Best Free Proxy Sites List [Updated 2018]

You may be hearing a lot about proxy now a day, some might be suggesting you to use one. If you don’t already know much about Proxy sites or best VPN provder, its web based application and personal VPN that help you in securing your online browsing activity and personal data (more about it in next heading) first lets know about why this post exist at first place.

Well now-a-day internet users are frustrated as well as very much scared with three main problems because of which they use free proxy sites or free proxy servers and Premium or free VPN. First there online private are not that secure from websites they visit and from any activity they do online whether its websites, social media sites like Facebook or Google all of them use your online activity and personal data to know your location and some other personal details to serve you personalized ads for better sales conversion or to target you to be their customer but it’s not that’s it.


While every site is competing to make you their customer some uses serious cookies that keep the track of your activity unless you keep cleaning your browser and when you visit the site again it get back in your browser again. The fact is not every site is harmful but some sites contain serious malwares and cookies that can compromise your personal privacy and private data.

Second, most important problem because of the censorships or at your school and office by administrator on some contents or website or video channel in some countries, some online users have that website and YouTube video or video channel which they like or love most but when they open that it gives them option like “This video is restricted in your country” or “website is blocked by your network operator” or “website is blocked by administrator” etc., and Third, because of the hackers and identity theft. Who do not scared of hackers or identity theft? Almost everyone! Hundreds and thousands of private data is uploaded by black hat hackers of someone which ruining innocent lives, hacked bank details and identity is being used for illegal activities.

Now a day where people use free hotspot Wi-Fi a lot it is become a major problem where their private details being hacked and that’s why everyone started caring so much about VPN or private browsing using these lists of free proxy servers. Using internet anonymously is the safest thing to keep yourself safe from any of this activity to be happen with you.

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If you use free public Wi-Fi hotspot or internet for online banking, business purposes, online video chat with your family or love ones or for any private purpose etc. it is now must to use any good VPN or proxy sites with good malware or antivirus protection software.

What is Proxy server?

Proxy server is an intermediary which maps your real IP address with its own and request web pages on World Wide Web that hides your real IP and other private data that make your location untraceable. Proxy Server can simply help you to visit any site or browse online without exposing your IP address.

How Proxy Server Works?

Proxy basically is a computer system located somewhere that act as a gateway to complete every request coming from users as its own between both client and web server.

For instance, In a computer networks when you as a client connect to a proxy server (a mediator) and request a particular file or web page from particular web address then proxy server receive that request and using its own IP addresses as well as different locations on behalf of you (the client) request those files, documents, connections or webpage from that web address which complicate the real location and IP address that may have been used to make that request. And that’s how it works and provides anonymity to the proxy sites users.

Types of proxy ?

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1). Reverse Proxy

Reverse proxy seems like a real ordinary server to the client, but when client send requests about the particular resource this server forwards all that requests to the actual server to get the resources and send that back to clients. Here reverse proxy act as real server to the client but in fact the reverse proxy is just in the middle of actual web server and client.

Reverse proxies are mostly used for to minimize the load on real server to load balancing, for better security, to serve or cache static content, and for compression to improve the speed of load time. Big companies like Google uses reverse proxies as they gets huge numbers of hits, it improves the performance of actual servers.

I don’t know if you know but it is the fact that when you connect to Google to request the result of your particular search, you are actually sending your request to the reverse proxy that forwards your requested search queries to the real server to fetch the result for you.

2). Open Proxy

And open proxy is a proxy server that is a type of forwarding proxy which is available for any or every internet users. Most commonly an open proxy is used to hide IP address by users to browse the internet anonymously. There are some proxies that also come into open proxy which are as follows:

1.    Anonymous Proxy

This proxy is an open proxy that hides online users IP address to prevent the remote server from identifying requesting client location. But an Anonymous Proxy shows its identity as proxy server and support the anonymity of online users.

2.    Distorting Proxy

Unlike Anonymous proxy it is also shows its identity as proxy server but work as distorting the web server by telling wrong IP address of the client.

3.    Elite Proxy

An elite proxy is kind of very high in anonymity proxy which do not shows that it is a proxy or tell the real IP address of the client, this type of proxy are rarely come online for free else in most cases users have to pay for Elite proxies.

3). Forward Proxies

Forward proxy is straight that send your online request by acting as a client itself and get the result as client specify to the forward proxies. Here all other proxy servers are forward proxy except the Reverse proxy.

Uses of proxy servers

Proxy servers used for many purposes such as:

1. Monitoring and Filtering: Content Filtering web proxy is used that support user authentication for to manage the web access and that also produces logs. Web proxy most commonly used for bypassing filter and censorship. It’s also used for filtering of encrypted data as well as for logging and eavesdropping.

2. For Improving Performance: Caching Proxy is used for to retrieve the saved content requested by the same client to reduce the bandwidth usage and improves the performance.

3. For Translation: A Translation proxy is used to make the website content translated from the original language of the content to the users’ regional language accordingly.

4. For Accessing the World Wide Web anonymously: In this case the above mentioned anonymous proxy servers are used for to make web surfing private and anonymous.

5. For Security: Using Network Address Translation a proxy can be used to make company’s internal network structure secret.

List of Best Free Proxy Sites -Proxy Servers List 2015

So, here we are sharing the list of proxy sites which is listed carefully by reviewing each one of below for its best work. As you may be unable to access some site you like or video you want to watch and even if you want to do anonymous web browsing, but not to worry because using these lists of proxy sites you can bypass/access any website you want all anonymously.

Top 100 Best Public Proxy Server Lists:

1). HideMyAss –
Hidemyass is among one of the best proxy sites, but why it is not the best of the best because its advertisement disturb users a lot. It is suitable for good speed browsing and video streaming as well as you can access any blocked websites.

2.  Proxify –
Proxify is not the best but good for use, it is a web based proxy runs in your browser with proxify basic as well as proxify pro. Proxify modify all the webpage which you visit to point back all the resources back through it. It’s slow but just like other web based proxies.

3.  AnonyMizer –
It is good for privacy and security protection, the AnonyMizer claim that they do not check, track or keep your logs of your web browsing. It’s oldest personal VPN service provider as well since last 20 years.
AnonyMizer offer features like data theft protection to protect your sensitive data passwords and identity theft, you can secure public Wi-Fi hotspots and surfing web anonymously.

4.  kProxy –
KProxy claim that its website works 100%, bypass any only filter or block that’s access any governmental or workplace censorship. kProxy offer features like come in both chrome as well as firefox extension and you do not even need to do any installation you can just unzip and use it for surfing web. You can use it anywhere at work, university, or school. kProxy says it converts your computer of devices into proxy server and hide the traffic behind its proxy servers.

5. – offer free web proxy to acces blocked or restricted sites and also helps you to surf anonymously. To avail the offer of encrypt your internet network connection you need to sign up with them.

6.  Maximum Proxy –
To give you safer experience Maximum proxy is good, it also comes into best proxy sites to browse internet safely and anonymously. Best proxy site to bypass “This URL is restricted” or any blocking error message. According to them they started since 1999 seems promising? Right!

7.  HiddenProxy –
They says that they take care of speed and keep working to maintain the speed experience for the users. You should make sure to read their terms and conditions as they have mentioned to do so.

8.  Proxy108 –
Proxy server offers free traffic, IP, locations etc., make sure to use ad blocker before visiting Proxy108 or any other proxy sites, because these proxies sites are always full with ads that makes it hard to use the sites but Proxy108 is not that full with ads which makes hard to use the site. Speed of this proxy site is really good as easy as put the address of the website and pulls it up.

9.  The proxy bay –
Surfing internet without any privacy security and doing all the stuffs like login to your account, doing bank transaction, emails checking and everything is really not a good idea. Hundreds and thousands of identity being stolen everyday that’s why proxy services and anti-malwares are getting so many sales every month. So these proxy sites are great to save your privacy and surf anonymously. The Proxy Bay is good to go proxy site can help you surf the internet with any error and anonymously.

10. New Ip Now –
Every website you visit gets your IP address and hence they have your geo-location as well as other personal information but using NewIPNow you can u their IP addresses to save your web identity. Unlike other web proxy servers or sites NewIpNow features are same as browsing the web anonymously, changing your actual location, securing your browsing history, and keep changing your IP every time.

11. –
Use WebProxy is very easy and it has very clean and user friendly dashboard, with you can surf anonymously unlike other web proxies, unblock any website you want, secure your internet networks, hide history and any other personal data, which helps you to save your online identity.

12. YouTube Unblock Proxy –
Don’t go with name, it is on name where it says that YouTube Unblock Proxy help you to unblock only YouTube video error “This video is restricted in your country” or “You are restricted to visit this website” because it’s one of the popular problem users experience but it is also helps you to unblock any restricted or internet censorship website you want to visit. It is completely free to use their services as well as easy to use, you just have to pull up their website entre the URL you want to visit and that’s it you are their within seconds done.

13. Don’t Filter –
Pretty simple website which is a anonymous site unblocker as well as privacy tool, where you have an option to encrypt URL, page, remove scripts or object and allow cookies or not. Just type your URL you want to visit and pull up the website with fair speed.

14. Working Proxy –

Working proxy indeed works which is free and website claims that it protects you from any internet network monitoring, and helps you to get complete anonymity. On your behalf they use new IP addresses and complete your web request anonymously. Unlike other proxy servers in the lists this will also help you to unblock any censorship web content or YouTube videos. These lists of proxy servers will definitely help you to unblock social media sites like Facebook and YouTube when you are at School computer lab or at work. Else you can also use proxy sites to save your online identity and when using public Wi-Fi for anonymity.

15. Unblock YouTube Free –
Are you getting the message that YouTube or Social Media sites are block on your school or work internet network? Unblock YouTube Free can help you to unblock all with good speed, YouTube video streaming is good and this proxy sites promise that they’ll never ask you for any paid services.

16. Free YouTube –
Web is full with awesome sites but it is not all about blocked websites it’s about the security of your online privacy and to beware about any identity theft and proxy servers are one such preventive measure that helps you to stay safe.

17. 24 Proxy –
The main purpose of to use free proxy sites online is you don’t need to install or download any applications that interfere with your internet speed or make your devices slow in functioning. Web based Free Proxy Servers mostly comes for free. Similarly 24Proxy is free as well, using this it will make you ghost while using internet and your private data cannot be tracked by any hackers or website owners. 24Proxy is now partnered with FrostVPN to start premium VPN to give you more secure experience and complete anonymity.

18. Unblock YouTube Beat School –

This proxy is similar to these sites Unblock YouTube Free and YouTube Unblock Proxy offer free unlimited use. It is simple to use website and easy user friendly dashboard, as simple as typing your resource address and enjoy the unblocked content.

19. – is now become, one disadvantage of the free proxy sites is its web address changes which is not in case of premium VPN. So if you are regular user of proxy sites or concern about your online private data sharing with the websites you visit or daily web browsing you should consider buying yearly plan with best VPN premium service providers. Talking about it offers good web surfing speed and better at your IP address hiding as well as anonymous internet surfing.

20. SneakyAnon  –
SneakyAnon is belog to organization Rook Media Gmbh in Switzerland is an awesome, internet user friendly web proxy server which can be used for private web surfing or browsing.

Other Free Best Proxy Sites Lists

21. Proxyo –

22. Free Proxy Server –

23. Free YouProxyTube –

24. Just Proxy –

25. Proxy-2014 –

26. Web Proxy Free –

27. Can’t Block This –

28. Proxay –

29. ViewTube –

30. Working Proxy –

31. Star Doll Proxy –

32. TiaFun–

33. Proxy 4 Freedom –

34. DZ Hot –

35. 1FreeProxy –

36. Proxy Browse –

37. Proxy Internet –

38. CA Proxies –

39. Proxy 2015 –

40. PK Proxy –

41. Suede Proxy –

42. London Proxy –

43. Kr Proxy –

44. US Proxy –

45. Spedo –

46. Zacebook PK –

47. Proxys –

48. Go Proxy –

49. Proxy This –

50. kProxy Site –

51. Xite Now –

52. Intern Cloud –

53. Singapore Proxy –

54. Work Host –

55. Travel VPN –

56. Fun Proxy –

57. Proxy Call MeNames –

58. Host App –

59. PRO Intern –

60. Fast Time –

61. Hidden Digital –

62. Surf For Free –

63. Me Hide –

64. Zalmos –

65. Justun Block IT –

66. Network ByPass –

67. US Proxy –

68. You Liaoren –

69. Brazil Proxy –

70. Canada Proxy –

71. To Proxy –

72. PHProxy –

73. FB Proxies –

74. America Proxy –

75. Jezus Loves This Proxy –

76. German Proxy –

77. Sporium –

78. Saoudi Proxy –

79. WebSurf Proxy –

80. Fish Proxy –

81. HideMyAss UK –

82. F4FP –

83. PRO Unblock –

84. HideMyTraxProxy –

85. Hide The Internet –

86. Greatest Free Proxy –

87. VPN Browse –

88. ProxyOne –

89. The Best Proxy –

90. EXCS –

91. Quickproxy –

92. Defilter –

93. Unblocker –

94. Fast USA Proxy –

95. HideOnline Proxy –

96. Rapid Proxy –

97. Free Open Proxy –

98. Proxy 2014 –

99. 4everproxy –

100. Unblock My Web –

Conclusion :

We have found all the proxy sites working and listed here, in case if you face any problem as if the site is not working anymore by the time when you read this article, then let me know in the comment and I’ll check that out. Also I’ll keep this lists of proxy server updated so that you can use this post as a reference whenever you need it.

It’s very important to keep your web browsing safe from hackers apart from accessing restricted sites. Keep Browsing safe! Good luck.