15+ How to Make Him Miss You Tested Ways

How to Make Him Miss You: A life is a life lived when you fall in love with someone. But in today’s world love is only a give and take relation. There are people who love truly but are not appreciated for this. And there are some people who keep on changing their partner and called modern.

How to Make Him Miss You


You can see many people who are still stuck on their ex. But there are the people who move on like nothing happened to them at all.

A relationship is all about the feelings of two people. They should be treated with equality. You cannot pick someone out from a relationship and name them important. But in terms of being sensitive, you can say that girls are more emotional than guys.

They put their best feet forward to make a relationship successful.  They are misunderstood sometimes. But that does not mean that they are actually wrong. They just want to do the best and have the best in return.

But guys are a bit different from this. They have a lot of responsibilities on them which make them strong and rigid on their emotions. Sometimes they do not have enough time to even listen to you. But this does not mean that they do not love you at all. It is just the practical things that hover over their mind more than you.

Many a times this results in breaking of a relationship. Your guy does not miss you or text you more often. But now you can have many ideas for how to make him miss you.

You may have had enough of this thing. But now you can actually do something about it. You can try out different things which will surely attract him towards you. No matter if he is your ex or current. These ideas will work superbly on both the cases.

15+ How to Make Him Miss You Tested Ways

Now you do not have to think much about how to make him miss you. Here are the different ideas that have been given below. You just have to give them a try. And he will surely be more attracted to you this time.

1. Stop the Communication for a While

I know there would have been butterflies in your stomach every time you talk to him. But you would have to stop this for a while or time being. I am not asking to you break your connection with him. But you would have to take a break from talking to him. This would really help you for how to make him miss you.

This is the most influential trick that will surely work in your favor. You just need to avoid contact with him and he will be more eager to talk to you.

You may find it a bit annoying to ignore him. But you would have to do this. This is really important to cut the contacts for some day. You have to show him that you are busy somewhere and cannot talk. It will make him wanting you even more. And it is just perfect for how to make him miss you.

You should definitely do it if you guys are talking a lot. If you guys are on texts and calls all the time then it is the perfect time for this move.

2. Do Not Return to His Calls Promptly

Apart from cutting the contact for some time, this is also an important thing to do. You should not reply to his texts or his call very fast. Take some time and think about it and then reply. Even when you guys are chatting then too you should wait before replying him.

If you will reply him hastily then it would show that your life revolves around him so much. But you should let him know that you are busy in your own world too much. And he would have to make so much of effort to be a part of it.

If you really want to know that how to make him miss you then you should definitely go for this. This would make him restless to talk to you. He will be more into you to know you more than others. He would be eager to know that whether there is someone else in your life or not.