10 Best Applock for Android

We know it so well that Android based smartphones lacks the level of security and privacy that iOS users have. And this is the reason that they should better get acknowledged to this section of best applock for android. Well, of course, this is not just about locking your favorite apps but also about maintaining your privacy too.

Now, you can hand over your phone to whoever you want because despite cracking the main lock they cannot open other apps. Whether it is about storing sensitive data with utmost care or about hiding your personal pictures. Everything is going to become much simpler for you.

Top 10 Applock for Android

While going through the Google Play Store, I figured out that there are hundreds of such apps available which provides the service of app lock and more. But you should better use only trusted apps for this feature. So, I picked 10 of the most popular and reliable options of best applock for android in order to maintain your privacy.

1. AppLock


You can find multiple apps with the similar name and although I have mentioned the link with it let me tell you that this one is developed by DoMobile Lab. Actually it is pretty popular and at a time even I have used it (I am a more open person now!).

Jokes Apart, this app serves as hands down the best applock for android providing security and privacy through passwords, patterns and fingerprint too.

In fact, despite being a mere applock service, this app provides support in 39 languages and can lock whichever app you want irrespective of what these apps does. From built in apps like Gallery, SMS, contacts etc. to installed ones like Instagram, Facebook and many more, now you can lock whichever app you want.

Apart from app locking, you have the options to hide pictures and videos which are then vanished from the gallery and goes to vault which is again a password protected zone. Well, of course, the app has some in-app purchases too especially to get rid of the ads in between and over-all it is an excellent solution to maintain your privacy very well.

2. Best AppLock – Locker & No Ads

Best Applock Locker No Ads

If you are looking for an option of app lock no ads then I think you would love to use this one mentioned here. It is a safe and simple medium to cover all your personal information by literally putting up a wall in front of them. And guess what, the interface is absolutely free of ads too.

I really liked the user interface of this app which is not kind of dull but a bit vibrant and of course, they have kept everything subtle so most of the things become intuitive.

Now, talking about the features then it allows to lock all sorts of apps which are either built-in or installed. In fact, this protection also ensures that nobody can delete these apps too which comes under ultra-protection module (paid feature).

The mode also ensures that no one can uninstall the locker too. However, the app offers only knock code and pattern lock options only but it is still worthy enough to be included in the list of best applock for android.

3. Secret Applock for Android

Secret Applock

Looking for the kind of options amongst best applock for android which can be customized and has a very stylish interface too then you should better checkout Secret Applock for Android. This one is a multi-tasking app serving as app locker, protector and a privacy guard too.

You can put the privacy setting in form of pattern, password, gesture and pin lock and it applies to all sorts of apps. And guess what? You can even change the lock screen theme too.

I really liked its feature of locking even Google Play so that no one can buy games from there especially kids. There are options of 3D secure scan as well power saving mode for battery which further improves the functionality of your phone.

You can even hide your personal chats through it too along with videos and pictures too. In order to put a privacy on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and much sensitive information, you can go for subscription options too under which you can enjoy more amazing features as well.

4. Privacy Knight

Privacy Knight Privacy Applock

Privacy Knight serves as an applock without ads which I think is the major priority for most of the users here. It offers privacy applock, vault and can even hide the apps too. So, basically this is a simple app providing so many amazing features for free that you can’t help but use it anyway.

What I liked the most about this app is that it offers all of its services for absolutely free and that too with clean interface and no ads at all.

And guess what, nobody can even get to know that you are using a privacy app as you can disguise it in form of a secret dialer. It has so many protection schemes like face unlock, PIN, pattern, fingerprint unlock, biometric lock etc.

There are so many other attributes of this app that it serves as a total package and I think you won’t have to consider any other best applock for android mentioned here after using it for a while.

5. Perfect AppLock

Perfect Applock App Protector

Perfect Applock is my next recommendation for the category of best applock for Android. This is a service which offers all the features for free which other apps usually offers under pro version. So, basically you are getting everything for free here but the ads in-between might annoy you.

The most basic service offered by it is that of protection an application in ways like PIN, pattern or gestures. You can lock all sorts of apps including phone settings too.

There are various other additional features offered along with it like screen filter for adjusting brightness of screen, rotation lock support, locking for sensitive content like Bluetooth, Wifi etc. and many more. The Watchdog feature of Perfect Applock maintains further privacy by taking picture of intruder after 3rd failed attempt of password.

You can even start this service remotely by SMS command and can also activate fake error message when someone open up this app in your phone. A perfect way to disguise all the sensitive and personal content in your phone.

6. AppLock & Lock Screen

Apart from working as an applock and lock screen service, I really like the live wallpaper theme of this app too. This security guard makes sure that it does not work like other dull best applock for android and hence provides so many customization options for you.

The app gives all-round protection and not only locks you apps but also photos, videos and even SMS and other chats too.

You can manage your personal information by applying lock in from of either PIN or pattern lock. The free version of the app features ads and hence you can go for the paid one which not only remove ads but also provides some premium services too.

The simple operation of the app ensures that user does not feel any complexities while operating it and hence with one tap you can lock all the apps easily. You will find the interface pretty intuitive and the over-all features very impressive.

7. Private Zone – AppLock & Vault

Private Zone is an excellent locker for android which keeps all your important apps, photos, videos and other sensitive files a top secret by protecting them with 100% efficiency. This service applies to both built-in as well as installed apps too.

You can use either pattern or digital password to protect the apps and files. Other features of the app include great customization setting for the lock modes.

The app also support fingerprint too and you can also use various themes and wallpapers as the lock screen. You can even create a private photo gallery of your phone with the help of this app. In fact, they even offer VPN service to use and that too for absolutely free.

Apart from locking apps you can also hide them or even clone them too which helps you to run multiple accounts on them. Other features include data backup and recovery, guest zone, private browsing, privacy status, true identity of the caller and many more. This one makes an interesting option amongst the best applock for android for sure.

8. Vault

Vault as it is called acts just like its name and provides so many features that I could not control from mentioning it amongst the best applock for android. Of course, the primary feature is about hiding sensitive content like photos, videos, apps, files etc. but it also supports locking apps too.

In fact, you can even hide SMS, call details, contacts etc. through Vault. And all of these features are available to access for free.

The feature of cloud backup sets it apart from other apps like this one and it really helps you in keeping up with all your important files. Through the help of Vault, you can even browse private browser too which will leave no history or traces of your session at all.

The cloud backup helps in transferring data from one phone to another and if you accidently forget your password then you can reset it via email security option. Over-all this app will eliminate the need of having 2-3 different apps for multiple features.

9. My Device Lock

My Device Lock is a fast, easy to operate and a free app to protect all your data and apps in your phone. In fact, this app locker service works for all photos, apps and even videos too. You have the options like PIN, pattern, gesture, signature, fingerprint, password etc. to protect the desired file.

If someone fails to open up the lock after several attempts then the app clicks intruder’s selfie which helps you knowing about your foes.

The app also provides so many options of customization to the user through which you can manage the layers of lock, layout and can also apply various cool themes too. This works for all types of apps like Gallery, Facebook, contacts, SMS, Instagram, settings and many more.

There are some paid features also which can be accessed by making in-app purchases like the rest of the best applock for android mentioned here.

10. LOCKit

LOCKit is the final choice for the category of best applock for android. This service offers features of app locking as well as photo vault too and of course there are plenty of other functions available too. In fact, the app offers everything for absolutely free too.

In fact, not only apps but you can also lock or hide your text messages or other chats too. The same applies to call logs and contacts too.

There is no doubt that LOCKit is one of the best android apps with countless features and services to offer. However, the only thing you won’t like about the app is the ads in-between the interface, this literally makes even simple interface kind of tricky.

This app also support intruder selfie like the other applocker apps and you can also disguise the app by putting up a fake screen. There are free themes for customization and other features like notifications cleaner, system settings lock and many more.

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There are multiple methods of maintaining your privacy and using the applock which is via Pin Code, pattern, and finger print analysis or even via face detection too. As Android lacks the feature of providing all these services as built-in features, you always have the option to use them via third party apps.

So, basically now you have lots and lots of options of best applock for android which offers plenty of other services apart from locking your apps. This is definitely going to be a great service for you if you are the kind of private person.