Wondershare Video Converter Review – Ultimate Software for Video Conversion

Wondershare Video Converter Review: There are numerous video converters out there in the market, and still I’m emphasizing on the importance and scribbling down this Wondershare Video Converter Review, why?

The shortest answer I can carve out for that question is probably that Wondershare isn’t just a video converter, its one power-packed solution to all your video needs.

That sounds cheesy? I get it. It did to me too. So instead of beating around the bush, let me walk you through what exactly Wondershare is, and then you can be the judge and jury of deciding if Wondershare deserves all these praise-songs, or is being exaggerated.

Wondershare Video Converter Review: Introduction

Wondershare Video Converter featured image

Wondershare is primarily a video converter, it let’s you convert videos from one format to another.

Apart from that it also offers you a complete video solution by letting you:-

  • Burn Videos
  • Stream Videos to other devices.
  • Download Videos off the Internet.
  • Edit Videos etc.

The whole point of why I’m writing this Wondershare Video Converter review is that these are tools we all need, and we all buy separately.

Well separately each tool would cost around $50 in the least, which makes it a nearly $300+ package.

But with Wondershare, you get all those things listed above, and some more, at a fraction of the cost.

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Wondershare Video Converter Review: Features

1). Drag & Drop Universal Video Conversions

Wondershare lets you convert videos from one format to another with extreme ease.

It’s basically a 3-click process. All you’ve got to do is, drag the file you wish to convert to Wondershare, choose the format you wish to convert the file to, and click on convert.

2). Newbie Friendly

First time with a Video converter? Well, Wondershare would still treat you like a friend.

First of all, there aren’t any complicated terms or options you’d be confused with, secondly, all the options you’d need are listed right there on the welcome dashboard itself.

So there aren’t any “deep secrets” you’d have to unravel in order to use Wondershare. Just read what the button says, and click on it to execute the command as easy as that.

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3). Extensive Audio & Video Formats Supported

The primary problem while getting a new video converter is not knowing the fact if the video formats you wish to convert would be supported, or not!

Well, that’s one less problem for you to worry about with Wondershare.

As long as it’s a “video” or “Audio” format, you can convert it to just about any format you wish to.

It accepts almost every single video format existing, including Mp4, Flv, DV, MFX video, 3G etc. (It’s a long, very long list!)

There are over 150 different formats which are accepted as input as well as output conversion formats.

Videos aren’t where Wondershare takes a knee, instead it goes out on a limb and offers us conversions for a wide range of audio formats as well including MP3, AAC, AC-3, APE, PCM, and a dozen others.

4). Device Templates

Not just Video formats, but converting videos to device templates based on specific devices is another one its superpowers and reasons why this Wondershare Video Converter Review is getting laid down.

This is a feature which lets you convert videos based on the video templates of devices like Samsungs, iPhones, Xbox, HTC etc. for the best possible video quality.

The list consists of over a 100 supported devices as the screenshot above well illustrates.

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5). Turbo-Mode for Conversions

Wondershare makes use of ApexTrans technology for converting your videos, which grants it a 30x faster speed compared to its rivals in the industry.

It said “turbo mode” on the product, but I wasn’t quite sure yet. So me and my friend Sophie manually compared Wondershare with 2 other platforms to actually verify the claims, and I must say the turbo mode is miraculous.

The best part is that, although there are such so-called features with other tools, all of them almost always result in the major quality loss.

Well, not Wondershare! The videos we converted using Turbo mode had the exact same quality as the ones we converted using the general, non-turbo mode.

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6). Video and MP3 Downloader

I personally used to pay around $78/month for my Download Manager before Wondershare came around.

And even then the platforms which I could download the videos from were extremely limited.

Wondershare’s video download manager now let’s me download videos off almost any video portal, including Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and what not, at absolutely no extra cost!

It’s like a free product you get when you buy the Video converter.

The downloader also boasts advanced features such as “Youtube MP3” downloader. Meaning it would only download the “MP3” or “audio” of off a video for you.

So we don’t have to convert the video to mp3 separately, and obviously, it also saves a lot of data (bandwidth). Any file’s size is compressed by over 80% when it’s converted from a high-quality video to just an MP3 file.

7). Record Videos

Another one of the feathers I can add to the cap of this Wondershare Video Converter review is its “video recording” features.

It lets you record any video that might be playing on your screen. That way it doesn’t matter which platform the video is being played upon, it will be recorded to your system.

Not just “streamed” videos, you can also record your Skype, Google Hangout and every other kind of video calls, use it as a recorder to record your own videos and what not!

So basically this is the universal recorder to record anything and everything being played on your screen regardless of what format it is, which platform it is or any other such complications.

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8). Edit Videos

If you thought Converting, Downloading, Recording were the only thing Wondershare is good at, you’re mistaken.

Wondershare also boasts “video editing” features again brought to you with absolutely no extra charges.

When I say “Video editing”, I don’t mean you can create VFX effects or a superhero movie with it, but what you can do includes:-

  • Crop Videos
  • Trim
  • Merge
  • Special Effects
  • Watermark
  • Metadata etc.

9). DVD Burner

When you need to burn and save your videos to a CD/DVD, Wondershare can be your best friend.

Just Click on “Add new files” (or drag them on the dashboard), match the settings from the right-sidebar to your requirements, and click on Burn.

The process is not just easy, but exceptionally fast as well as “quality-strong” compared to the other products we tried out.

The DVD burner also comes pre-loaded with a number of templates for you to use to make the whole experience worthwhile.

10). Stream Media

Now for the final feature to be reviewed in this Wondershare video converter review is its media streaming feature.

It’s basically a feature which lets you stream your media from computer to Smart as well as Standard TVs and a number of other devices via ChromeCast and other similar devices.

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Wondershare Video Converter Review:  Pricing Plans

After storming us with the plethora of features, Wondershare still wasn’t quite done yet.

Okay, honestly when I read the review for Wondershare which made me go for it, I thought it would cost me a fortune to get the product, as is natural with any product offering the kinds of features Wondershare does.

Well, I was wrong.

Not only Wondershare’s prices are extremely low, but also it offers “lifetime” packages, meaning you pay once and use Wondershare forever.

It’s worth mentioning that Wondershare’s features are the same for every plan, so you won’t be missing out any “Features”, the price difference occurs only on the number of PCs you can use the product with.

  • 1 Year License:- $39.95/YEAR
  • Lifetime License:- $59.95 for 1 PC.
  • Family License:- $99.95 for 2-5PCs.
  • Business License:- Flexible plans based on your requirements.

30-day Money-back guarantee is laid on each plan as well, so in case you aren’t happy, you’re getting your money back questions asked.

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Wondershare Video Converter Review: Final Words

So finally; is Wondershare worth it? My answer to that question would depend on your answer to my question “Do you need a video converter? A super fast video converter? One that would also let you download, stream and edit videos”?

If your answer is yes, then yes obviously Wondershare is worth it. If you have a video downloader, and again a video streamer in addition to a video converter, you are easily spending 3-4x times the cost you would spend with Wondershare.

And considering how Wondershare supports every kind of file type and gets us great quality videos, it’s hard for to figure out a reason why I wouldn’t go with it.

Considering even the pricing plans are “lifetime” and I have to pay for them just once (except the 1year license package!)

Anyway, that’s just my personal experience and verdict, be sure to leave your own feedback in the comments section down there.