How to Text Girl You Like

how to text girl: Getting the digits of a girl is not a great deal in this modern world. But to keep the pace going on is a great deal for sure. You should have that charm in you that the girl cannot stop thinking about you. Talking over the texts is totally different from talking over the phone.

How to Text Girl

You have the time to think that what to reply and what to not. You also have your friends who can advice you that what to say and what to not. Well, you would have to admit it that they are literally the coauthors of all your texts.

As you people know that girls are totally miscellaneous. You do not have any device to observe their mood. They can be happy at a second but sad in the next. It is really a tough job that how to text girl and keeps the things going right too.

You cannot take the risk of losing her with your stupidities. Well, it depends on certain points that whom you are texting. There is the different in texts when you are texting the girl you like. And when you are texting the girl, you are in relationship with.

In both cases, you do not want to lose the chick for sure. But after getting the digits it becomes too much havoc that what to say and what to no. sometimes you do not even know that how to start the conversation. It is such a matter of concern for the guys that how to text girl.

But now you do not have to worry about it at all. I have got all the stuff that you really want this time. Here are some of the great ideas for how to text girl. These things will help you in both the cases. I am sure that after these efforts you are not going to lose the girl of your life at all.

15+ How to Text Girl You Like Tested Ways

This is not something really hard to go for. These are just the little things that guys do not take care of. If you are a pro at it then too you should give it a go through for sure. Who knows even you were doing the things in a wrong way for how to text girl.

1). Give It an Amazing Start

Starting any conversation with “hi” or “hello” is really main stream. Come on! You are not talking to your boss or someone really cruel to you. She is the sweetheart of your life. So she deserves something better than a rigid ‘hi’. There are many ideas to start the conversation in a different way.

It is the most important thing for how to text girl. If the starting would be wrong then you will not be able to proceed further.

You can text something else instead. You can praise about her profile picture. You can also start the conversation over some past topics. These things are more likely to be talked about. And you would have a lot more things to discuss on this.

You would surely not want to bore her even in the beginning. So try to start it on a high note. It should seem like you are with total enthusiasm. And you feel awesome to talk to her.

2). Charm Her with Your Wit

This is something which every girl wants in a guy. She wants her to be witty enough to answer all the things she likes to know. But make sure that you do not overdo it. It can seem like your cunningness instead of wittiness. This is really important for how to text girl.

You need to say the things in such a way that you are not the random guy she meets every time. You would have to display yourself different from others for how to text girl.

If you guys met in a party then, you can text your observations to her. You can text her about some moments in which you were looking at her.  This will make her feel special by your vision.

You should describe the things in such a way that you have the vision like no one else. You should have all the answers to her crazy questions. Girls like the guys who are great at their speaking skills. And this is the golden chance for you to showcase your skills.

3). Ask Her That How Was Her Day?

Now this is something which is applicable to both the situations.

  1. When you like a girl and started talking to her recently.
  2. When you are in a relationship for so long.

Girls like the concern you have for them. But nothing is going to work out if you will keep it to yourself only. You would have to show them that how much you are concerned about the things related to her.

You can ask her that how was her day? This will lead to many more things. And you will have a never ending conversation. This is such a nice trick for how to text girl.

And if you guys have been together for so long then asking this would revive your love. You should let her know that you are still the same. You still care for her all day long routine and her hardships. A little bit of concern can really make her day even special than you can think.

4). Watch out for Your Knowledge

You must be thinking that why am I supposed to advice you for checking your knowledge for how to text girl. Then guys! I am talking about correcting your grammar. Yes, you got me right. I am talking about improving your English literature knowledge once again like your school days.

This is not like you need to write everything like a pro. A little bit of fluctuations are acceptable. But things like misspelled words and wrong punctuation seems a bit of irritating.

You should go through some of the simple basics of the English before the chat sessions. I hope you do not want her to correct you at some point. This is a point to be noted for how to text girl.

So to keep your head high and esteem too, you should give it a go through for sure. But make sure that you do not do it in excess. Extra usage of punctuations and apostrophes will make the conversation boring and mechanical. I mean you are talking to your girl, not an English teacher.

5). Do Not Go Too Strong With It

You need not to try too hard to get the girl. Look at yourself; you are not the kind of guy who follows girls to their doorsteps. Then set them free and make your own space too. You should have that self esteem in you which do not allow you to follow a girl to a great extent.

You need not to change yourself at all for wooing her. Do not text something which is not the type of you. This is the basic rule for how to text girl.

You need not to send a long message full of feelings. You should go for the step by step process. You should only send one sentence at a time. Too much of everything would show your desperate behavior only.

Do not laugh on your own jokes. I mean it is like kissing yourself in the mirror as nobody was interested in you. Stop sending crazy smiley even after sending a joke. You need not to laugh to prove it funny.

6). Start the Questioning Game

You should be engaging enough for her to keep her interested in you. Keep one thing straight in your mind that you are not the only guy on earth. If she would find someone else much happening and interesting than you then she will be all gone for you. So apart from being good looking, you should be interesting too.

You can talk about something which keeps the flow going. This is really important to maintain the constant flow for how to text girl.

You can engage her in the questioning game. Now it depends upon your current status that how close you people are. If you guys have just started talking then you should not go too strong with it.

You can ask her one question and then she will ask you another. And this will lead you a lot of crazy things to talk about. And you will master the things for how to text girl.

7). Talk about Your Common Interests

To communicate well with her this is really important that you have something to talk every time. The day you will be gone out of words will be the day your bond will start to loosen up. So you need to keep the pace on right speed to let the things going.

You would have to find the right things for how to text girl. If you want to keep her on her toes while talking then get some interesting points.

You can talk about the common interest you have. You can share some of your knowledge with her regarding these things. You can also ask her the things which you do not know about your mutual choices.

You can also ask her to come over and do the things together. Like if you both love basketball then you guys can play it together. And if you both like reading novels then you guys can exchange some of your books.

8). Care for Her

You would have to show her that you care for her. And you can use your texts to show your concern for her. This is in fact the best way to care for her. If you cannot reach to her then you can at least show your concern for her.

This is really important for how to text girl that they should be full of love and care.

This is not only about her health but about some other things too. Show her that you care about her opinion and mindset and respect it too.

You can ask her opinion over a new restaurant or a new movie released recently. And if you both rely on the same side then you can go and watch out the movie together. If she is getting bore then you can ask her that what you can do for her. You can also ask her to hang out with you if she is getting bored at home.

9). Flirt with Her

Flirt, flirt and flirt! This will not only make her fall for you but also speed up the pace very fast. And if you guys are already together then it will again spice up your love life.

Every girl wants her to be the most sought after person in his guy’s life. You just have to do the exactly same thing which she wants. You should know the art of flirting with her perfectly for how to text girl. This will also make it clear to her that how much interested you are in her.

Make sure that you flirt with her in such a way that it shows only your interest. You should not go too far with it that it seems like being chap. You should keep it simple and healthy to win over her heart slowly.

You can talk about her that how beautiful she is. This is the best thing to describe the way she look for how to text girl. This is something which is just perfect for flirting with her. She will be blushing after each and every text of you.

10). Do Not Overdo Anything

You should maintain the flow of equality while texting her. No! am not talking about any chemistry formulae. I am just talking about the fact that you should reply what is needed and not too much of it. You should maintain the right amount of things to be said.

If your feelings are not reciprocated well then you should not bombard her with too many texts. You should wait for the right time.

Having the sense of talking is really important for how to text girl. You should keep the pace slow and steady in the starting. You need not to do things too much. You need not to over use the emoticons. But do not pretend as if you are too much rigid over it.

You should not be serious on everything. You should be a happy go lucky buddy for her. This is the coolest thing you can do for her.

11). Have Patience for Her Reply

You need not to call her when she is not replying. Rather than show her that you are not that much crazy about her. You should maintain a safe distance from her. This distance is not about ignoring her. But it is about giving her space that is really needed.

You should not go crazy over the fact that she is not replying even after seeing your text. She has a life different from you. And you are not the only who exist in it.

This is really important for how to text girl that you should give her some space for herself. Calling her continuously and leaving big texts would not show your concern for her. But it will make you look like a creepy follower of her.

If you really want a reply then you can leave the question marks on texts. It will be a gesture of asking that whether everything is okay or not.

12). End the Conversation at Right Time

You should know that which time is the perfect one to end the conversation. And make sure that you keep the questions left open ended. So that when you guys will be talking for the next time then you will be having something to talk over.

If you want to keep the things spiced up then you should be the one who ends the conversation first. You should keep the things hanging in between. This is a nice thing to do for how to text girl.

This will create a situation of curiosity for her. She would want to talk to you soon again to find out which remained unspoken last time.

If she is always the one ending the conversation first then you should definitely go with it. it is necessary to let the things unfinished so that you guys do not go out of words for the next time.

13). Try to Connect with Her Emotionally

It is really important to connect with her emotionally to get closer with her. Being emotional is not only about getting sentimental over some issues. But it is something which is really close and important for her.

For now that you guys have been talking for so long then you should take the next step for how to text girl.

You can talk to her about her hidden feelings and passion. You can ask her that what she would have been doing right now if she would not have chosen what she did.

You can also talk to her about her family things. It will make you feel more connected to her. It will never let you go out of topics to talk on. You should talk to her on such things late night. It will be much suitable time for the things like this. For how to text girl it is really important that you go for the late night chats.

14). Leave the Things on Good Note

Always end the conversation on such notes which are really good. You should not end the things by being formal. But you should talk in such a way that she keeps on thinking about you even when you are not talking to her.

You should keep the conversation open ended so that it is easy to chat again. This is totally important for how to text girl.

You can tell her that where you are going out. You can also tell her about your plans. But make sure that she does the same things too. Otherwise you would look annoying to her.

You can wish her good morning or good evening. This will be really helpful for you to find and excuse talking to her. But do not overdo it, it will sound irritating then.

15). Do Not Be Too Formal With Her

You should not behave as if you are someone superior to her. You need not to be bossy or formal with her. I know this may sound difficult for you to talk too much friendly even in the starting. But being formal would friend zone you very soon.

This is really important for how to text girl that you keep the conversation going in a subtle way. It should not be too much but should not be too less.

You can start with the slow pace but then you should try to win over her heart by your wit and humor. Do not leave any stone unturned for how to text girl.

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How to Text Girl Conclusion:

These are the things which should be kept in mind for how to text girl. It is not only about the girl you like but with other female friends too. I am not asking you to go and flirt with every girl. I am just asking you to maintain some dignity while talking to a girl.

There should be boundary line when you are texting a girl. You cannot treat her like all the boys of your squad. She should be treated tenderly and with a little more of care.

And you should definitely work over your language when you want to know that how to text girl. Girls totally hate the guy with weak vocabulary and grammar. So there should be complete knowledge about it.

If you want to keep the things going for a longer period then you should definitely follow these steps. These little things will surely help you a lot over how to text girl.