Rooted or Not? How To Check If Your Android Is Rooted?

Have you ever shot for Android rooting? Or have you ever bought secondhand Android devices? But wait, do you know how to check if your phone or tablet is rooted or not? As you know, rooting Android doesn’t take lots of time or skills. And you may not even know that your Android is rooted. But you can always check it out. In today’s entry, we’re going to show you how to check if Android is rooted or not.

Rooting: What Is It?

Android devices run on a Linux-based mobile operating system. The average user doesn’t have access to high-level operations. They are protected by the system and can be accessed only with root access.

To get to these system files and settings, you should be a “superuser” before you can change anything in the system. Android root access is similar to admin rights on any Linux or Windows PC.

Manufacturers, as well as carriers, intentionally block some of the settings.  By default, you aren’t allowed to read, edit, control, and delete any system files. But with root access, you are the admin of your device. It means that you get full freedom what to change and what apps to use or delete.

What Are The Reasons to Go For Android Rooting?

The need to root your Android relies upon how much control you need over your device. If you don’t need to change anything or the official updates and apps are enough for you, rooting is definitely not your choice.

But if you want to get full control over your Android, go for rooting.  Here are just some benefits that you may get after rooting Android.

  • Full control over the CPU
  • Better battery life
  • Access to “incompatible” apps and ROMs
  • More customization
  • Access to the system files and settings

In spite of the fact that there are a couple of disadvantages to rooting Android, including the voided guarantee, some security threats, and high chances of bricking the system, rooting is the only way to make Android totally yours. More information on rooting, you can get on

How To Check If Android Is Rooted?

Have you just rooted your Android telephone and needed to check if the rooting procedure was effective? Or are you going to buy a secondhand Android phone? There is hardly any difference between rooted and original smartphone. And it can be quite tricky. No one wants to be fooled. Here you can find some ways how to check if your Android is rooted or not.

Way #1: Look for a SuperSU Icon

SuperSU is a must-use app for rooted devices. It helps manage apps and root access. SuperSU lets you use some superuser commands. So there is hardly a chance that a rooted device doesn’t have SuperSU.

Since there is a wide range of app available on the Intenet, look for any other root managements apps like KingUser. But how to check if there are no apps installed? Just download SuperSU to check if your devices are rooted or not.

Way #2: Check It With the App

There are a few root checker applications on the Google Play Store, for example, Root Checker or KingoRoot. Install and open any root checker app. Checking doesn’t take lots of time. Just launch the app and wait a couple of minutes. Then the app will let you know if the device is rooted or not.

Summing Up

When rooting your telephone, you should pay more attention to what files or settings you are changing. Since there are quite high chances to brick your device especially when you have no idea how to root your phone.

In case you have any doubts, take advantage of remote rooting services (like SafeRoot) to minimize the risks.