20+ Most Useless Websites of All Times

Today, you are going to know about 20 most useless websites of all time.

If you are feeling bored and want to explore some interesting stuff on the web, then you are going to love this blog post.

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20+ Most Useless Websites of All Times

1). Is It Christmas?

Website Link: https://isitchristmas.com/
If you think you are the coolest and the smartest among your friends then trust me the guy who made this website is a total badass! This particular website would answer if you ask the question- ‘Is it Christmas?’ The only crazy part is that, when you know it’s not Christmas yet then obviously the answer would be a NO! A totally useless and senseless website, for people who are too dumb to waste their time on the internet!

2). Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue

Website Link: http://www.sometimesredsometimesblue.com/
The name of this website doesn’t give any hint about what content is available on the portal. But once you would visit the website your brain might freeze. This useless website simply has not content! The only thing that is visible is a red screen which changes to blue after certain point of time. This is the only action which happens on this useless website. You can recommend this website to your friends for making a fool out of them. But on a serious note- Never share its link as people might hurt you after realising the shit you shared!

3). Reichroll’d

Website Link: http://reichrolld.com/
When the internet was gaining its strength in the start that was the time when people came up with useless websites that turned up to become famous. This website was famous for its weirdest way to fool people in the phase of 2007-2008. I bet if you were using the internet that time then you also might have encountered this website to get Rickrolled! Watching Adolf Hitler miming to soul music is one rare sight which this website offered. The trend of Rickrolling people slowly grew as a dumb activity and gradually faded.

4). Am I Awesome?

Website Link: http://amiawesome.com/
Self-motivation is a good thing and the internet did teach many people a lesson with this useless website! So tell me, what do you think about yourself? Do you find yourself amazing? Fantastic? Or AWESOME! If you think you are awesome then this website would tell you the same thing. This uplifting message would flash on the screen whenever you visit this website. Trust me even though this portal is counted among the most useless websites but it can make the creepiest guy feel that he is awesome! Let’s get a reality check- if you are using this website to build your self-esteem then you are surely not awesome but a chicken!

5). Nooooooooooooooo!

Website Link:  http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/
There are several websites existing on the internet which would force you to ask the question- WHY?? For all the Star Wars fans out there this useless website might serve as a source to bring a slight laugh due to its lameness. Darth Vader’s famous scream ‘Nooooooooooooooo!’ can be played on this website. The creator of this stupid portal has also offered a button which the user can click to play the sound clip. If you are a fan of this space series and time is nothing but a waste for you then enjoy this website to the fullest!

6). What Colour is the Empire State Building?

Website Link: http://www.whatcoloristheempirestatebuilding.com/
The Empire State Building is one of the famous marvels of New York City. This iconic building stands tall in the New York skyline to portray a wonderful image. It was constructed in 1931 and in the year 1964 lights were installed at the top of the building to illuminate its surroundings. Since then these lights are used to emit different colours on mark holidays or other special events. Now the main focus of this website is to tell the colour of the Empire State Building on any given day. The reason that this portal is among the useless websites is due to its not so pleasing content.

7). OMG Laser Guns Pew Pew Pew

Website Link: http://www.omglasergunspewpewpew.com/
Epic craziness surrounds when the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The imaginative power is at its peak and the person can frame his own world where anything is possible. ‘Tripping’ is the slang for such an illusionary aura. Can you imagine a space trip where there is a squirrel with a jetpack and firing lasers? You don’t buy this? You have to! Since this particular portal has crossed the level of stupidity to offer the global audience with such a crazy image. This website might turn out to be, a dream come true for people who always wanted to see a squirrel as a space saviour! This is indeed one of the most useless websites of all time.

8). The Ugly Dance

Website Link: http://www.theuglydance.com/
When people get bored what do they commonly do? Some might watch television or play their favourite video game. But the creator of this website had a different idea that has simply ruined several lives through its shitty concept! The Ugly Dance is a website that helps you select the song of your choice and add your silly dance moves to it. The craziest part is that, you can add your photo to the dancing figure and make it groove. If you have ever used this useless website then it is high time that you must bring focus in your life! If there is any competition for non-sense stuff on the internet then this website might take the trophy!

9). Bury Me with My Money

Website Link: http://burymewithmymoney.com/
Useless websites do exist on the internet and you simply cannot stop them. But there are some exceptional portals which should be surely banned as they might cause serious damage to the viewer’s sensibility. This particular website can be categorized as a low grade version of Terribly Tiny Tales. If you would visit the website you’ll notice a man falling from the top of the screen. He hits the ground and then comes the magical words ‘’Bury me with my money’’ and that’s all! That is THE END! Nothing more happens after this and would leave the viewer with a shock that what just hit them. And it goes on and one with more people falling on the ground to repeat the same words. Nothing can beat the stupidity of this website.

10). What Does the Internet Think

Website Link: http://www.whatdoestheinternetthink.net/
Most people are very conscious about their image and would do anything to impress the people around them. A clean image is what a person desires to attain a respectable status in the society. Have you ever thought of impressing the internet? If not, then you might want to give it a try. There is a fine line between stupidity and sensibility and this website would help you decide if you are stupid or sensible! For people who are paranoid with their effect on other people this website might prove helpful for them. The website would let you know what the internet thinks about you and other related subjects. This is shear waste in literal terms and probably the lamest thing existing online. For people who have used this website there is a message for you- ‘Get a life’.

11). Ducks Are the Best

Website Link: http://www.ducksarethebest.com/
Before any details or descriptions about this particular website there is one single instruction which must be followed by the people who visit it- DO NOT REVISIT IT EVER! Such content on the internet might cause serious mental issues in NORMAL people. You might surely slap or punish yourself for visiting this stupidest website. Killing time is one thing but killing yourself is totally different. The website opens with a pixelated duck cursor point and blinking lights in the background. The moment you would move the mouse the ducks would expand in numbers and will trial one after the other. This is quite irritating as even with the slightest movement of the mouse the ducks pop-up on the screen.  This is a disturbing website which shouldn’t be referred to anyone!

12). Zombo

Website Link: http://www.zombo.com/
There are several websites on the internet which cannot be judged without visiting them. One such website is Zombo. The user would be left confused as this website has nothing to offer! It is like you visit a garden but there are not plants or trees. One can surely suspect that either the makers might have forgotten about this website after creating the domain or they were on meth when it was created. If you would visit the website the page will open and you will hear “This is zombo.com.  You can do anything at Zombo.com. The only limit is you. Anything can happen at zombo.com.” But the truth is that, nothing actually happens at this website! This is indeed a prank gone wrong which is haunting people on the internet through its stupidity. Zombo.com deserves to be in the list of most useless websites.

13). Mostexclusivewebsite.com

Website Link:  http://www.theworldsworstwebsiteever.com/
Everyone wishes to be exclusive and for this they can do anything. In this trending world, people are after fame and fortune which has become the only way to be popular. So what is the most epic thing you have done to be exclusive? If you still haven’t grown exclusive then don’t worry because the internet has an amazing weapon that would leave the audience bewildered! Visit mostexclusivewebsite.com and enjoy the tag of being special as this portal can be accessed by one person at a time! If you don’t believe it then push yourself to experience this lameness. There is also a token waiting list that tells you how many people are in line to access this website. If the creators are dumb then the people who visit this portal are the monarchs of dumb-town!! Out of all the useless websites this one stands alone to be the worst.

14). Watching Grass Grow

Website Link:  http://www.watching-grass-grow.com/
What is the most exciting thing you have done in your life? There are people who prefer adventure sports, rally racing and much more. The world is full of exciting things and one can find several sources on the internet as well. There are a variety of websites that offer interesting activities such as games, picture edit, movies, videos, songs etc. But there is this one special website that offers the user with a more advance source of entertainment which is WATCHING THE GRASS GROW! This website would blow your brains as there is nothing else to do. Once you visit this stupid portal you will see a satellite image of a field. The mouse cursor would transform into a lawn-cutter and you just have to watch the field get greener. Seriously? What was the person thinking when he acquired the domain! Though there is some useful information on the page but it needs to be tagged as one of the useless websites.

15). The Best Dinosaur

Website Link: http://www.thebestdinosaur.com/
Pre-historic information amuses a lot of people. There is a lot of important information contained on the internet that is of great use. The fact that dinosaurs once existed on our world has been proven through several theories which can be read on the various websites available online. Out of all these knowledgeable and informative destinations there is this one stand-alone website that is filled with venom! The Best Dinosaur is a portal that would flash the strongest dinosaur through an animated image! There is no other activity or any sort of information available apart from this one image. Such websites force the viewer to bang his head on the wall or curse the website developer. If you want to take revenge from any of your friends then share the link of this website!

16). Purple

Website Link: http://www.purple.com/purple.html
There are some websites which are so subtle with its theme that it can prove dangerous for others. What can be conveyed from the name ‘Purple’? Some people might speculate that it is a clothing website or a website where you can shop for home décor. But the makers of this website had no plans in mind apart from following the literal meaning of the word! If you visit the website then a page would open that has a purple background and that’s it!! There are no hyperlinks or texts available on the website. It is simply a purple page with no activity! One of the most useless websites which can be utilised only for fooling people!

17). Paper Toilet

Website Link: www.papertoilet.com/
The internet is the home for amazing games that can satisfy the need of people belonging to different age groups. There are arcades, sports, adventure, puzzles, racing and much more available at the various websites. Can you answer which game would please a useless person? It would indeed be a toilet paper game which is just insane! This website is one of the stupidest portals which are there on the internet. The flip part is that there are people who visit it and are also aware of this stupidity. Killing time has taken a whole new form through this toilet paper game. There is nothing but a big toilet paper roll present on the page and it has to be rolled down. The user has to drag the cursor over the paper to pull it down. Such a website is for people who have lost their ability to think and act. Don’t circulate its link as you might receive foul words from your friends!

18). Find the Invisible Cow

Website Link: http://www.findtheinvisiblecow.com/
If you want to make your internet experience a miserable one then do visit this dumb website! The developers call it as a game but it is a torturous website that would irritate you to the core. As the name suggests, one has to find the invisible cow but the crazy part is how to find an invisible cow? The front page tells that the cow would be behind the shouting, that is, the sound that would come once the game starts. There is a blank screen with an annoying sound of a man shouting ‘’cow cow’’. There has to be a reason for the creation of this ‘game’ or else it is just a master plan to make people mad! You can share this torture with your friends to make them realise that such things are for real!

19). Cat Bounce

Are you fed up with different ball games? Do you wish to experience something more unique and interesting? Then to kill time, why not bounce cats! Yes, you heard it right! This crazy website offers the user to bounce the cats that flash on the screen. The main page has several cat figures that are shaking with their paws wide open. You have to point the cursor at them and drag them up and down to make them bounce. There is another option available on the page and that is- Make it rain! If you will click on it then a number of cats would pour down from the screen-top. The developer of this website either love cats or shares a fine level of hatred for these cute animals.  This is one of the most useless websites present on the internet which has freaked out several users.

20). Eel Slap

Website Link: http://eelslap.com/
What is the limit of insanity? The internet is the home for several stupid activities and there are websites that can force you to say- WHY!! If you like eels and you want to slap a person then take the frustration out using this website. Most people might laugh at first but this is one of the lamest concepts existing on the internet. Eelslap allows the user to slap a person appearing on the screen with an eel tail. It would appear as if you are the eel since you can control the slap with the cursor. For people who have free time to waste this can be a perfect activity. The developer of this website needs to be awarded with a ‘weirdo’ tag. If ever there is a situation to take your anger out on someone then don’t forget to visit this website!

Final Words

The above mentioned websites are some of the top useless online portals which are there on the internet for no reason! The internet is a godly place for a major share of the global population as a variety of activities and operation are carried out with the help of the World Wide Web. Not all websites which are available online are operational but some of them are incomplete or illogical portals which are created just for fun purpose. Most of these useless websites are developed to prank people or spoofing celebrities and famous personalities. If you visit any of the websites listed above then you will realise that there is no motive for such online destinations! You can share a laugh with your friends by asking them to visit any of these websites to make a fool out of themselves.