How to Improve English Grammar

Want to know how to improve English Grammar?

Oh, Yes We have covered here some great online grammar checker tools and tips which will help you to improve English Grammar.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about how to improve English Grammar using various sources available online. Grammar is the basis of learning any of the Language. If we want to learn a language, we need to get started with its grammar first. Grammar gives us the basic formation of the language.

Further by knowing the implementation of grammar, we can make use of the language specified by that language’s grammar correctly. English is the most recognized language all over the world. If we want to communicate with people all across the Globe, then English is a like a key for the lock.

In India, like me and you (maybe), there are lakhs of non-native English speakers. In other words, we do not make use of English as the first language but take work from it multiple ways.

Coming to the English writing, it need perfection if we want show off our writing in front of others. As a blogger or writer, we need to write a lot of content in English and if our writings will not me grammatically correct, then it may be a downside to our reputation as well as the standard.

Therefore, one thing is clear here that if we want to work well with English, we must have proper knowledge of Grammar. We all of us have some problems with English Grammar as it is not our mother tongue.

So, in order to be perfect, we should start improving our Grammar at least. But how should we start so?

As this is the modern time in which things like Internet are preferred to get any kind of information quickly. So, what you will prefer to improve your grammar?

Going to Grammar learning classes or getting some help online?

Hope, your reply will be getting some help online.

In our Today’s Blog Post, we will talk about how to improve English Grammar using best online grammar checker tools that you can find online or as well as install on your local PC and hence can improve your English Grammar.

Before dealing with the Grammar Improvement Tools, let us first have a short guide about the steps of Improving the Grammar.

How to Improve English Grammar: Steps 

how to improve English Grmmar

So, in the modern era or technology and Internet, learning Grammar is a completely interesting thing. Here below, I am going to list a few steps which you should follow to learn and improve your Grammar in the modern style.

  • Find Best Grammar Enhancement Tool for you.
  • Try it. (It is good to get started with free version if there is a paid version also)
  • Interact your Writings with the Tool.
  • Practice by Time during your routine Writing work

Just follow these four steps and you will surely improve your English Grammar up to a great extent.

So, let us start by finding the Best Grammar Enhancement tool for you. I researched a lot on the Internet and come to know about a lot of Grammar Enhancement tools. So, as the result of this research, I find 3 Grammar Enhancement Tools whose review I am going to give in brief in this Blog Post as well.

Here are the 2 Grammar Enhancement Tools:


As we know, we are talking about the Grammar Enhancement tools, so I am going to quickly list out the features of the this tool.

The features are:

An Advanced English Writing Checking and Enhancement Software.

  • Correct Grammar.
  • Correct Punctuation.
  • Correct Sentence Structure.
  • Writing Style Improvement.
  • Available for various devices, PC, Smartphone or Tablet as well. The only requirement is Internet.
  • Plagiarism Checking Feature included.
  • Word Plugin Available.
  • Can work within in Web Browser.
  • Includes Dictionary and Thesaurus.
  • Document Templates for Better Understanding.
  • Tutorials Available for Quick Learning.
  • One of the awesome features of this tool is the Translator, which can translate into 45 languages.
  • Get Help and Support.

Grammarly: Best Online Grammar Checker

Check out the Awesome features of Grammarly, (my favorite tool):

  • Correct Grammar.
  • Correct Punctuation.
  • Correct Sentence Structure.
  • Writing Style Improvement.
  • Plagiarism Checking Feature included.
  • Word Plugin Available.
  • Can work within in Web Browser. Handy plugin is available for Google Chrome, which can do all the work for you.
  • Downloadable PC application is also available.
  • Includes Dictionary and Thesaurus.
  • Document Templates for Better Understanding.
  • Tutorials Available for Quick Learning.
  • Get Help and Support.

How to improve English Grammar using Grammarly

Let me give you a full tutorial about how to improve English Grammar using Grammarly. In other words, let us learn How to Improve English Grammar using Grammarly.

What am I using?

I am using the Grammarly’s Chrome Extension along with the Premium Plan.

Read here how to use Grammarly .

Now, let us begin with our main topic, How to improve English Grammar with Grammarly.

Improving English Grammar using Grammarly

Teaching, Getting familiar with English grammar and to improve it using the tool, Grammarly is the primary aim of our article.

You can improve your Grammar using this tool in a very simple way known as,

“Regular Use is call as Practice with Time”

As we already discussed Grammarly simply helps to enhance our English writing and if we use Grammarly for our regular work and get into touch with it whenever writing in English, we may automatically come to notice our downsides in Grammar and naturally will try to learn it better. The next time we will do less mistakes and this thing keeps on going until we get perfect in Grammar.

I personally started using Grammarly 4-5 months before and today I can proudly say that what kind of English grammar knowledge I have today couldn’t be possible if Grammarly wouldn’t be with me. I use Grammarly whenever I type in English such as during the blog post writings and naturally by time, now I have great perfection of Grammar just because of it. Hats off to Grammarly because of its ability of providing as well as teaching other the way of getting perfect in English grammar.

Let me teach you some simple examples that I often use to get familiar with English Grammar using the tool Grammarly.

Assume that I am going to write up a blog post in the WordPress in our my Google Chrome Web Browser and enabled the Grammarly’s extension within it so that it may analyze whatever I will type and helps me to get everything correct and excellent.

For this illustration, I am taking an extract from one of my books which I had wrote the last year when my Grammar was not as perfect as today and I am going to improve and Grammatically correct that extract using Grammarly. Along with it I am also going to tell you how it is enhancing my current Grammar’s knowledge and helping me to improve.

Let’s start.

In this demo, I am using the premium version of Grammarly.

Observe the following screenshot of my text extract of English which is being shown up in the WordPress Editor window.

Screenshot 1

Grammarly highlighted the words with grammatical mistakes with red and Green lines. This is the common thing which we can see in many of the word processing software as well such as Microsoft Word. But the correction procedure of Grammarly interesting and more joyful than any other software.

In the end of the WordPress text editor window, I am able to see the number of the advanced and the critical issues as shown in the following screenshot also.

Screenshot 2

Now, I will click the red icon at the bottom displaying the number of critical issues I have with the current text in the WordPress text editor window. The following window of Grammarly will be displayed.

Screenshot 3

In this window, Grammarly will display all the grammatical errors and other issues with your current English text and will also give the detailed suggestions.

Now to get your all text grammatically correct, you have to just click on the suggestive links given by Grammarly in the right pane of the window opened in front of you as shown in the above screenshot.

The powerful expressions that Grammarly can take to correct your grammatical mistakes are so much amazing that I am unable to express them in the text of this article. You can have a better idea of it by watching the following Grammarly’s video by the most popular Blogger from India, Harsh Agrawal. Here below is the video Review of Grammarly by Harsh Agrawal of

I recommend you to continue with this article only once, you have watched the above video carefully.

Maybe if you have watched the video properly, you may be very much cleared How Grammarly can amazingly help you to improve your English Grammar.

Now, next I am going to list some incredible tips which I had used and which you can use to take benefit of Grammarly as your regular and any time available English Grammar Teacher.

  • While correcting the mistakes, what you actually did wrong and try to prevent it the next time.
  • Try to remind the words that Grammarly previously suggested you the replace the existing words your written text with. This will help you to enhance your English’s vocabulary.
  • If you feel like, there could be more suitable and professional spelling words which can increase the quality of your existing text, try to find out them by just double clicking it and Grammarly will suggest you amazing choices of words with full resourceful information.
  • I used to make a lot of mistakes in the starting with the prepositions and the articles. Whenever I missed a few articles, Grammarly suggests them and I also tried to keep them in mind so that I would not make the same mistake next time. Thus, by time I notice that kind of mistakes are now not more remain alive.
  • As, already mentioned Grammarly will tell you two type of issues one are the critical issues and other are the advanced issues. Advanced issues are those which helps you to have a good hold and to get perfection in the language. So, try to completely avoid the critical issues and try to enhance you English Grammar and the knowledge of professionalism of language by noticing the advanced issues as well and their implementation.

So, these are a few tips which you may use to enhance your English Grammar while making use of Grammarly to proofread your English writings.

Now, I make use of Grammarly in another way. I tried to know about the mistakes I am doing lively along with the writing the article or blog post. As side by side, I enjoy writing the article and also come to know about the mistakes along with it. This, way I prevent the same mistake to be occurred a number of times in the same article or blog post. But you can proofread your English writing as the way you like with Grammarly.

One more feature of Grammar, which I haven’t listed in the article previously yet now is the its Plagiarism Detection by using which you can make sure you are completely writing the original text and are not violating any existing copyrighted text.

This is a premium feature and will only be available if you have the Premium version of Grammarly. It will tell and display you the unoriginal content if found in your English writings. Thus you can easily manage to write and publish completely original and the genuine content.

Thus, Grammarly offers the complete solution for you to improve English Grammar.

I think now you know how to improve English Grammar and write error free content.

If you use any other tool or method to improve English Grammar, feel free to share with me, I will gladly add in this how to improve English Grammar Tutorial to make it more useful.

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