8 Best Punjabi Songs Download Sites

If you are looking for the best Punjabi song download sites, then you have landed on the right page.

In today’s article, we are going to share a list of the best Punjabi songs download websites. Some of the sites mentioned below are dedicated to offering copyright-free music, while others offer pirated songs.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

The 8 Best Punjabi Songs Download Sites in 2021

1. DJ Punjab

Website: https://www.djpunjab.fm/

DJ Punjab is probably one of the most reliable, oldest, and trusted platforms to download all types of Punjabi music. Therefore, it ranked in number one position in my list of best Punjabi songs download websites.

How old DJ Punjab is, is still a question. However, I remember that when I was a kid, I used to go to DJ Punjab to download songs of Bohemia, Babbu Maan, and other old Punjabi legends. So, as a rough estimation, I can say that DJ Punjab is more than a decade-old website.

Talking about the music collection, DJ Punjab houses a library of millions of songs. This catalog features songs distributed by labels, singles, and even songs from underground artists. So, overall, in terms of music collection, it is hard to find any better alternative to DJ Punjab.

Along with audio songs, you can also download Punjabi videos from this website. Additionally, you can find the list of top 20 trending songs of the week and month. So, in case if you are a music explorer, then also, DJ Punjab can be a good companion for you.

The UI of the site is very simple. It looks dated, to be honest, but it is mainly designed for mobile devices. Therefore, you will rarely find any issue while using the website. Also, the load time is super-fast.

The best thing about the website is that it allows you to play songs before downloading them so that you can ensure that you’re downloading the right song. The overall user base of the website is also very huge.

The only major drawback is that the website is ad-supported and hosts pirated content. The advertisements are mainly pop-up ads, and that sometimes get annoying. However, you can use a good ad-blocker to get rid of those advertisements.

2. DJ Baap

Website: https://djbaap.net/

DJ Punjab is comparatively a new website for downloading Punjabi songs online. However, this website has generated a good amount of loyal fan base within a very small period. Alos, it receives millions of visitors every month.

Although the website primarily focuses on Punjabi songs and albums, you can find a decent collection of Bollywood and Hindi songs here. The website especially collects the latest released songs and albums, but there is also a decent collection of old songs.

The best thing about the website is that it allows users to download songs in multiple audio bitrates. Most commonly, you can find every song in 128 KBPS and 320 KBPS. Plus, you can also listen to songs preview before downloading them.

The user interface of the website is very simple and beautifully designed. The website is very responsive and easy to use. The website has multiple categories, such as recently released, latest Punjabi songs, latest Hindi songs, and full Punjabi albums.

There is also a section that features top Punjabi and Bollywood singers lists. You can find the list of trending and famous singers, and by clicking on them, you will be taken to their songs page. So, whether you are a Punjabi music lover or a Bollywood listener, this website can be a great companion for you.

The best thing about the website is that there are no pop-up advertisements. You might encounter some ads, but they are easily bearable and don’t ruin the overall experience of using the website.

3. Mr. Jatt

Website: https://www.mr-jatt.in/

Similar to DJ Punjab, Mr. Jatt is another Punjabi music downloads website that has been functioning for over a decade now. It is one of the oldest and most reliable sites to download new Punjabi songs for free.

Mr. Jatt features a tremendous collection of both old and new Punjabi songs. There is also a good collection of Hindi, Haryanvi, and dharmik songs, making it an excellent choice for all types of music lovers. The good thing is that the website features songs in multiple bitrates.

Further, the website features a top 100 singer list where you can find all trending Punjabi artists of the time based on monthly, weekly, and daily searches. Plus, you can also find songs based on your moods. So, overall, if you want to explore Punjabi music, Mr. Jatt can be a good option for you.

The user interface of the website is very similar to DJ Punjab. It appears a bit dated on the PC but looks perfectly fine on mobile devices. Even the website is highly responsive for mobile devices.

If you want to explore popular music, you can visit the top 20 sections of the website. This section consists of the top 20 list in multiple sections such as top 20 Punjabi singles, top 20 Punjabi songs, Bollywood top 20, and more.

The major drawback of the website is advertisements. The website is flooded with different types of ads that ruin the overall experience of using the website – pop-up ads are the worst of them.

4. Pagalworld

Website: https://www.pagalworld.pw/

If you are a music lover, then it is highly impossible that you would not have heard about Pagalworld. After all, it is one of the most popular websites for downloading all types of the latest Bollywood, Punjabi, and Indipop music and songs.

Due to offering pirated content, multiple domains of the Pagalworld website had been seized throughout these years. But the developers behind the website stood tall and came back every time with a new domain.

This is the main reason people find it hard to identify the original Pagalworld website and always end up visiting fake replicas. But the good thing is, we will be regularly updating this article with the latest working links of the website. So, I would suggest keeping this page bookmarked.

The music collection Pagalworld website boasts are gigantic. It houses a great collection of Bollywood Latest, Classics, Ghazals, Hindi, Indipop, and Punjabi music. You can also find popular trending MP3 songs, videos, and ringtones on the website.

The website features a very clean and easy-to-use user interface. It looks futuristic, especially if we compare it with other old websites such as DJ Punjab or Mr. Jatt. This is the reason Pagalworld has always been a favorite website to download music.

Here you can download songs in two different audio qualities – 190 KBPS and 320 KBPS. Along with that, you can preview songs before downloading, and you can also get the lyrics of the song. So, overall, Pagalworld has understood the needs of its users and adapted changes accordingly.

Talking about the drawbacks, the drawbacks are similar to what you find on other Punjabi songs free downloading websites. The platform is ad-supported, and sometimes, you may encounter pop-up ads. However, mostly you will see banner ads, so that is not a big deal.

5. DJMaza

Website: https://djmaza.pro/

Link for Punjabi songs – https://djmaza.pro/filelist/233/latest-punjabi-mp3-songs/new2old/1

If you are a 90s kid, you must have heard about this website a lot during your childhood. After all, it was the second most popular website of that time for downloading songs, videos, and ringtones after SongsPK.

The major reason DJMaza is so popular is because of its massive database of music that could easily feed the hunger of any music lover. Here you can find and download music from multiple languages that include English, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, and others.

DJMaza also boasts a decent collection of Indian Pop songs, DJ Remix MP3 songs, ringtones, and special MP3 songs. The website also has a good collection of high-quality music videos, WhatsApp status videos, and other types of funny videos on the platform.

The user interface is very clean and simple. If you have used DJMaza before, then you will realize that the UI hasn’t changed much in recent years. It is very fast and responsive. Thus, I don’t have any complaints from the appearance standpoint of the website.

However, the biggest issue with the DJMaza website is that it doesn’t have proper categories. Everything on the website is scattered and unsettled, and if you want to find music or videos from any specific category, it becomes very tough.

Therefore, if you are visiting DJMaza exclusively for Punjabi songs, I recommend visiting the second link. That link only contains Punjabi songs. However, if you have any song in your head that you want to download, you can use the search function to find that.

Lastly, let’s talk about the advertisements, so yeah, the website does feature some advertisements. The banner ads on the website are bearable, but the thing that completely pissed me off is adware. Like once in a while, you would encounter that APK files are started downloading without your permission.

It is a major deal-breaker for me. However, considering that DJMaza has one of the biggest music databases, I recommend using it only when you cannot find a specific song elsewhere.

6. SongsPK

Website: https://www.songspk2.info

Another familiar name when it comes to music downloading websites. However, before proceeding further, let me clarify that this website is not officially managed by the team of OG SongsPK. The original SongsPK website has ended its journey officially.

This website is just a replica of the official SongsPK website. But its massive database, especially the Bhangra collection, actually impressed me a lot, and that is the sole reason I mentioned this website on our list.

The website has a massive collection of audio songs that are beautifully categorized into multiple categories. For example, you can filter out the collection list directly by selecting the category of the music.

Some of the most famous music categories of the website are Bollywood, Bhangra, Pakistani, Ghazals, Pop & Remix, Singles, and Compilations. Other than that, you can also filter the list by Artists, Music Genres, and other things. There is also a section named revival where you can find old evergreen songs.

The website also has a decent collection of video songs. However, the biggest drawback of this SongsPK replica is that it doesn’t get updated very frequently. That means you will have a hard time finding the latest released songs and music albums on this website.

Another issue with this SongsPK replica is that it is flooded with pop-up advertisements. Almost after every second click, you will see a pop-up appearing on your screen, and sometimes, these ads may lead you to some of the most notorious websites.

Overall, I recommend this website if you are an old music lover looking for sites to download free Punjabi songs. But I would suggest using an ad-blocker before visiting the website to avoid pop-up ads. However, it is not a new Punjabi songs downloading site because it doesn’t update its collection frequently.

7. YouTube Music

Website: https://music.youtube.com/

YouTube Music recently took over Google Play Music’s place in the music streaming industry. This Google-owned music streaming service offers freemium access to all the music lovers out there. That means, if you are looking for Punjabi songs free downloads sites, it will not be a website for you.

But if you are willing to pay for the service, YouTube Music will be the best choice for Punjabi music downloads. That is because of its massive database, and the premium membership would offer you uninterrupted access to the platform.

Hands down, YouTube Music has the biggest library of music. It takes all the music content from YouTube’s library. Therefore, whether you want official tracks by labels and single artists to unofficial covers by individual creators, YouTube Music will have everything.

Plus, if you connect with your YouTube account, it will fetch all the music artists you have subscribed to on YouTube, and you will get personalized recommendations as per your music taste.

That said, there is no official way to download songs in MP3 songs in YouTube Music. You can only make them offline with a premium subscription, but you cannot share those songs with anybody else. Plus, you will need to install the YouTube Music app on your device.

Nevertheless, there are some unofficial methods to download songs from YouTube Music. But for that, you have to visit third-party websites such as YT1s.com or SaveFrom.net.

So, overall, YouTube Music is undoubtedly one of the best sites to download new Punjabi songs. However, if you are looking for sites to download free Punjabi songs, in that case, you have to put some extra effort into visiting the third-party websites mentioned above to download Punjabi music.

8. Wynk Music

Website: https://wynk.in/music

Wynk Music is another freemium music streaming service on our list. But sadly, unlike YouTube Music, there is no free way to download music from this website. Therefore, if you want a free Punjabi music download website, it will not be the right choice.

However, at just INR 399 annually, I don’t think Wynk Music is a costly service at all. It is a very budget-friendly music streaming platform that is perfectly designed for music listeners. So, if you are willing to pay, it has a lot to offer.

Plus, if you are an Airtel user, you will get free unlimited access to the Wynk Music library, and you can even make songs offline. However, you still have to deal with advertisements, but that should not be a big concern.

Wynk Music catalog contains millions of songs and free Internet Radio. Plus, Wynk Music primarily targets Indian audiences, which means you can find a good collection of Indian regional songs, mainly Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu languages.

Do note that you have to install the Wynk Music app on your smartphone to make songs offline. There is no way to download Punjabi songs on PC or other devices. So, that is the biggest con of using Wynk Music for music downloading.

However, the good thing about the Wynk Music website or app is that there are no visible advertisements. You will only hear audio ads, and that too with the free plan. If you are an Airtel user, then I would suggest you make songs offline and then disconnect the internet to avoid audio ads.

Closing Comments

There you have a list of the 8 best Punjabi songs download sites.

I hope you find the article helpful. If you ask me, then I would suggest DJ Punjab and Mr. Jatt for all old and new Punjabi songs. SongsPK can be an excellent choice for songs that are not available anywhere else and remixes, but the website is flooded with pop-up ads and adware.