WPAdverts Review – The Best Known WordPress Classifieds Plugin

The adverts websites have been there on internet since the beginning. A number of websites like Gumtree, Craiglist etc. provides spaces to the users to post numerous ranges of items for sale. If you own a website then adding the classifieds section to it will help the users to post items for sale on your website. Creating a whole new classified website and taking over a brand website is possible these days using WP framework.

A number of WordPress plugins are available to ensure that you get the desired functionality while creating your own classifieds website. One such popular WordPress Classifieds Plugin is WPAdverts Plugin. It provides you an intense functionality to create a top notch classifieds site and run it with extreme features. Let us learn more about this plugin in WPAdverts Review.

WPAdverts Review – A Know How


WPAdverts is a modular built plugin that can work exceptionally well with any theme and plugin. It allows you to create a fully functional classified website that can help your users to post items for sale or any other classified on you site with ease. The users need not struggle to find options to generate a well-designed classified format. There are different options to choose from. This WPAdverts review will make us know more about it.

Why use WP Adverts Plugin to Create a Steady Classified Website?

There are a number of reasons to use this awesome plugin for creating a classified website. Some of them have been listed below.

  • One Click Installation: You can install this plugin just like any other WP plugin on your existing or new WordPress blog. You can setup the shortcodes to operate your classifieds site like a pro.
  • Works with Any Theme: No need to change your current theme. This plugin is efficient enough to work with just any theme. It works great on every properly coded theme.
  • Use with Other Plugins: You can use this plugin with other WP plugins too. You will face no compatibility issues while using this plugin.
  • Modular Build: This exceptional plugin is built with different modules. You can deactivate or activate any module at any point of time.
  • Developer Friendly: The plugin is developed keeping the developers in mind. It makes use of the best coding practices that makes the plugin functional even with filters and hooks.
  • Support: It provides you some documentation to get started quickly. You can also contact them through email for any kind of support and they will respond you in less than 24 hours time.
  • Extensions: You can integrate a number of extensions with this plugin like PayPal Payment Standards, BuddyPress Extension, WooCommerce Integration, Restricted Categories, Maps & Location, reCaptcha, Restricted Categories, Custom Fields, and Fee per Category.

Go through the complete WPAdverts review and learn more about configuring the plugin and playing with its settings.

Configuring WP Adverts

Firstly, you need to install the plugin and activate it from your WP dashboard. After that, follow the below guide to configure the plugin.

  • Once the plugin installation is done, a new menu will be created in WordPress with the name ‘Classifieds’ and few pages like ‘Adverts’, ‘Manage’, ‘Add’ will also be created.
  • Go to ‘Classifieds’ and then click on ‘Options’. Here you will see few modules that can be activated.


  • Under the ‘Core’ settings you will find the option to set the days for which the classified will remain published on the site. The currency settings can be configured well to match the local currency.


  • If you want people to pay you then ‘Payments module can be configured. You can set different options under this module like ‘Premium’ or ‘Free’ and can set other values too.


  • ‘PayPal IPN’ module will allow you enter the PayPal email address and select whether the payments will be in sandbox or live mode.


  • Any payments received by you will be listed under ‘Payments’ menu.


Now, you can decide to set the categories as well. This will basically depend on what type of classified site you are setting up. For adding the categories, you can visit the Category link and create the parent as well sub categories that are relevant to your site. Here is the sample image for the categories that I have created.


Submitting the Advert

  • You can visit your site and check out the pages that you have created using this plugin. The page with the name ‘Adverts’ will be empty as you haven’t added any Advert yet.


  • For adding the first advert, you need to visit the ‘Advert’ page and fill in the information about the item that you are selling.


  • You can either choose to publish the item or to preview it before publishing. Check out your site once you have pressed the publish button.


Pricing & Plans

Talking about WPAdverts pricing, you need not to pay anything to avail this plugin. You can easily install it on your WP blog from the WordPress plugin directory. Though, you can buy some add-ons and extensions to work seamlessly with added features. Each extension is priced differently. Here is the list of some of the extensions/add-ons that can be purchased individually according to your needs.

  • BuddyPress Integration: You have to pay $39 to use it on 1-3 sites and to use it on unlimited sites you have to pay $59.
  • WooCommerce Integration: You have to pay $39 to use it on 1-3 sites and to use it on unlimited sites you have to pay $59.
  • PayPal Payments Standard: You have to pay $29 to use it on 1-3 sites and to use it on unlimited sites you have to pay $39.
  • Maps & Locations: You have to pay $39 to use it on 1-3 sites and to use it on unlimited sites you have to pay $59.
  • Restricted Categories: You have to pay $19 to use it on 1-3 sites and to use it on unlimited sites you have to pay $29.
  • Fee Per Category: You have to pay $29 to use it on 1-3 sites and to use it on unlimited sites you have to pay $39.
  • reCAPTCHA: You have to pay $19 to use it on 1-3 sites and to use it on unlimited sites you have to pay $29.
The Bottom Line

It is an awesome plugin that can be used to create a classified website or you can allow users to post their ads on your regular blog too. The best thing is that it is available for free and provides a number of versatile features to all its users. You should try this plugin for once if you are looking to create a classified section on your site.