Hide All IP Review: Best VPN Software To Surf the Internet Anonymously & Securely

Hide All IP Review: The online industry has made the things really simpler. You can find just anything online. But one of the major loop holes of being online is related to the security of your browsing session. There are chances that someone is spying over your internet connection and might steal your crucial data. Online privacy is totally a myth. You need to be safe while browsing online, but how? Hide All IP is a powerful tool that lets you browse across any internet connection securely. Go through Hide ALL IP review and explore more about this fabulous tool.

Why to Use Hide All IP Tool?

Hide All IP is a powerful software tool that ensures that you stay safe across the internet while browsing. It protects you by hiding your IP from the web snoopers. It protects your online identity and provides you with the random IP. This random IP is the IP of one of the Hide All IP’s servers. All the internet traffic is now routed through the encrypted servers. The servers at remote receive the fake IP addresses of the users making the browsing safe for them.

One of the best things about Hide All IP is that it doesn’t stores the user logs. This means whatever you are browsing is not recorded by its servers. Moreover, you can easily access all the websites that are restricted in your country choosing the IP address of a different country. Let us explore more about its useful features in this Hide All IP review.

Hide All IP Review – The Ultimate Features

This awesome VPN tool is packed with thunderous range of features that can come handy for the internet users to stay safe during the browsing sessions, and access the restricted websites in their

Dynamic IP Address

You just need to tap on the ‘Connect’ button to hide your IP and get a dynamic IP instantly.

Anyone, who is trying to spy into your system, will be able to see this fake IP, so no hacking would be possible. This fake IP is dynamic in nature and can be changed manually and automatically too.

Change the Location

Hide All IP has different servers at different countries of the globe. You can connect to server of your choice. If you are willing o change your location, just press the ‘Connect’ button alongside the location. The IP will be changed to the IP of chosen location. You can change your IP anytime by choosing the server of any other location.

Encrypt the Data Transfer

The inbound & outbound connections are well encrypted by the use of most secure industry standards – RC4 and RSA 1024. It is a government level encryption and is considered to be safest of all. The third party who is trying to spy your activity will have no idea about to which device you are connected and what data is transmitted.

Remote DNS Lookups

The remote DNS lookup technology used by Hide All IP avoids the tracing or faking of the DNS. You can access the DNS from remote location a well and no data will be leaked from the servers.

Access TV Internet

The popular TV providers like BBC, Netflix, Hulu etc. deny users from watching different videos, movies, or TV shows, based on their location. You can get connected to the IP of any other country and enjoy endless streaming of your favorite shows without any worry.

All Apps & Games Supported

Hide All IP supports all the web browsers and even has a good support for the instant video players, messaging apps, games, and much more.

Prevents the WebRTC IP Leak

WebRTC is a technology which is designed for the web browsers that have the real time communication (RTC) abilities. Though Chrome/Firefox/Opera supports the WebRTC technology, but it can be used incredibly for discovering the IP addresses of the end users, even in the presence of the VPN. Hide All IP creates a fully safe WebRTC work mode for the user.

Support the UDP Based Apps

The TCP based applications as well as the UDP based applications & games too are supported by Hide All IP. It also has the support for UDP player apps.

Support the HTTP Tunnel

Any proxy or firewall can easily be by-passed. Hide All IP will still allow you to watch the videos, play games, and enjoy other stuff even if you are making use of limited network that uses HTTP proxy.


The Hide All IP VPN client is totally portable. It can be used through USB or CD drive and can also be directly installed on your laptop/PC. You can even use it under the limited network environment as well.

Safe Browsing Technology

Its safe browsing technology clears all the cookies as well as your browsing history after the session is completed. The information you provide or enter while browsing is totally secure and is not leaked.

Hide the Windows 8/8.1/10 Metro Based Apps IP

The Windows 8/8.1/10 metro apps IP address can also be hidden using this awesome tool. The Microsoft Edge Browser and the Enhanced Protected Mode on Internet Explorer is supported by this tool.

Find Best Server for Any Game Automatically

You can enter the game server or host IP of your choice. Hide All IP will notify the fake IP server to ping the game server. It will then connect you to the fastest game server so that you can have an uninterrupted gaming experience.


To utilize the uninterrupted services of Hide All IP tool for a year, you have to make the payments of $29. After making the payment, you will get a key for activating the tool for a year. To test its services, you can download the VPN client and utilize the services for 3 days.

The Last Words

Hide All IP is one of the cheapest VPN tools that are available at affordable price. If you feel you are not safe online or have a lot of confidential work or wish to access any restricted website, it is the time to start using a tool like Hide All IP. Go for it!