CometChat to only few user groups. Some of the most versatile features offered by CometChat WordPress plugin are as follows:

  • Automatic User Login: If a user has logged in to your website, he/she will be logged in automatically in the CometChat.
  • Friend List Synchronization: The CometChat easily synchronizes with your website’s friends system. If there is no friends system on your website, all the online users will be shown in the list.
  • User Profiles: CometChat automatically links the user names and profiles. You can simply visit the profile of the user by clicking on it.
  • User Avatars: The CometChat plugin shows and retrieves the user avatars.
  • Restrict to certain user groups: It also allows you to block a certain user group,


It offers three different plans. The minimal plan starts from $129. You can upgrade to the higher plan if all your needs are not met.

cometchat pricing

The Last Words

CometChat is awesome tool to integrate live chat box on just any website. No matter your website is developed on WordPress, JQuery, PHP etc. it has the solution for just everything. It is a nice way to interact with the audience reaching your website and enhance the every possible chance of missing out on the potential customer. CometChat reviews by a number of people have been positive so far. The tool has met the expectations of just everyone. If you own a WordPress website or a blog designed on different platform, CometChat should be the first option to go to.