Challenges to Do With Friends at Home (Fun & Crazy)

Challenges to Do With Friends at Home: Feeling bored or are you not feeling the weekend’s vibe anymore? You must gear up then because you have got to do something now. The challenges to do with friends are the ultimate idea to kick off the boredom and invite some fun in life.

It is the time to get yourself off from your sofa and shut your play station off.  Instead of living in those virtual world fantasies, you should better get some strength gathers. Because we are all set to introduce some really great fun challenges to do with friends now. Be a sport and put on your shoes to reach the edge of the fun with all your friends.

Here are some amazing ideas for you to have some fun with the help of challenges. This is the ultimate list of all kind of challenges that you can sport with your friends or family members. Brace yourself because this is something what you call the real fun.

Challenges to Do With Friends

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Popular Challenges to Do With Friends

1). The Dizzy Challenge

The dizzy challenge is itself combined of two tasks in the same challenge.

Firstly the one who is performing the task would have to get ready to have some spins. The other one would continuously spin the performer on the spot. This spinning can also be done by some kind of machine too.

Then in the dizzy state, the person would have to attempt some task given by the other one. One, who will perform the task well, would be the winner.  This is one of the simple yet very interesting challenges to do at home.

2). The Internet Slang Challenge

It is made according to the modern day’s teenage people who use a lot of kind of slangs over the internet.

The idea to organize this challenge is very much simple. You would need a third person to keep a watch over the two of you playing.

The third person would ask you the full forms of different slangs. You would have to be prompt as well as correct to answer these slangs. The one who would give most correct answer would win such challenges to do with friends.

3). Gallon Milk Challenge

This is extremely courageous challenges to do with friends as you would have to consume a whooping gallon of milk to win this challenge. In a definite period of time say half an hour several people can compete at a time.

One who will drink the whole of the milk without even spiting it would win this challenge automatically. You would have to make sure that participant do not even puke it out otherwise they will be disqualified.

4). Beans and Chopstick Challenge

The requirements for such challenges to do with friends are two bowls, beans packets and chopsticks. In one bowl collect all the beans from the packet and let the other bowl be empty. Now there will be two participants at the same time.

In a definite period of time they would have to pick one bean at a time with chopsticks and put them in other bowl. One who will collect maximum number of beans will be the winner. This is one of the easiest challenges to do at home.

5). Popsicle Stick and Cup Tower Challenge

It is the time to take back your friendship to those times when you were kids. This would be real fun that you can have with your friends.

All you need for this challenge is two people who can compete at the same time. Apart from it you would need some plastic cups and Popsicle sticks. In a definite period of time, the person who will create the longest tower would win this challenge.

Such challenges to do with friends are totally fun and you would love them for sure.