4K YouTube to MP3 Review: Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform out there, with over 5Billion videos being watched every single day; a huge fraction of which is just song-videos. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just download those songs (without the video) instead of having to stream them everytime? This 4K YouTube to MP3 review aims to help with exactly that.

Now the first reason I can think of why I’d want to downloads songs off Youtube is that you can’t “minimise” with Youtube on Mobile devices, so if you’ve got Youtube running you can’t get other things done.

Then, Streaming consumes bandwidth, each time you stream a song you’re using bandwidth for the same thing over and over again, not only on Youtube but on any other similar platform.

And finally, when it’s a video-song the video isn’t always what you want or need, sometimes it’s just the song you’re trying to listen to but you can’t just “not stream the video” and that consumes a lot more data and bandwidth than the song would.

You can’t even transfer files (because you don’t have them) to and fro your devices, so you have to stream it separately on all the different devices.

It’s not just about Youtube, the tool being reviewed here lets us download music from almost all the sites which have video content on them, despite there being no official download option or feature. That’s where this 4K YouTube to MP3 review comes to the rescue.

What is 4K YouTube to MP3?

4K Youtube to MP3 as the name hints is a tool which lets users download “audio” from online streaming and video-sharing platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud and many others.

In other words it extracts the audio, excluding the Video from the content so users can enjoy the Music without having to put up with the Video which may not always be wanted.

4K Youtube to MP3 Overview

Here’s a glimpse of what the tool offers, before we move onto a more detailed 4K Youtube to MP3 Review:

Let’s get on with this 4K Youtube to MP3 review then?

3-Click Installation Process

4K Youtube to Mp3 is an additional, third-party tool for your computers which needs to be installed on your systems before it can be used.

I downloaded the Windows version which was only 23.4Mb, lightweight for starters.

Clicking on the “4kyoutubetomp3_3.6.1.msi” initiates the Setup. Simply click Next on the first screen.

4K Youtube to MP3 Setup Wizard

The next screen would bring up the Terms and Conditions for the application, click on the “I accept” tickbox once you’ve read the agreement and agree to it.

4K Youtube to MP3 End User License Agreement

Finally just specify the location where you want the program to be installed, or just leave it as it is which would install it to your C drive (the system drive) in most cases.

4K Youtube to MP3 Location

The installation process took exactly 34.02seconds (I timed it). It may be slightly faster or slower depending on your system specs.

Point is, the installation process is a 3-click process which takes less than 1 minute in total, acceptable.

4K Youtube to MP3 User Interface

Post-installation, the second most important aspect I think for an app/tool is to be “usable”; easy to understand and navigate around.

Well this is what the welcome-screen looks like for the tool when it’s first launched-

4K Youtube to MP3 User Interface

It looks pretty easy to understand, doesn’t it? Although I do believe their “Paste link” button should be renamed to “Copy Link”.

Simply because if it’s your first time using the tool, you’d click on Paste Link and it would bring up a message asking you to first “copy a link” from the video you want to download.

Hence if it was changed to “Copy Link” it probably would give off a better sense of its purpose.

Anyway apart from the Paste Link button, there are other options such as “File”, “Downloads” “Tools” and “Help”.

Or you can use the big buttons on the right-side of the tab to either Activate your product, get to the Preference page or the Help page.

Bottomline, this page doesn’t need rocket-science to be understood.

How to Download Music from Videos using 4K Youtube to MP3?

The interface is simple, granted. But is the download process in sync with the simplicity and ease that the interface provides?

In my personal opinion I don’t think the process could be any simpler. Infact, it’s a 2-click process in its entirety!

First, go to the exact video you wish to download the “audio” of. In the example here I’m using Youtube:

Download Music from Videos

Then I come back to the tool, and simply click on “Paste Link” button.  Done! As soon as you click on that button, the download starts.

Downloading file

As you can see the download-interface displays the time-remaining for the download as well as the download-speed. It also has a “pause-resume” capability so you can download videos even at a later time, or at various intervals without having to download them all in one go.

Once files are downloaded, users can click on the “Show in Folder” button on the file-name to get to the folder on your system where the files have been downloaded to, then you can move, rename, delete or do anything else you’d like with the file.

Downloaded file

Which Sites are Supported [With Proof]

Now the tool claims being able to download off a number of other sites, so to test the claims I initiated a download via Vimeo, Flickr as well Daily Motion and as you can see the downloads “did” start.

Supported Music Sites

I believe in utmost transparency, so you can verify that the files being downloaded above are actually from the said sources (numbers correspond to sources)

  1. Youtube video link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d9G0VHzuPU
  2. Vimeo Video: https://vimeo.com/319213945
  3. Flickr Video: Link
  4. Daily Motion: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x76qtax?playlist=x6c56b

So  for the purposes of this 4K Youtube to MP3 review, I conclude that the tool indeed is capable of downloading videos off just about any (or most) sites which have video content on them as long as the video-page URL can be copied and is available.

In-App Music Player

This may not be a major “Wow” feature, but I noticed the app also lets us play the music files downloaded inside the player right on the download page!

Once the download is complete users can simply click on the “Play” button to play the downloaded content.

In App Music Player

The player however lacks a “volume control” option but that’s acceptable considering how I didn’t expect a player to be there in the first place.

Multiple Downloads / Playlist Download

Unlike some other downloaders out there, which only let users download one-file at a time, 4K Youtube to Mp3 lets us download multiple files simultaneously.

As the screenshots above depict clearly, I had over 4 downloads running at the same time which in no way cause any system lag, speed-lag or any other such issue.

The tool is also capable of downloading Entire Playlists from Youtube and other sources! So you don’t have to manually initiate download for each file, rather  simply go to the Playlist URL, copy it, and initiate a download.

The app may display a message asking if you’d like to download just one video, or the entire playlist, click on “Download All”.

Playlist Download

And here’s what should happen next:

downloading playlist

Users have the option to let the app auto-create separate folders for playlist and channel-downloads, meaning these will be grouped together and saved to a separate folder rather than being mixed with your other, individual downloads.

Note that while normally the app functions smoothly and without problems, when playlists are downloaded and they have a larger number of songs, the app may start freezing or being laggy (although it too depends on your system specs).

Import/Export Download Links

There may be a million (okay, being practical, around 10 or so) reasons why you’d wish to Export or Import your download links.

As far as Exporting goes, the most common reason I can think of is having a database of which songs I have, or haven’t downloaded yet.

The tool lets users Export all the links any content has ever been downloaded from, they’re saved in a .csv format and can be accessed with most document processors.

While Importing has a more practical use, for e.g. you may first create a list of hundreds or thousands of songs you’d wish to extract from videos, and instead of initiating the download for each separately, simply import the list which would download from all the links automatically.

Users can either go to “Files” on the top-bar to access either of these links, or the tool seems shortcut-friendly and you can simply use “ctrl+shift+o” for Importing or “ctrl+shift+s” for Exporting links.

Choose/ Change Download Formats and Quality

No constitution says all the downloaded content must be in “MP3” format, the tool lets you choose from three different formats, which are:

  • MP3
  • M4A
  • As well as OGG

Download Formats

Simply go to “Edit > Preferences” and you can change the format from the list there.

The same holds for “quality” as well. Maybe you’re low on bandwidth, have a slower connection or are just happy with a slightly lower audio quality.

Users can choose from:

  • Original
  • High : 320Kbps
  • Medium: 256Kbps
  • And Low formats: 128Kbps.

Note that without changes, the default download quality is “Original” which results in files having exactly the same quality of audio as in the video without degrading/changing it in any way.

Control Download Speed

Even if you’ve an extremely fast internet connection, you may not want the app to eat up all of it for various reasons. That’s when the app’s speed—control feature comes in handy.

It lets you limit the maximum speed the tool can achieve for downloads, users can choose from a maximum of 50Mbps to a minimum of 100Kbps!

It can be set from “Preferences > Connection”, once set the tool will never exceed the set limit for ongoing downloads.

Bypass Regional Restrictions

Govt. /ISPs do block certain content and/or websites at times in your region or specifically for your IP address.

The tool has a workaround for that as well and lets you download content even from banned websites/sources.

Simply go to “Preference > Connection > Proxy”. Enable the Proxy and then you can set your own Socks, or HTTP/HTTPS proxy which would bypass the regional restrictions and let you download the content with ease.

Bypass Regional Restrictions

How much Does it Cost?

One of the most important aspects of this 4K Youtube to Mp3 review is its pricing, isn’t it?

It sure is one of the most feature-rich tools of this kind that we’ve ever crossed paths with, that does impart the idea of the tool being “expensive”.

Fortunately, that’s the wrong idea.

The tool is essentially “free”. I was able to access almost all the features that the tool offers without having to register or purchase.

Purchasing however does unlock some more features such as Unlimited Downloads from Youtube, Vevo, Channels, Playlists etc. It costs USD $9.99 one-time, for 3 PCs if you do wish to purchase.

4K Youtube to MP3 Price

Payment can be made using a number of methods, including:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Amazon
  • Or even Wire-transfers!

Final Words on 4K Youtube to MP3 Review

So that’s a wrap as far as this 4K Youtube to MP3 review goes folks. The one question you may still have is- “Is using 4K Youtube to MP3 legal”?

Well it depends on the individual/companies who own the rights to the songs you download, as well as on how you use it.

For e.g. as long as you use it for your personal use there shouldn’t be any issues, but if and when they’re used for commercial or Public purposes, you may need to get permission to do so from the original copyright owners of the music/audio files.

Anyway, the tool seems easy to use, offers impressive features, is largely free, and even lets users directly transfer music to iTunes!

That’s a lot of features that not a lot of tools out there are capable of offering, so far I’m impressed. But that’s just my opinion, do let me know what you think of this 4K Youtube to Mp3 review as well as the tool in general.