Horror Skins in Minecraft

Minecraft is a huge platform not only for games but also for the embodiment and realization of yourself in the world of games. Why and how, you ask? Everything is very simple. Minecraft allows you to play any character. And by the word «any», we really mean it. To be more precise, each character has its own skin, or, in the other words, look.

You can choose one of the standard options offered by the game developers, download minecraft skins from the Internet or create them yourself. The simplest option is, of course, to find the skin on the Internet. You can find characters from other games, movies, serials, etc.

Moreover, you can download skins of real people. As an example, it can be a skin of DanTDM, the famous YouTube blogger, which makes reviews on different games, including Minecraft.

Or you can find for your character something interesting from the sphere of films. It can be the main character of your favorite comedy, thriller or horror. The latter option will give you the opportunity to look threatening and have advantages over other players.

For example, why not to try on the skin of the famous Hannibal Lecter? We think the players will certainly appreciate it. This character is not only the hero of the film but also a real person. Therefore, you will have 2 in 1.

For those who still do not fully understand what kind of a formidable character it is, there is a short description below.

The plot of the series “Hannibal” is focused on the collaboration of Lecter with the special agent of the FBI, Will Graham. The character of Graham first appeared in the “Red Dragon”, but Harris Graham is a shrewd scientist-consultant with a photographic memory.

Fuller went further and, obeying the fashion for shyness on the verge of social phobia, made Graham a kind of an autistic person with a well-developed imagination and strong empathy.

As a result, a very blurred image with obvious mental abnormalities, but without a definite diagnosis, was obtained. Graham comes to the crime scene, vividly imagines the sequence of the criminal’s actions in the smallest details (becoming his place), and then chokes with tears, condolences to the victims.

And then during another month suffers from nightmares, “paying off” in this way for his extraordinary imagination. Graham works at the FBI Academy, giving students lectures on motivating killers.

The head of the behavioral science department, Jack Crawford, is trying to recruit Graham as a special consultant, pulling him into the case of eight missing girls. Later, Crawford turns to a doctor of psychiatry Hannibal Lecter, an aesthete and a gourmet who spends lonely evenings, carving someone’s lungs in the kitchen.

Perhaps, after this description, you want to be not Hannibal, but Graham and do good things. Well, the choice is yours.

If we have already entered such a theme of not very good-natured characters, then what do you say about Saw? Another unique and rather well-known character will not leave anyone indifferent.

If we talk about the beginning of a terrible story, then everything happens in a strange basement room. In the middle of the room there’s… a dead man, shot through his head and kept his weapon in a stiff arm.

Two strangers come to consciousness in this room and do not understand at all how and for what they were here chained at the ankle by the opposite walls. But around them – the clues to solve, which need to be collected as a mosaic in a single picture.

In addition, each of them needs to get to the gun to kill another. You will not kill – the family will perish. To get to the firearm the chained feet interfere. But the saws in the room are not a decoration…

It’s not difficult to guess who created this trap. Yes, it is our main hero Saw.

Notice, this is only the beginning of a cruel and intricate story.

A characteristic mask on the face and a small bicycle (for those who know) will create unforgettable impressions to other players.

Skin «Saw» you can also download on the Internet, like many others.

To list all the variants, even just from horror movies, is impossible. Therefore, this matter remains only for you.