How to Win a Girls Heart

How to Win a Girls Heart: Among all the people living on earth, this is really next to impossible to understand what a girl wants. She likes a thing at a time but hates the same things on another moment. She is even more difficult to understand than the rocket science.

how to win a girl’s heart

You would find the chemical reactions even easier that a girl’s mood swings. You just cannot even think about the issue she can create over small things. She will not fight with you over the big issues. But you never know when she’ll get hurt even with the small things you do.

I am not saying that she is totally weird or something like that. She is the one with the purest heart too. she thinks about her bae even more than herself.

There are thousands of things in a girl’s heart that she does not share with anyone. And being her guy it is your responsibility that you try to connect with her. This is not important to connect with her physically only .but it is really beautiful to understand her emotional vows too.

This is the biggest confusion on this planet that How to Win a Girls Heart. It is like conquering the largest kingdom. Sometimes you are not even able to understand that what the things which can make her smile are.

But now you need not to worry about that How to Win a Girls Heart. I am here to help you out over the things which can really help you to win over her. And this will not only make you the king of her life. But you will be the one who will become the partner of her secrete fantasies.

15+ How to Win a Girls Heart Tested Tips

You just need to follow the things given below. They are not like the hardest things which you cannot do at all. But these are those little things which you often forget to do. In the practicality of life, you need to behave like a kid to work on How to Win a Girls Heart. Cause her heart is as soft and pure as a kid’s.

1). Do Not Go Too Strong in the Beginning

You should not go too strong with it in the beginning. You should give some time to let the relationship develop at first. It looks really clingy and irritating when a guy starts the conversation on a high note even in the beginning.

I hope you do not want to get included in her black list. So please no need to pour your feelings on her too strongly in the starting. This is really important for How to Win a Girls Heart.

You should know that it is better to keep the things going soft and smooth. And for this you would have to keep patience for the right time. Do not bombard her with all your love and affection.

She would not have been ready for this even without knowing you. So give her some time to think over the fact that she really wants to be with you or not. Keep her wishes on priority for How to Win a Girls Heart.

2). Be Confident Not Egoistic

There is a slight difference in what you call being confident and having enormous ego. You might not know it but what you think is your self esteem can proved to be your ego.

Girls do not like the guys who cannot bend even slightly for them. Always remember the one who do not bent always remains rigid and alone. So try to become down to earth. This is not like giving up on self -respect totally. But satisfying your ego will not work for How to Win a Girls Heart.

But you should not be the one who does not even accept his mistakes. You should be the one who knows how to make it up for her when you have actually committed a mistake.

If you are actually interested in her then don’t be egoistic and make the first move. Just walk to her and start the conversation with some excuse. This will show your interest towards her.

3). Make Friends with Her Friends

If you are really interested in her then you would have to make some efforts for it. You should be the one who can go to any extent to work on How to Win a Girls Heart. And when you like the girl this much then it is totally justified.

For knowing her more and more you can talk to her friends. Every girl has some girlfriends with whom she shares everyone.

In fact they are the one who knows her every dark secret. The chats they people have together are those which possess all their hidden feelings. So to know her completely you should make friends with them too.

They can tell you something really crazy and epic about her. This information can proved to be really important for you for How to Win a Girls Heart. There is one more advantage of being friends with her friends. It will show that when her friends can rely upon you then she can also trust you. This will develop the feeling of trust towards you in her heart.

4). Have Good Hygiene

It is very necessary and must to do thing for How to Win a Girls Heart. An untidy man is someone who is not at all preferred by any girl. So you should make sure that you are totally clean and hygienic enough to woo a girl

No matter what kind of season it is. Never forget to take a shower on a daily basis. That one day when you skip taking shower is the day no one would like to come closer to you.

From hygiene I not only recommend you to shower daily but there are some other things too. do not be the stinky guy who uses his pants to rub hands after a drink. Get some sense Guys! Go and get the tissue paper for this.

Behave like one educated person not a crazy psycho. I hope you get my point straight in your head for How to Win a Girls Heart.

5). Make Her Laugh

Now this is what totally a man’s job to keep his girl happy and smiling forever. If you can make her smile then you can surely succeed at How to Win a Girls Heart.

Girls are not that complex too. You just need to put some little efforts and they will be happy with you. I know sometimes they are demanding. But sometimes they are so simple that even a rose and some chocolates can melt her heart.

And this is what you would have to do to keep her happy forever. Use your sense of humor to make her laugh. Girls find those guys more happening and reliable who can make them laugh just like that.

If you want yourself to be added in her good books then you would have to keep her happy.  This is really necessary and you should definitely go for it for How to Win a Girls Heart. Making her laugh is not that too hard. You just need to crack some silly jokes and there you go.

6). Plan Little Surprises for Her

Every girl love surprises. So you should be the one taking advantage of this fact. You can tell her how much you like her by cute little surprises for her. You can take help from her friends for planning these surprises for her.

These little things are something which can surely help you over How to Win a Girls Heart.

You can plan just simple gifts for her. You can order anything cute on her address with a tag named of you. You can also gift her dress that she always wanted to have. There are a lot of things which can be planned as surprises for her.

And when you think that everything is going perfectly. Then you can plan a surprise date for her. This date should be just the perfect one. Champagne, wine, candle light and roses is the perfect match for your perfect date with her. And then you can confess that how much you love her.

7). Hang Out with Her

You should try to spend more and more time with her. Apart from the romantic dates you can also hangout with her just like that. If you find her free then you can ask her to hang around with you.

You can also ask her to accompany you over some shopping things. It will also make her feel valuable that you want to take advice from her on your shopping spree.

You can also ask her to hang around with you just like that. If you find that the weather is super awesome then you can head to the beach with her. After having the surfing session you guys can catch up on the brunch.

This is just the perfect things for How to Win a Girls Heart. Apart from the night time you should also involve her in the activities of your day to day life. You can ask her suggestion over what to wear to office.

8). Introduce Her to Your Friends Group

To tell her that how much important she is for you, you can introduce her to your friends group. Make sure that you have some girls too in your group so that she can feel comfortable.

Apart from it, this will also show that girls can rely on you it means that you are a nice guy. Being reliable is very much important for How to Win a Girls Heart.

This will also show that you are serious about taking this friendship to a whole new level. And this will be like an approval from your friends. If she mixes well with your friends then she is just the one for you.

It will also show that you are making her a part of your life. Getting her introduced to your friends is something that every girl wants. So you should definitely go for it very soon.

9). Compliment Her

Complimenting her is something which will always be in your favor. But there is always a right way to do it. You should not emphasis her feminine area more while complimenting her.

It is her smile, her hairs, her beautiful eyes that are worthy more than that. These little words of praises can do wonder for you. I mean there is no girl that does not like to listen to her praises from someone and especially from a guy.

Compliment her every time you people cross paths. Even when you are meeting while jogging then too you can say that why she needs workout when she is already fit. You can also praise her in a disc that she is looking terrific in her dress. And she is standing out among all.

These little compliments are really necessary for How to Win a Girls Heart. You should be the one who makes her love herself. Because when she will love herself then she will love you even more.

10). Show Your Likeness towards Her

Show her that you really like her. And this is something for real. You are not just trying out your luck on her. She is someone you are meant to be together with.

You should let her know that you are not just crushing over her. But you genuinely feel for her so much. And one thing that you should keep in your mind that you should not tell it directly to her. Go for showing it when you want to succeed in How to Win a Girls Heart.

There are a lot of ways that can really help you out for this. You can tell her every now and then that how much special she is for you.

These little things are something which will differentiate you from a regular guy to a genuine and special someone. And this is really important for How to Win a Girls Heart.

11). Go for Flirting and Teasing

Flirting is something which is very necessary for How to Win a Girls Heart. You should have that wit in you that you can answer all her questions in a totally different way than the other guys.

You should just practice it that how to flirt with her. She should feel like the most loved woman when she is with you. She should be missing you when you are not around. The little things that you do for her should be something which no one ever did for her.

Do not leave any scope of flirting with her. This is just the perfect thing to show your interest in her. Apart from it you will also be safe from being friend zoned by her.

You can also tease her over some weird likes of her. But make sure that is should be something light. Do not say something which can hurt her personally. I hope you do not want to spoil your equation with her.

12). Maintain a Nice Eye contact With Her

Eye contact is something which is really important for How to Win a Girls Heart. Whenever you are talking to her face to face then you should maintain a perfect eye contact with her. This is so damn important that you look so passionate while staring in her eyes.

It should seem like you cannot focus on anything else except her. An eye contact is the key to How to Win a Girls Heart.

Her beautiful eyes are something which speaks louder than her words. You can read her heart out there. And this is what you would have to do. Apart from the eye contact there are many other things too.

You should also take care of your body language and gestures. When you are looking at her then you should seem passionate not creepy. Hold her hands in such a way that she can feel safe with you. There should be a manly and safe sense in all your intentions.

13). Don’t Play Mind Games with Her

If you are the kind of guy who plays mind games with girls just to get laid then dude this is the time to grow up. Setting a relationship on false foundation would always make it weak. You should tell her what is true. And tell her the truth which is not manipulated.

If you have already been in a relationship then there is no harm in telling it to her. Don’t be a guy who says, “oh my god! I have never been in a relationship before you”. Because when the truth will be revealed then her heart will be broken.

Everything that you say her should be 100% true because truth can never stay hidden for long. And being trustworthy is really important for How to Win a Girls Heart.

Tell her if there is something bitter about your past. If she would be really liking you then she would not leave you for the things that has already happened. And this is when you will completely know that How to Win a Girls Heart.

14). Break the Touch Barrier

I am not asking you to touch her every now and then to make her comfortable with you. By this she will not feel comfortable but weird for sure. By breaking the touch barrier I mean that you guys should be comfortable enough with each other to cross the space.

There are various ideas that can help you to break the touch barrier. It is really important to get closer to her for How to Win a Girls Heart.

When she is talking to someone else then you can grab her attention by touching her on her shoulder. You can keep your hands on her while telling her something. You can pull her lovely cheeks.

These things will not make this weird for her. But surely you guys would feel something different for each other. When she feels a bit of discomfort then you should definitely not do it again. Wait for the time when she does her bit to get closer to you.

15). Be a Gentleman

Be the nice guy of her life. You should not go too formal with her. But you should not let it be like a young guy. You should treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

You need not to hide your feelings inside your heart. If you strongly believe that she is the one for you then just go and grab her. If you have determined then she is just yours. You should try to protect her this much that she cannot leave you.

Be the man of her life and you will know that How to Win a Girls Heart. Treat her like the lady of your life. Tell her that you love her not by saying it but by showing it.

Pull the chair for her when you are going out on a dinner. Open the gate of your car for her. Give her the preference and priority in your life. This is what really necessary for How to Win a Girls Heart.

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These little things will surely help you over How to Win a Girls Heart. This is not a win or loses game. But this is all about making the love of your life smile all the time. And it will be even more awesome to see the reason of her smile is you.

You just need to make the constant efforts to woo her. If it is only the starting of your relationship then you should put your 200% to give your best.

But this is really important that your feelings are being reciprocated positively. If she does not give a damn on you then she is not worth it at all. Try to work on How to Win a Girls Heart who is worthy of it. Otherwise be the single guy and rock the world like you used to earlier.