Kasamba Review – Find the Best Psychic Experts at your Budget

There are only a few who believe in powers beyond human control. A lot of us think that nothing of this sort exists and supernatural things are just a fantasy. However, there might be times in your life where you are in a problem with no solutions. In such cases, many might suggest you to visit a psychic who can get you rid of such issues in your life. However, we don’t know psychics who are effective in their jobs and it is always risky to trust someone new. Kasamba is an online platform which has some of the best psychics and various other experts from whom you can seek counselling. It is the first app of its kind and let’s learn more about it.


Kasamba – A Brief

If you are looking for trusted psychics, Kasamba is the best online community that can get you one within no time. You can be at the comfort of your home and simply interact with them in real time. The service has been active since the year 1999 and continues to do a stellar job in connecting you with the best psychics. It is also proven to work with the masses as there are more than 3 million positive reviews about the service. There is also an Android and iPhone app through which you can access their full range of services.

More than 15 categories including tarot reading, future telling, astrology, palm reading, love and relationships psychics are available at Kasamba. The service is available 24×7 and you can seek help from their customer service in case of any query.

Joining Kasamba

Joining Kasamba is extremely simple no matter if you are an user or want to join it as a psychic expert.

As an User

As a user, you just need to click on your preferred psychic and get started by going through the complete registration process. The simple things like creation of the username and password will be done. After this, you need to select a payment method through which you prefer to pay. There are different ways of payment and you can choose the best one according to your comfort. You can then start chatting and start a session.

As a Psychic Expert

For a psychic expert, the process of joining differs a bit. You need to go through the expert’s registration process. This includes letting Kasamba know about your basic details including qualifications, experience and other specialties that you possess. You need to setup the profile with as much information as you can. There is a onetime fee of $50 for registering as a psychic expert on Kasamba. You can choose from the various categories of expertise and help people who are suffering from problems in those areas.

Kasamba Services

Most of the popular psychic services are offered by Kasamba and some of the best and the most effective ones are listed as follows:

  • Tarot reading
  • Love and Relationship
  • Career and Finance
  • Astrology
  • Fortune telling
  • Dream analysis

There are other services as well but these are currently the most popular ones. All this and much more services are offered through an online as well as offline medium so you can use it as per your convenience.

Ultimate Benefits of Provided by Kasamba to its Users

Kasamba boasts of numerous services under its hood and some of the best ones are highlighted below:

  • For every new customer, there is a complimentary 3 minute psychic reading which is absolutely free.
  • To get you started, the first reading is free with any choice of psychic.
  • Special offers at multiple occasions guaranteed, just stay in touch with their social media accounts.
  • Unlike any other chat app, you can see the text being inserted instantly rather than waiting to receive it. This feature ensures complete transparency.
  • There is no obligation to pay before you seek services. Once you are completely satisfied with it, you can make the payments through a secure payment gateway.
  • You can choose among the various communication channels such as chats, emails, phones, etc.
  • The psychics are available 24×7 so you can seek advice whenever you feel like.
  • The review and ratings mechanisms help users in choosing the psychic for their job.
  • Full anonymity is maintained while you chat with your psychic.
  • You can also save the transcript of the whole chat you have had with the psychic.
  • You can seek a refund in case you don’t feel satisfied with your psychic session.

Pricing and Payment options

The pricing and payment has been designed in order to make it extremely convenient and flexible for you. There are different modes of payment programs for your benefits and they are mentioned as below:

  • Add money through your debit/credit card to your Kasamba account as it will help you in connecting with a consultant instantly on the platform.
  • You can choose to pay the price of the session through your credit card once it ends. Although you need to enter the information beforehand, the amount will be deducted once the session ends.
  • PayPal can also be used as a method for payment at Kasamba.

Different modes of payment options let more users pay with their own choice of mode quite conveniently without any hassles. The funds will be added back to your account if you don’t like the psychic session with Kasamba’s expert.

Kasamba Affiliate Program

If you indulge in affiliate marketing or want to try it for the first time, Kasamba has an attractive affiliate program for everyone. Get paid to introduce it to more targeted users. There are two different caps for the affiliate payments:

  • For 1-49 sales (new users) every month, you will be paid $125/user.
  • For more than 50 sales, you will be paid $150/user.

This is a beneficial affiliate program and you must make the most out of it if you are a blogger or an online marketer. Kasamba gives a fair chance to everyone to earn as much as he/she can.

The Bottom Line

Kasamba is undoubtedly the best community of psychic experts where you can seek help for your problems when nothing else seems to work. The important thing is belief and trust, thus you must have at least some belief in supernatural things in order to proceed with a session. Without an open mind, the sessions won’t be much effective so you must try it once with your complete belief and faith on the psychic expert.