10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally: There are hundreds of free music download websites available on the internet which provides downloading imply albums and songs. But not all of them are legal or have the license they offer downloading for. So, sometimes it becomes difficult to find the legal ways to download music online or best music download site.

If you are a song lover then you must be looking for free music download sites which provide latest, fresh songs that too legally. Right? If yes, then I can assure you, you have come to a right place. Here, in the article you will find all detailed information regarding the music download sites you are looking for. Though, there are plenty of music download websites available but I will list out 10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally. 

Below, I am about to list down a collection of best music download sites, where, you will be able to get the different types of best music download sites that allow online streaming+ downloading music/songs in mp3 format with NO charge.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

However, there are plenty of best free music download sites which provide free downloading of songs but to make it easy for you, I’ve summarised top 10 best free music download sites. Which contains a large number of songs and user-friendly interface. Here goes the list of free music download websites.

1. Jamendo

Jamendo is one on the world’s largest digital service for free music. It’s easy to navigate a structure and a huge collection of music has made it popular. Jamendo is an open community for artists and music lovers. It has a large collection of indie songs of aspiring singers. It provides free and fast downloading of all type of songs in all cadre.

Jamendo has nearly 460,000 tracks from more than 40,000 artists on it. Once you visit this music download website you will merely find any difficulty to navigate it. Apart from songs and artist collection, it has music download apps available for the Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

If you want to go through a large collection containing website then Jamendo would be the best choice for you.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

2. Amazon MP3

Amazon is another one of the largest music download sites which has a large collection of songs over it. Needless to say, amazon is one of the great online shopping website, which has a wide variety of products. Since, it has added some digital stuff to their product list like games, music players, camera, and songs. You can buy songs  directly from amazon of your choice, and if you don’t wish to pay, you don’t need to.

Yes! Amazon mp3 offers free songs downloading and free streaming as well. If you are in the search of sites that give you a facality for free music downloads legally, then you can go for Amazon mp3.

The best thing about amazing is, they have categorized songs in a well-structured manner so that one can easily get songs of different genres easily. There are various genre available such as Rock, Children’s Music, Classical, Country, Dance & Electronic, Folk, Pop etc.

To go to Amazon songs list navigate to Movies> Music & Games > Digital Music > Deals > Free. Or, you can directly go to the site by clicking Here.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

3. PureVolume

PureVolume is one of great free music download sites for music lovers and artists. You can download the songs of the artist they have enabled to download. It is basically a community for artists to upload their songs on the site. You can download the songs and stream as per your preference.

Most of the artists have enabled songs download so that users of PureVolume can easily get more songs of their choice. But, some of the songs are enabled only for streaming. You won’t be able to download that on your computer, but you can still listen to them online.

Once you are on the PureVolume, you will not find any difficulties to select the music genre. You can find them on the homepage, by top songs, top downloads, or Browse Artists and many more. It is one of my favorite free music download sites.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

4. Last.fm

Last.fm is basically an online radio service which serves amazing track along with the facility of free download songs. It has a decent number of songs available on it for its users. If you work online and love listening songs online, then Last.fm will really suit you since it provides the best streaming on it.

And to listen to songs online, or even if for downloading you don’t need to register on it. As a guest user, you can download songs from this best free music download website without any hassle.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

5.   NoiseTrade

NoiceTrade is also one of the great best free music download sites which allow free music downloads legally. It is a large platform for the passionate artist. Here at NoiceTrade artists upload their songs and you can directly download them without having to pay a single dime.

In other words, it is a freemium platform for songs lover. Artists promote their talent by uploading new songs on NoiseTrade.

If you like any of the artists or a particular song of them, you can tip them to encourage to do good more. This music download website has a large number of books collection as well. If you love listening songs or are fond of reading books, nothing could be better than NoiseTrade. It is one of mostly used music download sites by me personally.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

6. Free Music Archive

Free Music archive(FMA) is one of the best music download sites for songs downloading I have come across. It is an interactive library of high-quality legal songs. No matter which type of genre you are interested in, you will find almost all genres here. FMA is well structured and very easily navigable website.

After getting into the free music download site, you will be able to download songs without any intricacy. You will find option just at the top of the site. Select any genre you want the MP3s of.

To download songs from the FMA, you don’t need to download any additional software. Simply click on download button and enjoy the songs on your computer.10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

7. Epitonic

Epitonic has thousands of free and legal curated Mp3s along with various albums of different genres. It has a quite similar structure to Free Music Archive website.

Epitonic has classified  all the category which make it easy to navigate. You will find all the category in one go once you visit this music download website.

Here, you can find categories like Lable, Artist, Genre, Senes, Editors etc. It also provides the facility to make a playlist of your choice’s songs on it but for that you have to log in first there.

Along with downloading facility, Epitonic also provides online streaming that mean you can also listen, songs online. So if you have ever suffered, with downloading or online streaming then I would recommend you to visit this one of the best music download sites once. You will have a good experience on it.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

8. Soundcloud

This music download site is one of the sleekest websites among the top 15 list. Basically, Soundcloud is a music uploading website where new artists upload their creations. Not every song at Soundcloud is free but some. Few artist no matter popular or less popular, often offer free tracks to download.

If you know any artist or find their verified profile then you can easily download their tracks for free. You will find download button just below the song. Else you can comfortably enjoy listening to them online since all of the songs at Soundcloud storage are free to stream.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally


The slogan being used by QTRAX “Free Now, and Free Forever”. This is the recently launched music downloading website which offers free latest songs downloading without any charge. You can easily download songs of your favourite artist. But you can not do it directly, to download songs QTRAX player is required. You will have to download it to access it service. It’s completely free you don’t need to spend money for it.

Once you download it, you can download unlimited songs from it and enjoy listening to them anytime anywhere you want. QTRAX is available for windows, iOS and android devices.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

10. SoundOwl

Soundowl provides a large number of collection of latest songs. It is one of the most easily navigable music download sites. And undoubtedly a legal one. The best part of soundowl is its shuffle feature. Yes! SoundOwl automatically discover new songs collection every time you visit the website.

Like other best free music download sites, SoundOwl is also a good platform for artists that allow them to promote their talent on it and share worldwide. This music website allows you to download songs on your system and stream them online as well. To get more about it visit the website click here.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Legally

So, this was the list of top 10 Best Free Music Download Sites which are legal and provides good services to their readers. If you visit these free music download sites I am quite sure, you won’t get disappointed since all music download sites have a good platform for the newly talented artist as well.

To access above mentioned free music download sites, you don’t need to have any free music downloader or any particular platform. Simply visit the website and download songs as per your choice. Or if you prefer to listen to them online, then also these best free music downloading sites would be proved to be best choices for you.

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Though, I have tried to list out some of the best free music download sites to download songs, but if I have missed out any music website which you know already that provides songs downloading legally, or if you have any suggestion please let us know. I will update my best free music download sites happily with your suggested music downloading website.