Time Doctor Review: The Best Time Tracking Software

So, here we have time doctor software, at first, I thought how magical a time tracking software app can be to save my time. But after running this app on my Pc, it really turned the Tables on me.

I was really surprised to see that our generation has come to a great and extreme level of cyber technology. Even if we waste our time, we also know how to save it. And indeed that deserves a big clap. So, here I want to pen down my personal time doctor Review for this punctuality building time doctor software.

It is a Saas app designed purely to track the workings of your company’s employees, by accurate time tracking ability; it is pretty easier to ensure that everyone in your company is working efficiently and systematically.

It is designed to have a pure and transparent working system in Your Company. So, for this time doctor Review, I will focus to pen down Reviews on company needs most often.

Time doctor software is much more than just a time tracking software and a saas platform to be integrated with your business.



It also excels at letting you check and recheck your employees and workers attitude and behavior towards their tasks. One of the neatest things to write in this time doctor Review is this that “it can keep the workers time in sync and monitored”. From every platform: Mac, Linux or Windows, it is easily accessible.

One neat thing is that the program shows the worker’s working in real time; it does this by tracking down his tasks and working on his PC.

The service is truly impressive in just how far it goes to help you track these things, whether you’re working solo or as part of a team.

There are some secrets to getting the most out of time doctor software, and its companion integrated apps like Google apps, Visual Studio, team work, share point, etc.

Let’s begin with time doctor Review for various purposes and further discussing about its features and pricing:

1). Real Time Tracking and Screenshot Records

It comes with real-time tracking and in extreme privacy and confidentiality related tasks; it is equipped with an optional feature of securing the pay load by Screenshot Recording. This optional feature will allow you to take screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes. Screenshots can be deleted by the employees if they realize that they were doing non-work related stuff, but by doing so they deduct their work time from the associated task. So, they will bear to keep the screenshot records.

You are working on a Project, and your phone makes a buzz and if you forget to click the BREAK button and if your computer system remains inactive for five tiny minutes, time doctor will pop up a notification window saying…“Hi, are you working on {PROJECT NAME}?” If you don’t click the YES Button, time doctor will log you out of your session and will remove 5 minutes from your work time. I mean that is what a BOSS is really like.


So my call for time doctor Review is “Be Like a Boss – time doctor software.”

Not only for employees assessment but one can also use it to know their company management abilities as it breaks down on how much time is spent on projects and tasks. Accordingly, you can lengthen or merge your time expenditure, and you can stop exploiting your precious time.

time doctor software Tracks work even when not connected to the Internet. The data will be uploaded to the Internet when the Internet connection is restored. So, employees can’t cheat their company in any Situation.



2).  iOS and Android App

The very comfy feature to peep for time doctor software is its Lavish Designed Mobile app which enables you to lock on to your employees even in rush Hours; you can monitor them anytime anywhere.

This app includes various inbuilt features like tracking time, tracking project, etc. You can even keep an eye on multiple projects at one time.


The recently updated version of this app includes manual time reporting, Team member details, and now it also helps you to search required project or task among your hundreds of unsorted ongoing projects.

This time tracking software app is specially designed by taking all the maximum possibility of having all its features at one click of your smartphone.

3). API

time doctor software is available in its API form, which lets you use your own software and access the work directly from time doctor software.

So, it helps us from the 3rd party app intrusions like web browsers. So, you can send the data and its working at any time from your PC without any of the technical issues.

You can access your detailed work from your company profile right on this API. This API time Tracking software is programmed with System access to your working project so you can edit, add any task or project as per requirement and assign them to duly needed Worker or Employee.


4). Payroll and Payment Gateways

After looking for pure and correct reports of your workers, you can decide their payrolls in no time. The statistic detail of each employee shows their worth. Not only this time doctor software is Equipped with various payment Modules, with which you can cover up their salaries in no time.

You define their Payrolls and pay them in an instant of time. These Payment Plugins include PayPal, Payoneer and Transfer Wire. You are also able to make the payments at any time; you can pay them weekly, monthly, etc.

It is just a decision to opt, else all the options all available and on the go. time doctor software is entirely customizable and has a variety of payroll periods and works with all the currencies.


5).  Integrated Apps

Not only integrated with payments, but it is also inbuilt with various corporate apps including CRM. And other web apps like as Asana, Basecamp, Citrix, Fresh desk, Google Apps, Jira, Maven link, Payroll Hero, Project manager.com, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Visual Studio, Teamwork, Yammer, Zendesk etc.

time doctor software is an invincible powerful tool when integrated with any of these apps. With this integration, it results in the best of time and management platforms in the market today. Its tie up with these additional plugins allows you to use it to track tasks and activity on other platforms as well.


6).  Pricing

It has cheap user plans, as per the features inbuilt in it. Its user plans are also very friendly, depending on your company, task, job, project type. It can be a Spontaneous waging or a work with a freelancer.

You can add up a user to your desired plan available which ranges from free to 5$ solo plan and extends up to fully loaded plan of 9.99$ per user per month. So, you are free to opt any option in pricing this time doctor software. 


7).  Interface

Time doctor software user interface is very simple and easy to use. It is equipped with almost every feature possible for a time tracking software.

The only way to begin your task just enters the name of the project and hit the Button. And it is ready. You are on a time tracking mode. And the Bar down under the screen keeps you reminding that you have to work now.

It can be easily used by anyone even by those who aren’t smart in cyber world. All it needs is a click. The interface is so cool that without even needing an option, you will still hit the buttons to explore more of the time doctor software (It is really true, I am that Crazy!) 


8).  Time Zones

This time tracking software has a very big network all over the globe. So, as per the pluses and minuses in time zones, it is hassle free. time doctor software comes up with time zone consideration so that you can keep up, the easy and progressive working for your company. On times needed you can alter the time zones appropriately as well. 


9).  Operating System

We have versatile types of operating systems available today in our market, but that is not where it stops its pace. Because it is available to every available operating system in there: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The difference in these operating systems doesn’t stop you in diminished features because; time doctor software is designed to work effectively with every operating system.

It gives you a support head even on Web; by browsing through your admin page over browser you can enjoy it much better.


10). Distraction Remover and Email Reporting

The most common barrier to spending time on your business is distraction, distraction by social websites, blogs, and other entertaining activities. That ***Tube not only build a fortune but also made us addicted to watching prank and crank shows every day. We are working to work, but these distractions make our workday a waste day.

Time doctor keeps an eye on the worker’s working and activities efficiently and keeps him on the right track by giving a pop out every time he gets distracted. Time doctor helps you to stay focused by gently nudging you when you go off the road.

It keeps a record of the employee’s network data usage during their work time. When enormous time gets spent on Social websites like YouTube, Twitter, etc., It nudges you with a pop out to get you back on the task assigned. Not only for web pages, but there is also an eye monitoring of the applications as well.

But after the task is completed, and this time tracking software after being supposedly closed. There is no compromise in security and privacy; you are assured with zero activity tracking.


Also, all the communication to the server is secured by SSL encryption technology. The files on the server are encrypted to provide an extra level of security for company data. The servers are located in secure enterprise data center, facilities with 24/7 monitoring and hosting support.

time doctor’s reports will give you detailed insights, which websites are being used and for how long. You can access these reports online, and depend on your due request. You can also receive them weekly by email.

Yes, email reporting is also embedded to this time tracking software. You can receive activity reports (Daily or Weekly) for your company, of any of the member(s).

You can also request for Poor time use report for yourself of any of the member(s). And also you can receive time Usage Reports of anyone working under your company domain.

11). Real Time Reporting

One can also access various reports of various tasks and projects in real time.

Time doctor software has made it possible to calculate all the real-time data and reports and can make that available to you by the end of the day.

So, you can get daily work reports of tasks, projects, employees and other things based on your integrations as well.


12).  Client Access

Clients are a part of your company. So, they also need, to sum up with your web apps to know precise details and reports of their mutual work with you.

time doctor gives your client a clean access to summon up the activity, task and project reports. This access is white labeled with your company branding and will appear under your company’s network.

Your clients are accessed to take the screenshots and reports of the corresponding tasks and projects only. According to your requirements, they are specially allowed to watch up to the only assigned data of your company so, all the other data with other clients is potentially safe and hidden. Indeed, anyhow in any company Privacy comes first.

And time doctor software keeps it in consideration and values this business principle.


13). Free Ups

You also get a one month trial, on signing up your first  month then the software will be free. You can enjoy all the features without lifting your credit details.

It is also available in multiple languages  English, Spanish, Russian, etc. So, Linguistic Variation is not a barrier to stop yourself from installing time doctor software into your Business.


Even as a perfect time tracking software, It still has still certain cons and limitations in a way or the other. time doctor software is indeed improving, but at the present time, its limitations and loops are still measurable. But these loops don’t pay such a heat but still let the count begin. They are:

A). It is indeed integrated with a lot of web apps but still there are certain commonly used apps in our life that are yet to be integrated with time doctor software. These web apps have a huge impact on our usage because they are pretty much used by each of us. These Web Applications Include Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Dropbox, Google Drive, yet these integrations are available in other time Tracking software but time doctor software Misses these Web Apps.

B). Although time doctor software has provided us the access to our time savings through Android and Apple devices. By providing Android applications and iOS Applications, it has made a massive ease for us. But still, it does not provide us a windows phone application. There are millions of devices running on windows operating software. By 2nd of August 2016, they provided version 2.2.5 for Android and iOS but still the windows application for windows phones is still not available on the market.

C). There is No file exchange capability available for workers working on a project. Although it is not something drastically important but its presence would have made this time tracking software more exciting and featured. In a Company, the files of .ppt, .doc, .xls format are continuously running from one device to another. So, at least this feature needs a push for once.

D). Its Network packet data is only limited to a number of This congested handling of high loads can become a problem sometime.

E). It is only available in 4 languages, even after being used in more than 100 countries it still needs to explore their languages accessibility programs to a higher level. There are a lot of people in the world who still don’t work with these four 

14). Live Chat Customer Support

In any crucial time, The time doctor is also added up with chat support, which is reliable and free. Simply by submitting questions directly through support ticket system, you can get a swift and comfortable customer support. And you can submit your inquiry regarding anything and get your problems solved in no time. That is very helpful if anything happens with your software. But, that is not expected so much (indeed) 


Designed for Mobiles as well (Android and iOS) Windows Phone Application Not Available
CRM and other integrations like Google apps, Visual Studio, team work, and share point, etc. etc. Microsoft  Office 365, Outlook, drop box and Google Drive integration missing
Screen Monitoring (optional) No File Exchange Option Between Workers and Employees
Define payrolls with PayPal, Payoneer, transfer wire monthly, weekly (all desired options available) Limited with several servers
User plans desired from free to 5$ solo plan to fully loaded 9.99$ Cost per user for 9.99$ Option is a bit high as compared to other time tracking software
Daily work reports possible
Give your clients access to Time Doctor Software at no extra cost
Available in multiple language , English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Available to every Operating System
1 Month trial (Free)

So, after testing this software for a very long time, for instants, it felt like fun. Its interface was not so tech boring but very easy and simple.

It is embedded with not only that I expected but also what I didn’t expect to see in it. So, that really surprised me to the most. Finally, after testing its Mobile Applications, I realized its long run applications in our life and Business and those Applications are literally very much needed in our day to day company workings.

After having a look to the entire crests and troughs of time doctor software, we can easily predict its applications in our companies and industries.

Honestly, after using this app, I realized that I spent 3 minutes in choosing perfect background wallpaper for my PC. Damn how irresponsible are we towards our time Consumption Activities. This app can save a lot because money is not an option but time is, time never comes back. It works as such as it filters your time bit by bit.

It keeps record of every minute detail. Even your mouse clicks. But a very special feature which has a very massive scope is this that, for freelancer hiring: where they need to control the monitoring of workers in another part of the globe, this software is truly and extremely effective. It can control their monitoring very accurately because it controls their activity logs.

Although, it doesn’t enslave you but very friendly it makes you realize of your tasks and works. It is very fruitful for both of the parties, the worker, and the admin as well. What else do we need when we are in search of such time tracking software? In fact, our search ends here.

Yes, the limitations cannot be neglected but still those limitations are not that massive that this software even does not deserves a try.

My personal concluded time doctor review is Go and Try it, just for fun at least. And believe me, you won’t repent trying it. It is obviously a time-saving app, but at the same time it also improvises the HR and financial and others aspects of your company. Who knows what you are going to find out. People lie but Machines don’t, so, stop being Conservative – move to time doctor software, at least you should try once.

But, if your industry is not that big and needy, you can manage all needed features in free and 5$ user plan. So, this will do very accurately. Do calculate your needs and requirements first.


So, now after summarizing all the pros and cons of this new time tracking software I believe it needs a round check from simple easy installation to payment gateways. Let’s have a short and summarized look of everything in it.