Challenges to Do With Friends at Home

Here is an ultimate list of challenges to do with friends at home or anywhere else.

If you want to do some fun with your friends and looking for crazy and fun challenges ideas, then you will love below collection.

Here we go.

107 Challenges to Do with Friends in 2019

1). Cross the kitchen without touching the ground.

2). Drink water until I tell you to stop.

3). Walk through the house without using your legs (crawling).

4). Go to the roof of the house.

5). Fill the tub with ice and cold water and get into it.

6). Walk naked through the house. 

7). Shout and sing in the loudest voice that you can manage.

9). Go to an ice cream parlor and ask: Do you have ice cream?

10). Phone a random number and say, “Run! I have the money!”

11). Do a sensuous pole dance in front of your grandparents.

12). Roam around in underwear all day.

13). Draw the first person you see without looking at him/her.

14). Do 15 laps in the pool without a break.

One of the best challenges to do with friends. To find more challenges to do with friends, read on!

15). In this funny challenge, you have to move to the square of your town or city and start dancing in front of the crowd.

16).Fun Challenges to do with friends of the Telephone

In this funny challenge, you have to use your cell phone. You’ll have to dial a number on the keypad and call. Once it is answered, you have to say, “Hi, I’m Mickey Mouse!” and hang up!

17). Challenges to do with friends of Water

The challenge is to take part in a competition with friends. This competition is very easy in which whoever drinks the more water, wins.

18). The Chilly Challenges to do with friends

The challenge is to eat 5 hot red chilies in 20 seconds.

10). Tell a joke.

20). Recite a poem and dedicate it to someone.

21). Repeat a tongue twister thrice.

22). Answer three riddles that are made by other players.

23). Make out with an inexperienced man/woman.

24). A man has to braid a woman’s long hair.

25). Interpret the meaning of a song that is in another language that you don’t know.

26). Kiss or be kissed by someone of the choice of the person who is setting the challenge.

27). Shout phrases that are written on a piece of paper by someone else. The idea is that others will say phrases that will give them difficulty because the sentences will be embarrassing and vulgar. The more embarrassing and awkward the phrases, the better.

28). Dress up as something.

29). To say 20 words beginning with a letter that the player on the right tells you. It has a time limit. If you cheat and invent nonexistent words, you have to start all over again with a new letter.

30). Evidence of word association: A player says a word and then you have to say 10 words related to that word with a time limit of 30 seconds.

31). Stand still as a statue: You must do this for 2 minutes. If you move, start the count time again. The other players will try to make you move, sneeze, laugh and shudder without touching you. There are many ways to annoy the player: tell jokes, laugh out loud, make funny comments, make faces etc.

32). To eat something without using your hands, only your mouth. For example, put your head in a wide dish and take food with your mouth. Like cake, fruit, pasta, rice, slurp soup etc.

33). Do some exercise 10 times: It can be push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.

Variation: You can make a small bet or a competition between those who consider that they are the best in physical exercises.

34). Dance to a song that others choose.

35). Tell bad jokes or funny things until at least three people laugh. You can bet to see who has the worst joke or who laughs more.

36). Hidden Secret: Tell a story or a secret that nobody knows about you. It is a challenge especially for an adult person.

37). Say a strange speech: In that speech manifests the importance of strange or ridiculous things: invest in gray stones, chewing the food 200 times, buying green shoes, and men wearing skirts or similar things that come to mind.

38). Explain in detail how an unpleasant recipe is prepared: Ex. soup swamp, stone soup, cream of worms, or whatever comes to mind. You can also say that it is necessary to prepare the recipe or try it.

39). Dance with a broom or a mop to the song that others choose, until it is finished. To add to the level of difficulty, you can also make the person sing with the song.

Alternative: take the broom and use it as a microphone to sing a song of spite or a popular song.

40). Serenade a woman (or a man) older (or more).

One of bet Challenges to Do with Your Best Friend.

41). Speak for 2 minutes about an animal. You must do this without stopping or repeating ideas about an animal. Ex. elephants, worms, crocodiles, mice, cockroaches, pigs (the more unknown the animal, the better). You can talk about the importance, how useful they are to the creation or of nature.

42). Explain how bread is made without speaking, just with mimes and gestures.

43). Make imitations of animals, including noise, using the whole body. Others must guess what animal it is: horse, monkey or ape, donkey etc.

44). Take 20 turns or twists with outstretched hands.

45). Stand on all fours (4 feet) for 2 minutes and imitate a dog or a cat: its characteristic noise, the way they eat, urinate, play, etc. The others can throw a ball, a stick, a bone: requiring you to make a trick, call you with pet names or laugh a little at you.

46). Flatter someone: Choose someone random from the party and flatter that someone. Remember that it has to be a stranger.

47). Reply to complicated questions without saying yes or no. The success of this challenge depends on the creativity of the players to make their questions and the creativity in the answers too.

48). Burst balloons by sitting on them or tightening them between the stomach and the wall.

Description: Bet regarding who bursts more balloons in 10 seconds.

Or conversely: Who bursts more inflated balloons in one minute. We must have a prize for the winner.

49). Say a political speech launching your campaign for mayor. Talk for at least two minutes about why you’re so good a candidate. In your proposals, you will list ridiculous and impossible ideas about new ideas and projects. Others may ask you questions also, equally ridiculous and cause much laughter. It can also be a competition for the best candidates, which involve several players.

50). Perform a balancing test carrying something on the established route: a book on the head, running with a glass full of water, holding a broom in the palm of an open hand.

51). Stand on the toes of one foot and hold, while others count from 1-10. You can balance with your hands.

52). Start jumping with one foot for 10 meters. If at some point you put down the other foot, you lose and have to start all over again. Among others, to annoy and inconvenience the player, you can make bets and comments like: “I bet you will fall in the fifth jump”, and so on.

53). Jump around the room with your hands on the head or touching your nose, ankles, knees etc.

54). Imitate a famous singer, in the best way you possibly can. Others may join you in the chorus. You can make a competition between the imitators. This challenge can be performed in school celebrations, festivals and birthday parties.

55). Do the following: hold your nose with your right hand while grasping the right ear with your left hand. Then change: the left ear with your right hand and the nose with your left hand. You must exchange hands at least 10 times without error.

56). Pick your partner as if you’re on a honeymoon to take her to bed. If you drop her, start again.

57). Take out fleas from someone’s hair. This includes pinches, hair pulling, slapping, etc.

58). Move forward in a complicated way. Bend. Cross your hands on your knees. Cross your right knee with your left hand, crouch forward and move 10 steps. If you fall, it restarts.

59). Put on socks on your hands and do a little puppet show with dialogues that lasts for at least 2 minutes. If you don’t own a pair of socks, you can borrow from someone else.

60). Draw a cartoon of someone at the party. You can write a comic text.

61). Drink the contents of a bottle of soda or beer in a single stretch. You can limit the time to 20 seconds. You can change for some food, like a sandwich.

Variation: Make a competition or contest with bets including, who is the fastest drinker or eater in the party.

62). Drink a glass of liquor or any beverage with a small spoon, in a limited time of 10 seconds.

63). Take turns, rolls or “cinnamon back,” on the ground, to leave a room.

64). Crawl like a baby and walk around the room or hall. Otherwise you can prepare a bottle, to be drunk like a baby.

65). Make a show of ballet with a musical background for 1 minute.

66). Inflate a balloon or a pump until it explodes (others will cast a little water or flour into it).

67). Make a martial arts demonstration for a minute.

68). Name at least 10 objects that are in the room, blindfolded.

If you are looking some other popular challenges to do with friends then bellow I am also showing some interesting challenges to do with friends, which you can try with your friends and can enjoy your life some funny moments and can enjoy given challenges to do with friends.

One of Extra Popular Challenges to do with friends.

69). Speak and/or write at least 10 words in English and its meaning. If you do not know, you can get help from someone and repeat the words, but who helps you will not tell you the pronunciation. (it is very funny if you write long and difficult words).

70). Name 20 countries and their capital cities.

71). Say 10 names and surnames starting with the letter that is told to you.

72). The men have to dress as women and the women have to dress as men.

73). Sit in the lap of a stranger for 3 minutes.

74). Construct a strange accessory, such as a necklace of socks or sandals, a crown of branches, grass and leaves.

75). Decorative drawing facial. A child or someone inexperienced will draw a butterfly, a heart, or any other figure on your face. You must keep that picture on until the end of the game.

76). Invent a one liner for each of the ladies or men in a party and pay them a compliment.

77). Imitate or represent a saying. The organizer or party entertainer tells a phrase or saying. Who is doing the challenge has to do an imitation with mimes and gestures without speaking, until the others guess what it is.

78). Try to lick your elbow or a toe, while reciting the alphabets.

79). Letter prohibited. Say the name of the partygoers, but without using the first letter of their name. If you say a name incorrectly, start all over again.

80). Say 5 words ending in: UTA, ULO.

81). Give a big hug in a circle. You must embrace and grab hold, all the attendees or players until everyone is tied or glued together with you. You have to stay that way without being loose for 5 minutes. You can take the help of some rope, sheet, etc.

82). Smell the feet of everyone in the room and sort them from best to worst. Therefore all must remove their shoes.

Another one of Cool Challenges to do with friends at home.

83). Try to stand on your head.

84). Get on your knees and try to move around the room.

85). Stretch both arms. In each hold a chair for a minute.

86). Start laughing without a reason until at least one other person joins you.

87). Do complicated jumps. Take a walk with one leg in the air and jump around the room.

88). Lie down on 3 chairs that are placed next to each other with the head on the first chair and the legs on the third. Then, remove the chair in the middle and the person must stay like that for at least 30 seconds without dropping. If you fall down, you’ll have to start all over again.

89). Answer all questions affirmatively that the other players ask you. The idea is that others will ask you embarrassing and difficult questions. You can answer: sometimes, of course, of course, I’ve thought, etc.

90). Answer questions with unexpected details: must provide details about how to do something that others will ask. For example, “How do you take off fleas or head lice?” or “How do you feel when you pick up trash” or “Explain how do you prepare a hamburger banana?” The greater creativity in developing the questions, the better.

91). With one hand, scratch your head and with the other, rub your stomach while singing a familiar song at a fast pace, without mistakes.

92). Blindfolded, you must kiss on the cheek of three people and identify at least two. It can be identified by the smell, texture of the skin, etc.

93). Devise or design a wig with things you find on the site of the game or on the outside: it can be branches, leaves, wool, cords, moss, etc. It is left in place until the end of the game. A fitting challenge for birthday parties, celebrations and school festivals.

if you are here, I think you also looking another challenges to do with friends for your friends then bellow given another challenges will proving helpful for you, let’s enjoy best challenges to do with friends

One of best Crazy Challenges to do with friends.

94). Take a cushion, pillow or any other object and kiss it passionately, saying romantic things for at least 15 seconds.

95). Shout as loudly as you can for 10 seconds.

96). Jump 10 times without error. If you lose, repeat until you do.

97). Lie down on the floor and perform a series of 10 crunches. You can use a mat.

98). A memory of your childhood: Make an effort and recall a story that you had as a little boy/girl while you were growing up and tell about it to everyone present.

99). A professional liar: Tell a lie or gossip invented by you on the spot at least for one minute (it may be of some heroic act that you wanted to do but never dared or an extraordinary event that supposedly you witnessed).

100). Make a sermon as a priest for at least 3 minutes.

101). Political Culture: Say the name of at least 5 presidents that your country has had.

102). Sing a song with a mandatory word. Sing one song that has the word that the player tells you to add. You can use a lot of creativity in this one, inventing new songs.

103). Transfer the contents of a glass of water to another vessel, using a small spoon. Place the vessels on different tables, one next to the other. You have 30 seconds to do so.

104). Jump: Locate a rope at a distance of about 30 cm above the ground. The challenger should jump 10 times on his her feet.

105). Take a large towel or a sheet and fill it with clothes or fabrics to build a heavy pack. The chosen person must carry that package as far as directed.

106). Laughs contained: Take an object such as a ball. You should do the following at least three times: Throw the ball in the air and start laughing very loudly. When the ball back into your hands, stop laughing. Then throw it again and start laughing and come back to the serious mode after catching it. If you are still laughing when the ball falls back into your hands, you lose and have to repeat as many times as is necessary until you are serious again.

107). Stand in a bucket filled with ice for as long as you can endure it.

As you’ve seen in this article, there are numerous fun challenges to do with friends at home that can show you and your friends a good time and through which, you and friends can have a fun time together. So, just go ahead and choose one of these cool challenges to do with friends for a fun time together!

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