10 Best Pushbullet Alternative

Top 10 best Pushbullet Alternative for Android (listed below), these alternatives are not the only replacement but also better than Pushbullet free version.

Let’s start.

Top 10 Pushbullet Alternative

In the below-given section, you are going to get to know about the 10 Pushbullet alternatives which are going to help you in syncing your Android phone with PC which also enabled transferring files as well as notifications updates too.

1. AirDroid

Website: https://www.airdroid.com/


Living in 21st century, you cannot thank technology enough for bringing new aid every single day. AirDroid is also one such help for your day to day life which can help in transferring files from one system to another without the need of a cable.

From cross platform support to availability in over 150 countries, AirDroid is the kind of alternative to Pushbullet which can link all your devices together on a single platform and you need not to get hassled then.

This service is available to use on web and in form of software and mobile apps too. This can be quite like hiring a personal manager to keep your life more organized and your work more manageable. However, if you want more advanced features then you can go for the Pro version which is going to cost you only $1.99 per month.

Apart from brining the notifications, messages and other important stuff of your phone to your PC, this Pushbullet alternative can also operate remote camera too. So, basically it is like using a remote control for your phone without additional set-up. Thus, it deserves first place in the list of Apps like Pushbullet.

2. Mightytext

Website: http://mightytext.net/


Mightytext is also no different from other Pushbullet alternatives and nurtures a family of over 7 million users. In fact, you get some really interesting services with it. However, Mightytext is exclusively available for pairing android devices to PC only but the syncing between the two is quite transparent and powerful.

Mightytext is competent enough to mimic your phone on your computer plus it also notifies you about all the activities of the apps installed in your phone.

You also get the control to dismiss the notifications from your PC only. File transferring of media like photos and videos can also be done easily through Mightytext and you do not even need a cable for that. You can also do one click photo sharing too through this tool.

There are further some customization and theme setting options for which you would have to opt for Mightytext Pro. This service is available for the subscription of $6.67 per month whose activation brings you some exclusive Personal Assistant like features for you.

3. Cortana

Website: http://microsoft.com/en-us/windows/cortana


Cortana is not a regular Pushbullet replacement but something way more productive and intelligent than that. This is a virtual assistant quite like Siri for Apple phones which can respond to your voice commands and also functions accordingly when your phone is on hands free mode.

Cortana is undoubtedly one of the best and smart AI assistant for your device but what are the features that makes it an effective Pushbullet alternative?

Cortana can surely sync all your notifications from your phone to your PC without any time delay and any requirement of cable. Apart from it, you can also use Cortana to set reminders, make searches, ask questions and much more.

However, you cannot use Cortana for file transferring but it can surely active other services in your phone which can further be used for file transferring. Apart from all, you will surely like the “do-not-disturb” mode of Cortana which enables some quiet hours for you for some peace of mind.

4. AirMore

Website: https://airmore.com/


Amongst all the Pushbullet alternatives, I found the functioning of AirMore simplest of all. This is because you just need to download this app on your android smartphone and then open web app of AirMore on your browser. Scan the QR code through the app on web app and you are just good to go then.

It requires no additional set-up, no Wi-Fi connectivity and of course no need of data pack, because now you can not only transfer all your files but can also operate your smartphone through your PC.

This cross platform tool is fast and super smart too. And you get all these services mentioned here for absolutely free. AirMore is generally used more because it reflects your android screen on PC which helps in playing mobile games on big screens.

Apart from accessing notifications of your phone, you can also access contacts, reply to messages, manage your files and media, transfer files in a secure manner and much more. You can also make calls through this tool only which means now you can ditch your phone for the entire day because you can actually operate it even from distance.

5. MySMS

Website: http://www.mysms.com/


If you are one busy person who is always on the phone answering to people’s messages and juggling with your PC and smartphone constantly then this Pushbullet replacement is just perfect for you. While the focus of Pushbullet is primarily on notifications updates but MySMS is somewhat different.

Of course, it is capable of showing all your phone’s notifications on your PC but apart from it, MySMS can also provide you the facility of sending SMS and making calls from your PC only.

This is quite like duplicating your smartphone on your PC and that too quite effectively. However, you cannot use MySMS for transferring files and media and for this you would have to use some other app/tool. This service can be used as mobile app, web app and as browser extensions too.

MySMS is by far the best tool to sync all your messages and contacts with your PC and of course the MySMS cloud service is always there for you to handle texting from PC only. If you are more sort of a communication handling person then this Pushbullet alternative must be on top of your tools’ list.

6. Pushline

Website: https://jesty.github.io/pushline/

Pushline is primarily act as Chrome extension but this notification and sync service also available in form of a free application for android users. This one is a leading Pushbullet alternative which is smart enough to establish a wireless connection between your android smartphone and PC or Mac.

You do not require any additional set-up for this service and thanks to its push notification service, there is no way you can miss a phone call or messages while using it.

Interestingly, you are not supposed to go through that annoying registration process too. With the help of instant mirroring, a copy of your phone’s system will be active on your PC through which you can operate your phone even from a distance.

You can even send SMS and reply to the earlier ones from your number while operating through your system. The service is available for free to use with no involvement of any subscription plan plus you won’t be facing any annoying ads on the interface. Pushline is a very lightweight service and won’t affect the speed of your work flow or system too.

7. KDE Connect

Website: https://github.com/KDE/kdeconnect-kde

In order to maintain a faster and accurate work flow, you need to work smart and not hard. This is why you need these alternatives to Pushbullet for your rescue. Keeping with all your devices at the same time can be very time consuming but KDE Connect can sort out this problem for you.

Actually, when you are connecting your android device and PC through KDE Connect, the things work from both the sides.

This means you can use your phone screen as computer’s touchpad and can also access all the notifications of your phone from your computer only. Isn’t it the most convenient thing ever? Apart from PC, KDE Connect can be used for Linux systems too.

Other uses of this Pushbullet alternative are multimedia remote control, end to end encryption, file and URLs sharing, connection through Wi-Fi, simple installation, multiple platform support and much more. Moreover, KDE Connect is a completely free service for your PC and android connectivity which is super productive and also improves your functionality too.

8. Join by Joaoapps

Website: https://joaoapps.com/join/

My next pick as Pushbullet alternative is Join by Joaoapps. Well, the service is pretty much like the rest of the tools mentioned available here and also available in form of various apps, extensions and tools too. Well, there are users who even tag it as the best service after Pushbullet.

However, the catch here is that Join is not free to use and you would have to purchase this service for $4.99 as one-time fee for which you also get 30 days of trial period.

Join is helpful for both notification service as well as file transferring too. You will need to connect your Google account with this service in order to take actions on the notifications and reply to the text messages. Moreover, this sync service is actually quite effective and can be operated even from a distance.

Other services offered by Join are Google Assistant, clipboard sharing, remote writing, wallpaper changing, find your android location, end to end encryption and much more.

9. Pushover

Website: https://pushover.net/

There are apps whose main focus is on push notification services and Pushover turn out to be one such Pushbullet alternative here. This one is available as Android and iOS app and desktop app too because the connectivity provided is not just between android and PC but between multiple devices too.

Well, actually Pushover provides push notification service from not only your phone but also from various websites and other platforms too.

However, you can use it for free for only 7 days after which you can buy this app for $4.99 as one time fee. Talking about the file transfer service then it is not available on Pushover as this one is a simple push notification service only.

Interestingly, you can use Pushover for even android watches too and it also works as an excellent task event plugin too.

10. Send Anywhere

Website: https://send-anywhere.com/

If your primary focus is on file transferring and not on push notifications service then you should better try the services of this Pushbullet alternative called Send Anywhere. This tool can be used in form of its web app, mobile app and browser extension too.

The connection between Android device and PC is established with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity after which you do not require cable for transferring files.

Apart from the free service, Send Anywhere can also be upgraded to Plus version which is going to cost you $5.99 per month. To add an additional layer of privacy and security, Send Anywhere utilizes the concept of OTP which further encrypts the file.

Apart from these applications, other features of Send Anywhere are link sharing via social media apps, large file sharing, reinforced file encryption etc. However, as Send Anywhere does not create mirroring of your phone, you cannot enable the service of notifications here.


It can be kind of tricky to pick a specific tool out of all the Pushbullet alternatives mentioned above. In fact, if you are already using some service then the transition can be a big phase too. However, I am pretty sure you are going to like some of the advanced options though.

After all the comparison, it ultimately depends upon your requirements that whether you want this alternative for notifications syncing or just for file transfer without any cable. Anyway, I picked only those types of services which are capable of providing both the services efficiently.