Want to learn the 200 years old history of carrom? Read here

It has been considered that India is the origin country of carrom. Almost two hundred years ago, it was invented in the Palace of maharajas by taking reference to street-style games. The history of carrom is connected with India. Carrom has been the most popular indoor game for decades and people from all age groups love to play this game.

Carrom is a game with lots of tricks and techniques and now, the game of carrom is available in new variants with different rules. The history of carrom and modern carrom has had a vast change.

In this tabletop version of carrom, you can replace the balls and flick the striker with your fingers. Below is explained the history of carrom in brief. For a more detailed article you may refer to the official blog page of GetMega.

History of Carrom

As also written in GetMega’s exclusive blog on the history of carrom, the game of carrom originated from the Indian subcontinent and it is famous only in Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and many more and it is not popular in the United States. 

It was invented back in the late 18th or early 19th century by Indian kings or maharajas. The Indian kings have also invented many games such as polo, badminton and hockey. So, there is a possibility that carrom is also invented by them as there is no solid proof of this point. But carrom is played in the history of India.

There is another theory behind the history of carrom. It tells that the history of carrom is related to Portuguese. It originated in Portugal. Another theory said that some of its evidence was found in ancient Egypt. The history of Carrom might be connected with Egypt. Also, there are references in ancient Greek literature. 

The Game of Carrom

Carrom is a tabletop game that is also similar to snooker, billiards and bunker tools. Carrom is played by pushing the striker towards carrom men and putting them in the four pockets on the wooden table or board. There are some differences in cues. Carrom was initially played in India but now it is played all around the world and people love to play this wonderful game.

Carrom aims to put the carrom men, and queen, into the pocket before your opponent. Carrom is played with a lightweight wooden striker. There are nine Carrom men in each team and a queen. The striker flickered towards the carrom men to push them towards the pockets.

The Board of the carrom

It is a square flat board with pockets in each corner. Two lines are marked along with diagonals, which are considered as foul lines. The boundary area marked on the board is also known as the baseline and there is also a central circle within the square. In the game, 4 players or 4 teams can play at once. In team games, partners will sit in the opposite direction. The queen is placed at the center of the board. White pieces are formed and they make a Y from them. The black color carrom men are arranged around white ounces and then it will form a circle from carrom men.

Playing Carrom

Once the players begin the game, the player with the first shot will have white carrom men. During the shot, you should concentrate and put the striker within the lines and touch both sides but you don’t have to touch the diagonal arrow, your aim should be to target the queen and for the safe side, you have to put one carrom men into pockets.

To understand the gameplay better, you may play one or two rounds of carrom or similar games on the GetMega app.

Scoring in Carrom

The winner in the carrom gets one point for each of the carrom men of the opponent left at the end of the game. The three extra points will be given if you win the queen in your game. But to safeguard the Queen, you have to put one carrom man in your pockets. Otherwise,e you can win the game. The winning score of carrom is 25. The round carrom is called aboard. The game will be over if one player reaches the score of 25 or it will be better if you play the 8 boards.


If players commit a foul their turn immediately, they receive a penalty. The carrom men will be fined if they wait. If a player commits a foul, their turn ends immediately, and they receive a penalty. To know all the rules thoroughly, check out GetMega’s article on carrom rules.


Carrom is an interesting and addictive game. Also, if you start playing carrom, then you just want to play the carrom at all levels. From the beginner’s level of carrom to the international competition level. Here, we have read the history of carrom and also all the other things such as the board of the carrom, the game of the carrom, scoring of the carrom and then fouls.

Yes, you might feel confused about which type of carrom you should play either traditional or modern. You will be perfect if you spend some of your time on the balcony. Carrom needs patience, concentration,  and lots of knowledge. You can play carrom in the GetMega app. It is an application, which provides a variety of games and carrom is one of them. Have fun!

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