Fun Games to Play Over Text Message With a Girl & Boy

Games to play over text: According to MSNBC (American news channel whose name is the combination of Microsoft and NBC), the average teenager sends 2,000 text messages per month. But teens are not the only ones who do this, and although many cell phones do not allow you to install games and other entertainment, you might want to try fun games to play over text with friends when you’re waiting for an appointment or are bored at home.

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games you can play over text

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Fun Games to Play Over Text with Guys & Girls

Here are the ultimate list of fun games, text message games, question games to play over text and games to play on whatsapp while texting and chating with girls, guys and friends. I am sure you will love playing these good games to play over text message. So why are you waiting? Play fun games over text with friends and enjoy.

1. Build a title

“It builds a degree” is a game played by 2 or more people with titles of movies, TV shows or books. For example, if the first such movie is “Iron Man”, the next person would have to say the name of a movie whose letter starts with “Man” or ends with “Iron”. This is one of those games to play over text that takes its course until someone cannot think of any title to the end or the beginning of the string. The person who can think of titles till the last title wins this fun texting game. Did you try this one of best games to play over text? It is my one of favorite games to play with friends over text.

2. Name Game

The name game works in a similar way to build a title, except that the players don’t have to really connect names in that manner. A person simply names a famous person like Tom Cruise. The next person has to think of someone famous whose name begins with the letter “e”,because it is the last letter of the name of Tom Cruise. The game can last long and ends when you cannot think of any new name of a famous person. The game ends quickly if one thinks of names ending with the letters “x”, “q” or “z”.This can also be done with band names or any other names. This is one of the most amazing games to play over text. What do you say about this fun text games?

3. Guess the object

If your cell phone has a camera, use it for a game of “guess the object” through text messages, which involves taking a picture of something very close and sending it to another person who has to guess what the object is. The more abstract the photo, the more challenging and fun the game becomes. This is one of those games to play over text that will keep you engrossed for a long time. it is one of best fun games to play with friends over text. You can use this type games to play on whatsapp.

4. Truth or dare

Playing truth or dare via text messages works in a similar way when playing it in person. In these games to play over text, send your friend “truth or dare questions“. Your friend will send one of the two options. If he selects “truth”, simply send a question and wait for a response. If he selects “challenge“, send the challenge and tell him/her to include a photo as evidence in the next text message.

      Ask questions and keep it happy and never demanding, as it can become frustrating through messages.       Remember that you may not be able to read them immediately if you are working or driving. Taunt him with fun games to play over text messages that do not have a time limit for an answer, as guessing games and fun challenges. Do you enjoy games like truth or dare to play over text ? Share your feedback, we will love to list more games like truth or dare to play over text. in our ultimate list of fun games to play through text. I prefer these type games to play with girlfriend over text.

5). Name Your Chat Mate

This game creates a friendly and fun loving zone for two strangers. Yeah, it is game for those persons who never talked with before to turn their boring or casual conversation into fun.

In this game, you will say one line to you friend and s/he will give you one name according to this. And next question always will start with the answer of girl/guy.

For example, you are talking with a girl. Then you can say “I kissed at your lips in my dream last night” and now her turn, she will gave you one name base on your line like Sexy, Amazing, Wonderful  Dreamer what she likes.

Your next question starts with answer word “Sexy, Amazing or Wonderful Dreamer”.

As you can say, Sexy, I never thought I will find such amazing girl.

Or Sexy, it was you how made me Horney in last night.

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