Why Your Restaurant Should Own a Food Truck

As the owner of a restaurant, you already know the ins and outs of the food and hospitality industries. You know how to make delicious food, how to interact with customers, and how to market your food business so that customers return often.

While there will always be a need for places to sit down and enjoy a nice meal, these days the food truck industry is booming. As a restaurant owner, getting into this industry may be one of the best things to do for your brand.

Here’s why your restaurant should own a food truck and the immense benefits that come with running a mobile eatery.

They’re Mobile

The best part about running a food truck is that you can take it wherever customers are. From summer festivals to public concerts to community fundraisers, wherever there’s bound to be a crowd, you can ensure your food truck is present.

Restaurants get some foot traffic, but the ability to be where the people are is what makes food trucks so unique. By taking your most prized dishes out on the road, you can attract new customers who may also find time to enjoy a meal at your restaurant.

Mobility gives you increased visibility. The more people that are exposed to your business name, the bigger chance you have of getting return customers.

Low Overhead and Startup Costs

You know just how much money it takes to get a restaurant off the ground and running. One of the biggest benefits of running a food truck is that they require very little overhead and don’t cost a fortune to start. While new food trucks for sale are likely to run you at least $25,000, you can find a quality used food truck for a much lower price. If you have a larger budget, consider looking at custom food trucks for sale.

In fact, purchasing the food truck is likely to be your most expensive purchase. You’re also able to save money on a smaller staff along with not having to purchase dozens of dining areas, interior décor, and other items that restaurants must have.

If you’re looking to expand your business’ presence, it’s much cheaper to do so with a food truck than it is to open a new restaurant. This means you can open multiple food trucks and strategically place them around town to maximize foot traffic sales.

Great Way to Test New Menu Items

Stagnant menus get boring over time, but making menu switches is often a leap of faith. The fact is that not many restaurant owners get a chance to get customer feedback before adding new menu items. But with a food truck, you have dozens of customers who are hungry and willing to try what you’re serving.

A food truck is the perfect opportunity to get opinions on dishes that you’re considering putting on your restaurant’s menu. By testing out new drinks, appetizers, and small plates at your food truck, you can get an idea of what food your restaurant goers are likely to try. This can be a money-saving venture in the long run, especially if your new items are a hit.

Develop Closer Relationships with Customers

Despite their on-the-go nature, food trucks can offer a very intimate experience, something that isn’t always possible in a restaurant setting. With a food truck, your staff has the ability to converse with customers and develop a relationship with them. The more connections you can make with people, the better.

Food trucks also allow customers to give immediate feedback. This puts customer service at the forefront and can show patrons that your cook and wait-staff genuinely care about the feedback they receive. In turn you can better tailor your menu items to fit customer likes.

Catering Opportunity

For those restaurant owners who are serious about their food, having a food truck opens a whole new world and customer base: catering. With a food truck you can offer catering services at weddings, tradeshows, grand openings, and any other event that will draw a crowd. Catering not only pays well, it allows your business to integrate itself into the community.

By offering catering along with a restaurant and a food truck, you can all but ensure that your brand will be quite successful.


Running a food truck while also operating a restaurant is no easy task, but the reward of having your food available in a mobile and convenient way will pay off. If you’re on the fence about opening a food truck, keep these benefits in mind to determine if mobile meals are the next best step for your business.

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