CometChat Sale: The Super Advanced 5 Minutes Chat Interface Setup

If you’ve ever thought of integrating a super-advanced chat system on your website, a kind of system which lets visitors chat among themselves along with supporting every single chat-feature humans can think of, but weren’t able to do so because the software are normally expensive, you’re in for luck!

Comatchat, one of the most sought-after chat-interface provider which has the Harvard University, J.P Morgan Chase, Warner Bros pictures among many other billion dollar corporations in its clients-list is offering massive discount as a 4th of July celebration.

Well, just because they’re offering a 4th of July sale doesn’t make them the best chat-solution out there, I get it. So let’s focus on what does!

Comatchat? What exactly are they offering?

The ultimate chat-solution for websites/blog and every other digital asset.

Ultimate? That term is rightly integrated because Comatchat’s chat solution has integrated everything that you’ve come across on major social networking sites, along with some features which even those so called top-networks aren’t offering.

Your very own Messenger App!

Messenger app

It’s not just an engagement booster, but a great branding strategy as well. Your visitors don’t need to download Facebook messenger or Whatsapp in order to keep in touch with your brand, or like-minded people who they might have befriended over your platform.

Instead Comatchat offers you a 100% white labeled messaging app, with your brand logo, text, and everything else which can be setup and distributed within minutes!

Desktop Messenger

Desktop Messenger

Even if you mostly have “desktop” visitors and would like a desktop messenger, Comatchat has got you covered.

On one hand, developing such a standalone, custom-coded desktop messenger costs thousands if not millions, and on the other it’s being offered absolutely free with the general Comatchat package.

The desktop as well as Mobile messenger apps make it extremely easy for you to reach your potential customers anytime of the  day right on their mobile devices or computers!

And the one fact that’s un-debatable is that growing a “Chat-list” of this kind is any day better than wasting your time with the antiques called E-mail lists!

Screen Sharing

Your visitors do not need to use any third-party tool in order to share screens among themselves. The in-built screen-sharing feature from Comatchat let’s them do so.

Real-Time Translations

Another feather in the cap of Comatchat is its real-time translator. And I bought Comatchat months back, at its full price simply because of this one feature.

If you’ve a broad user-base. People from different parts of the globe, in that case this just might be the best chat-software you can ever cross paths with.

Your visitors would be able to communicate without knowing each other’s languages, with Comatchat’s automatic real-time translations.

Other Advanced Features

I can’t get into the details of all the features, because honestly there’s an iceberg-sized list! But let’s just get you a sneak-peek:-

  • Video Callling!
  • Typing indicator
  • Emojis
  • Change themes
  • Create groups (supports advanced features like Ban / Unban members)
  • Invitation via SMS supported.
  • Detailed receipts:- Sent/Delivered/Read
  • Last-seen
  • Share photos/videos/media
  • Stickers
  • Push notifications are supported as well.
  • Broadcast
  • Negligible network usage.

And I’m still not through even ¼ of all the available features! Coupling all these features with the 4th of July sale, I don’t think there would be a better day to grab Comatchat.

Which OS / Platforms does it support?

You might be wondering if it’ll support a custom-coded HTML website, or maybe a mobile app that you developed?

Well it supports all major, as well as minor OS(s) including Android and iOS. As far as CMS(s) goes, you might run out of CMS(s) but you won’t run out of “integration” from Comatchat and that’s a promise. The same holds true for coding languages, including Javascript, HTML and what not!

Starting from WordPress, BuddyPress, to some of the less heard-of modules like Offiria and SocialBiz, it has got everything covered.

They say a picture says a thousand words, so here are a thousand words:-

Support Multi Platforms

And let me tell you, this is just 75% of the available platforms which are supported by ComatChat!

The Sale!

There are offering universal discounts on their products, meaning discounts for everyone, on every type of Purchase, renewal, upgrade and they’re offering it both for new as well as existing users.

You can grab the deals here. The yearly packages seem to be the most profitable ones with over 30% discounts!

They’re also offering exclusive 4th of July stickers if you purchase anything from them during this limited sale offer!