Five Best Apps for Small Business Owners

Managing a small business may seem simple, but that is far from the truth. It is one thing to manage a small business but making it successful is another thing, apparently the most important. When it comes to making an achievement, many business owners find it difficult to make it through with manual means. This is where business apps come in, helping business owners ease execution of certain duties and realize essential milestones that they are striving to achieve. However, there is some good news, since there are a good number of these apps at your disposal, so building your business does not have to be a challenge anymore.

Here are five of the best apps in the market that you can make use of to grow your business to success.

1). Square

This app comes in very handy for business owners who depend on the point-of-sale purchase. With its ability to help you manage payments like established dealers out there, you do not have to worry about your tight budget anymore. However, it is not a must to connect to the internet for you to execute payments, all you need is to plug a small card-reader into your Smartphone or tablet, and you can swipe credit cards for payments processing. The best part about this app is that you only pay a little 2.75% of your every transaction rather than monthly charges. Additionally, you can allow your customers to leave tips of certain percentages.

2). LocalVox

The LocalVox is yet another great app for up and coming businesses. With this app, business owners can quickly build their brands online. If you are looking for a way to publish news, deal announcements and events on websites, email newsletters and social media at once, then this app is for you. This app offers a great way of increasing traffic by keeping in touch with existing customers and winning new ones. Further, it can optimize organic search as well as Google Places listing for you. This is the service you need for better online marketing presence.

3). PayPal Here

Since businesses dependence on financial transactions is inevitable, PayPal Here is a necessity you cannot overlook in growing your business. This app is more like the Square app above, using a plug-in card reader to receive payments. However, this app includes several additional features as check processing, payments from customers PayPal account and electronic invoices among others. PayPal Here costs 2.7% per each swipe, which is a bit cheap and reliable. Although this app comes with a few downsides, as any other app on the market does, it is an ideal option for small businesses.

4). QuickBooks Online

Financial management is vital in any business, established or small. This necessity sees some owners switch to use of QuickBooks or accountants. However, with QuickBooks online, you do not have to bother about all that. This app got you covered in sending invoices, approving estimates, linking to external services as well as viewing balances. You can get this app’s basic version for $9.99 per month, with which you can send invoices, check bank integration and a few other functions. There are also other advanced versions going for $19.99 all the way to $29.99 a month.

5). Expensfy

David Barrett’s Expensfy is the app for business owners who find expenses management tough to navigate. The service helps in keeping track of your business’ expenses and mileage. It also helps you scan and upload receipts. Additionally, with this app, you can file receipts and send them to their respective recipients with the click of a button. When it comes to expenditure management, you need to think about this app.

As much as growing your business may seem a difficult hurdle; the case can be completely different if you have the right app(s) to help you in executing several operations. With these apps, you can do more than you ever thought you could achieve in business. Even though a few of them may be a bit costly, it is apparent that their help in making everything easy to operate is worth the cost. Making a move to get yourself the right app for your small business may be the best decision you have ever achieved in developing your enterprise. It is about time you identified which app you need the most and investing in it for better results.