Tiny Ranker Review: A Must Have SEO Tool for All Webmasters

How many times have you checked some kind of SEO tool out, only to find out it was just another hoax? Or maybe not hoax exactly, but not worth the money?

That’s whats happening, it’s a desperate industry, and people don’t know where to put their money in. And that’s when you mis-invest. I did too, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Probably that’s why now I know which product does the job, and the other doesn’t.

So okay hey let me be honest, this one is Tiny Ranker Review! Yeah, it’s a product and 100% I’m trying to sell this product to you, but well I’m atleast honest about it.

What I want you guys to think about is, I could’ve picked up any product out from the market and written this review, cause I know you guys do give a thought to what I say, but why only this product? Why not something more expensive which could’ve made me more commissions?

That’s the point! I’m making sure you guys do come back to this website and still trust me after trying this product, and that’s why I can vouch my name out for Tiny Ranker! Which does exactly what it claims to do, at exactly the price it asks for it, no strings attached.

What is Tiny Ranker?

It’s what every other major SEO tool out there “claims” to be, but sadly isn’t. It’s an SEO tool that  does keyword analysis for you, competition analysis, managed your On-PAGE SEO, brings back link data and what not!

Nope, you don’t need to spend a single penny on it beforehand! They offer you a free 30-day trial! (That clearly reflects how confident they are about their product, right? Or else they’d be too eager to take up your money and disappear!)

So yeah just signup for their free account! And they’d take you to the dashboard. Which would look something like this:-


Now just add your website URL in the box, and then select the country from where you’re setting this up. I am selecting India. If you’re from anywhere else, feel free to choose the country.


Once you enter the URL and the keyword, they’d take you to a “keywords” box, this is where you’ve got to add the keywords you want to monitor. So let me just add some up by clicking the Add keywords button. (You can insert as many as 50  keywords in the FREE plan!)


Now the next screen would allow you inserting keywords into the line, so that’s what I’ll be doing to show you in this Tiny Ranker Review live!



So finally, you’d be taken to the keywords results page where you’d get a thorough result of what your website is going through, where it stands for which keyword and stuff like that.


Not just that, see that tiny circle next to keywords? It displays the On-PAGE SEO Status of that keyword for your website!

So that’s just one section from Tiny Ranker, right? Just the keywords! It even let’s you monitor your top competitors, with a lot of data about them too!

Just hit the competitors tab.


And you’d be surprised at what you may find! The next screen would hold all your top competitors, Try clicking on their “compare” button!


This is just magical! It will show you the difference between your rankings, and even the URL’s of your competitors’ pages for your specific keywords!


I’m pretty sure these features alone are more than enough for you to jump into Tiny Ranker right now, aren’t they? If yes, you can always check them out here.

But in case you’re among the “never satisfied” types, it has got more than just the keyword checker and competitor analysis for you. Again check the left dashboard, you’d see something like URL’s.

This is the tab that covers all your ranking URL’s for certain keywords! I mean if you’ve got a keyword in your TinyRanker profile, and if it’s ranking anywhere on the search engine, this is where you’ll find it.


They even let you integrate your Tiny Ranker with Google Analytics! Yeah speak about this tool being professional! So you can verify all the data like the keywords, and competitors, and everything else directly from your Google Analytics too. You just have to click on the Google Analytics Tab, and then Grant access!


So those were the “front-end” features! I mean what you’re going to get with Tiny Ranker. But what if I tell you that there’s more to tiny ranker than just those features. Yeah that Tiny Ranker still has some magical spells to lure you in?

The Back-End Features:-

Super Easy UI:- When using a tool, what’s the “first” thing that you notice? The looks? Yeah you might say that, but nope that’s not entirely true. The first thing you “feel” is the User Interface.

If it’s messy and complicated, you won’t ever use that product no matter what problem it solves, well because no one has time to spend with such tools, right?

That’s where the UI comes in. Tiny Ranker has been claimed as world’s MOST user-friendly SEO tool. Not “one of the”, the “MOST” user-friendly tool when it comes to SEO.

The Simple Dashboard:- As you have already seen, there’s not a lot of “exploring” or “researching” to the tool. Everything is there on the left sidebar, you just click it ones, and you get everything as simple as that.

Most Important Highlights:-

  • On Page SEO
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Rank Tracker.
  • Competition analysis.

Now you could’ve paid to four different companies for those 4 features, but guess what, with Tiny Ranker, you just pay once and it’s yours forever!

Final Verdict:-

Okay let me be honest, it’s not rocket science formula. Neither something “very awesome”, but it’s E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you need to compile, expand and take action on your website.

With this data, you seriously could get the biggest bounce of your lives when it comes to SEO. You would know how’s the On-Page, how your keyword is performing, who is blocking your positions, and then just do better then them, simple as that.

And guess what, they don’t need a fortune either! The plans start as low as $19/month! For all these features


For all these features? Trust me I’d happily pay couple dollars extra!