Men’s health and how to protect it

Let’s face it – a lot of men don’t care about their health, considering it a waste of time. But what they don’t see is that it’s important not only for them but also for their families. The healthier the man is, the more chances he has to realize himself in our modern society. We have collected several basic health problems men face and ways to solve them.

Problems with men’s health

Speaking about men’s health, let’s distinguish its main types:

1). Physical health

Nature has endowed men with physical strength, so doing some heavy work shouldn’t cause any issues or discomfort. If the man feels that there’s something wrong, experiencing anxiety or pains, it’s the first signs that it is time for him to finally start thinking about his health and paying proper attention to it. This won’t be a surprise if we say that leading an active way of life, having regular meals, and quitting bad habits prolongs well-being and increases life expectancy.

2). Psychological health

This type of health is completely dependent on men’s self-realization. A good job, a big house, and a loving family – all these help men in their 40’s and 50’s feel great mentally. Problems with at least one of these three aspects can unsettle men’s well-being, which, in its turn, can lead to depression and stress. If you feel your mental health getting worse, consider visiting a specialist or taking help from your loved ones.

3). Family Health

Men’s health often depends on his life partner. The better mutual understanding between both spouses is, the more chances of the man developing a stress-resistant psyche and great physical well-being. This may come as a surprise, but men depend on women no less than women depend on men. If it wasn’t so, such dating apps and websites as Tinder and wouldn’t be so popular. Any problems within the family have a harmful effect on men.

4). Men’s health after 40

According to some statistics, men face their first health issues after they turn 40. It’s at this age that the first failures in bed occur, hurting mental health. Starting at this age, the man should pay special attention to his well-being, visiting a urologist regularly.

Blood test, chest X-ray, blood pressure and cholesterol level – these are the medical exams men should do more often. The list of doctors men should visit at least once a year gets longer and includes a dentist, ophthalmologist, and endocrinologist.

5). Men’s health after 50

Men who have crossed the 50-year age line are still full of energy and strength, but health problems at this age begin reminding of themselves more and more often. As a rule, men quit almost all physical exercises by 50. Add a sedentary lifestyle, and health starts to get worse faster.

Visiting physicians should become an integral procedure, but if regular visits once a year were enough at 40, after 50, men should undergo a medical examination every six months.

6). Products to strengthen men’s health

It’s a well-known fact that there are products that do a better job protecting men’s health than pills and other kinds of medicine. Following products support the immune system and protect bone and muscle tissues. Tomatoes, carrots, greens (parsley and dill): vitamins A, B, and C from these products strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize the work of the intestines, lower blood pressure, and restore “male energy.” White meat (chicken, for example) increases productivity and male libido. Fish has a lot of vitamin D that favorably affects mental health. Dairy products are the source of protein necessary for muscle strength. They’re recommended for those, who lead a sedentary lifestyle.