11 Best Online Plagiarism Checker (Free & Premium)

Due the inception of the digital age, plagiarism has paved its way easily. It has become very easy to copy someone else’s work and promote it as their own.

Bloggers and internet infused people are the most familiar genre which is affected by “Plagiarism”.

So, are you the one who wants to perform a check against plagiarism? Then you should look forward to this article on “Online Plagiarism Checker”.

So,  Are you a student who wishes to maintain an utmost decorum of your document? Or are you a teacher or instructor who is finding it difficult to check the authenticity of the assignment? Then you might have landed at the right place.

In this article, you will get to know about the 11 best online plagiarism checker tool. This will help you to detect plagiarism withing your documents. So, let’s get started:

What is plagiarism?

Before moving any further, I would love to tell you what plagiarism means?

Superficially, in simple words, it is an act of fraud. To be more precise, it involves stealing someone else’s work without even giving the due credits for it.

In most of such cases the original owner of the content is unaware of the fact that his/her content is being copied. This makes it a more severe issue.

Types of Plagiarism

In this section, I will discuss the most common types of Plagiarism.

1) Direct Plagiarism: It is concerned about stealing the word-to-word transcription of someone else work.And this happens without giving any credits or references for the same.

2) Self Plagiarism: Self-Plagiarism means his/her own work without the consent of other people involved.

3) Mosaic Plagiarism: This plagiarism takes place when someone uses some phrases from external sources; and that too without even mentioning them in the quotation marks.

4) Accidental Plagiarism: This happens when proper citation, attribution is missing in a document. It falls under the category of accidental plagiarism.

10+ Best Online Plagiarism Checker

1). Grammarly

Link: www.grammarly.com

On a personal note, Grammarly is one of the best online plagiarism checker tool which I have used.
If you are looking for a best online plagiarism checker then Grammarly is the say.

It is one of the best available tools in the internet sphere and is capable of doing the needful for you.

The features which embellish this online plagiarism platform, even more, are as follows:

1) Grammar, punctuation and spell checker.

2) Extensions and plug-ins for easy integration with MS word and browsers.

3) It performs more than 250 grammar checks to ensure error-free written documents.

4) It carries out a check over 8 billion web pages which provide better results for plagiarism (If there are any).

5) It can also help you to enhance your vocabulary and English skills.

As per their website, more than 4+ million people use the Grammarly online plagiarism checker tool for their needs.

The unique selling point of this platform is its accuracy. Sometimes, it is more than accurate. This is the best bet if grammar and original content is your wish.

With plagiarism free content, you can be assured that your written document has unique content.

This can be a one stop destination in your quest of finding the best online plagiarism tool for your needs.

The plagiarism checker tool is available only with the premium version so; you need to purchase to use plagiarism checker.

2). Plagium

Link: www.plagium.com

A yet another online plagiarism checker which also comes with a free version along with the premium one also. However, the free version has some limitations. By premium, I mean that if you are a power user, then you will have to purchase the search credits after some limited searches. However, if you are an occasional user, then all that you need is to copy and paste your content. After this, you need to click on “Search”. This will do the required for you.

With this, you can perform a check on your written documents to check whether your content is unique or not. This way you can ensure uniqueness in your paper.

Some of the ostentatious features of this platform go as:

1) It is incredibly easy to use. All that you have to do is to copy and paste your written piece into the corresponding field and then click on “Check”. This will do the desired for you.

2) It can scan up to 5,000 words at a time which is quite sufficient.

3) It also facilitates the user with a facility to upload written documents for scanning. But this service is available only for the premium version.

4) It offers two searches. One is “Quick Search” and this feature can be accessed without even signing up. The other one “Deep Search” can be accessed only if you have got a registered account on the platform.

Plagium gives a facility to perform the check for plagiarism content on Social media platforms also.

3). Plagiarism Checker

Link: www.plagiarismchecker.com

This is a free online plagiarism checker which is used to detect plagiarism on the internet. This platform is in the sphere since 2005. Since then, it is serving its users incredibly.

Some of its core features are as follows:

1) The search is performed using Google and Yahoo! Search engines. To be more precise, whenever, you will hit the search button then you will be directed to either of the search engines, whichever, you have chosen.

2) The platform also equips its users with a facility of make use of “Create Google Alert” which emails you whenever new instances of the phrases are published on the internet.

3) You can also edit some of its settings and save them as your preferences. The editable settings include “Google Alert”, “Search Engine Preferences”, and “Keyboard Shortcuts”. For this, all that you have to do is to click on “Preferences”. And in the subsequent window, you need to edit your settings. Once you are done with all that, you only need to click on “Save Preferences”.

4) You can now even check a web page for plagiarism issue.

So, are you looking for any best yet free online plagiarism checker tool? then this is something you should go for.

4). Copyscape

Link: www.copyscape.com

For occasional users, this tool is free. But if you need to perform a plagiarism check on a regular basis, I recommend you to go for the premium version. The premium version charges you five cents for every search you make. This is a highly recommended tool for online plagiarism detection.

It is because it not only shows you that your content might be affected by piracy. But also to what extent and magnitude it has been copied.

Some of its features are as follows:

1) You can search using the URL of the web page.

2) You can also check the efficiency of this platform by comparing two web pages.

3) Copysentry, scans for your copies over the internet. It also notifies you if it finds any. Copysentry is a subsidiary of Copyscape.

4) It also offers free banners.

5) Extremely easy to use.

Copyscape serves you well if you are to check your existing web pages against plagiarism.

With Copyscape, detecting duplicate content would be a matter of seconds. This way you will be able to find and remove redundant content very quickly.

5). DupliChecker

Link: www.duplichecker.com

This is a free online plagiarism checker. It allows searching either by copy pasting your document. Or by uploading the document directly.

Some of its ostentatious features are:

1) You can upload the documents. Alternatively, you can paste your content and perform a check.

2) You can check up to 1000 words at a time.

3) It is free to use.

4) Tells you about possible sources.

Till now, the platform has performed 8925969+ searches with 105458637+ unique visitors so far. This online plagiarism checker was developed in 2006. It’s fantastic services are serving amazingly well.

The primary objective of Dupli Checker is to eliminate any possibilities of plagiarism by its highly efficient tech product. It helps you clean your document and make it original. It is ideal for all walks of society, be it a student, professor, or a newbie.

So, if you need any assistance while dealing with plagiarism and that too for free, then you should give this platform, a try.

6). Paper Rater

Link: www.paperrater.com

This online Plagiarism checker tool offers other services as well which makes it a complete one-stop destination for all your content needs.

The features are:

1) Along with the plagiarism tool, it also offers grammar and spell check which makes it a perfect proofreading tool for your entire written document needs.

2) It also facilitates its users with vocabulary builder, confused words quiz which helps you to enhance your writing skills even more.

3) It allows you to either copy-paste your content or to upload the document file which can be scanned accordingly.

This platform serves well while dealing with unoriginal content in student and academic written documents. You can use this platform for free, but some of its services are available with the premium version only. You will be amazed to know that this online plagiarism checker tool is powered by Ginger Software. Ginger Software is a well-known brand in this sphere.

So, you can pay heed to this tool if it is compatible with all your needs.

7). Write Check

Link: www.writecheck.com

Plagiarism checker of Write Check is a worth mentioning tool on the list of best online plagiarism checker. The users of this platform are secondary to higher education students. So, if you are a student, then we have found a noteworthy tool for you. Kindly have a look.

The core features of this online plagiarism checker tool are:

1) Most comprehensive online plagiarism checker tool.

2) It identifies any matching text if found within their database on the basis of similarity score.

3)Instant results and affordable price.

4) Huge database.

5) Revert no changes in the original document.

This online plagiarism checker platform has a huge database which comprises of:

1) 45 billion current and archived we pages.
2) 337 million student papers.
3) 137 million published works.
4) published works which includes textbooks, newspapers, and journals.

Write Check also provides grammar checker and professional tutoring services alongside the online plagiarism tool.

This online plagiarism checker tool has a prime objective of:

1) To make students, a better writer.

2) Identify grammatical errors and discourage plagiarism.

Write Check is ideal for students who wish to check their records against plagiarism. It is quite a famous essay checker tool amongst the students.

So, if you are a student, then this might be something that you should consider using.

8). Turnitin

Link: www.turnitin.com

In the previous online plagiarism checker tool, we discussed a platform which serves ideally to the students. So, you must be thinking what about the instructors? Well, you need not to worry about it as this very platform “Turnitin” comes to the rescue.

This platform serves amazingly well to the instructors. So, that they do not need to seek anywhere else for their proofreading needs.

Let’s have a look at some of its core features:

1) Turnitin supports academic integrity.

2) It offers streamlined feedback for every instructor.

3) It introduces a concept of smarter grading which ultimately results in better outcomes.

If I look over some of the statistics about this online grammar checker tool which goes as:

1) Turnitin currently supports over 15,000 institutions.

2) It extends it’s services to 1.6 million instructors.

3) Over 2.6 million students make use of this service.

These amazing statistics makes it a leading online grammar checker tool.

The revision assistant of Turnitin supports the ideology of “Write more, write better”. As it is correctly said that “Great writers, great thinkers” and this platform ensures its credibility to the utmost level.

9). Plag Scan

Link: www.plagscan.com

This platform runs on a system what they call “Plag points”. With each plag point, you can perform a 100 words search against plagiarism. Obviously, you need to purchase those plag points in order to do a search.

This online plagiarism tool offers a trial period that means you can use it even before making the final purchase.

Its prime objective is to maintain academic standards and quality in the classroom. They offer such tools which help you to train your students well in accordance to the academic skills.

This platform is ideal for instructors though it can serve all walks of people.

The features of this platform includes:

1) Frequent updates regarding your written documents.

2) No download or installation is required.

The plan starts from $5.99 which provides support for one single user only. The mentioned plan equips you with an online storage time up to 6 months.

The next level plan is named as “Organization” and starts with “$19.99” per month. The “Organization” plan is ideal for schools, companies, and universities.

And the last plan is for Enterprises, which includes unlimited user and storage time.

The only cons which are associated with this platform are its complicated interface.

10). PlagTracker

Link: www.plagtracker.com

The list of online plagiarism checker tools won’t get completed without mentioning PlagTracker.

It scans very quickly from over 20 million academic works.

The core features which embellish this platform are as follows:

1) Huge database of more than 20 million academic works.

2) Ideal for students, instructions, and academies.

3) Crystal clear instructions.

4) Offers detailed reports about the work.

5) It also provides grammar checker which ensures fewer mistakes in the document.

The paid version of PlagTracker starts with $14.99 per month and supports additional features.

So, you can consider giving it a try if you are looking for any online plagiarism checker.

11). Plagiarism Software

Link http://plagiarismsoftware.org/

Plagiarism Software has emerged as a powerful tool to detect the duplicate content in your post. It came into existence in the year 2013. The tool assures you to detect even a single duplicate line in your content. This will further help you to change the line and make it unique removing the duplicity. Here are some of the most prominent features of Plagiarism Software.

1). This plagiarism checking tool is really simple to use. One just has to paste the content on this tool interface, and it checks the content for any plagiarism after you press ‘Check Plagiarism’ button.

2). One can even upload the text document that needs to be checked for plagiarism. The tool can even check the plagiarism directly from the text document.

3). You need not require entering the captcha code for checking the plagiarism. Just press ‘Check Plagiarism’ button and the results will be shown to you.

4). You can be sure about the results are shown by this tool. It will detect the plagiarized lines in your content and inform you about the plagiarism.

It is an awesome tool that you must try to get 100 percent genuine results while detecting the plagiarism in your content.

So, with this, I have reached the end of this article on “11 best online plagiarism checkers”. We hope that your quest for best online plagiarism checker tools has undoubtedly come to an end just after reading this article.

If you ask me to stick to one particular tool, then I will surely go for Grammarly. It not only checks your document against plagiarism but also helps you to enhance and embellish your written record by eliminating the possible errors from it.

The accuracy level of Grammarly is way high as compared to any other tool. So, what are you looking for, Go and get the premium Grammarly account right now. This way you can  be assured of the quality of your written document.

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