PlayStation Emulators for Android

We bet that you have never even dreamt of playing such cult PlayStation games as Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Tekken 5 on an Android device. Now you have a great chance to familiarize yourself with a list of truly efficient emulators designed to run PS2 and PSX games on Android.

With the advent of Android games, many cool PS games sank into oblivion. Cool graphics, nice sound, decent storylines… There is nothing more a modern gamer would expect from a good game. But there are still those players who keep on saying that a video game console was a much more powerful, authentic, and inimitable source of entertainment. These connoisseurs of retro consoles argue that there is no and there won’t be such games as Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil that, of course, are not suitable for Android platform. Still, there is no need to get upset. There is a way to run console games on your Android device.

Now playing console games on Android devices has become as easy as one, two, three. Through the magic of emulators any player nostalgic for good old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Simpsons, and Time Crisis can play these legends on a Smartphone. So, go ahead and take a look at the list of the greatest PS emulators for Android provided below. And one more important thing you should remember! Don’t forget to find appropriate PS2 or PSX ROMs to start playing.

Damon PS2 Pro

The first program that deserves being mentioned first is premium PS2 and PSX emulator Damon PS2 Pro. If you expect high performance, decent graphics, and maximum realism, then don’t hesitate to download this emulator. In contrast to the majority of other popular emulators that fail to run many high-profile games on Android, Damon is capable of running almost 90 % of the existing PS games. And good news for those who do not shun using cheats to get maximum pleasure from gameplay. Damon PS2 Pro can be helpful for downloading tweaked apps, hacked games and doing other “illegal” stuff. The only minus about this emulator we must mention is that it is impossible to get a free version of Damon PS2. Still, this fact does not prevent lots of users from downloading Damon.


Though not as powerful and efficient as Damon, FPse emulator can be rightly considered a decent substitution of your favorite video game console. This emulator can be downloaded from the web and easily installed on your Android device. The sound quality is another feature the FPse can boast of. With this software, you will experience no difficulty saving the game and resuming it at the same level. And one more thing! With PFse’s help you can turn your Smartphone into a mini gaming console. Just make sure that the controller you intend to use is compatible with your device.

Gold PS2 Emulator

The name of the next emulator speaks for itself. High performance, stunning graphics, and perfect usability… all this is about Gold PS2 Emulator, which can successfully cope with PSX games, as well. We bet that you won’t notice any difference between playing a physical PS2 and running your favorite games through an emulator. The developers equipped Gold PS2 with such a useful option as “Physical Console,” which provides you with a chance to control your game in the most effective and convenient way. You will have the same joysticks and real-time buttons as in the original console.

And great news for battery conscious guys who consider recharging their gadget several times a day a real nightmare. The Gold won’t pose such a threat to your Android device due to its lightweight and economical nature.

We hope you have chosen the emulator that can suit your needs. Don’t stop and proceed to the next step, which is downloading the chosen emulator and starting to play cult PS games.