BulletVPN Review – Enjoy Internet Anonymity at Affordable Price

BulletVPN Review: The internet anonymity is the desire of modern day internet users. Everyone out there loves to browse across the web safely without getting caught by the prying eyes. With the improvement in internet technology, the risk of falling in any potential threat is also increasing. Moreover, the people don’t have means to access the websites which are blocked in a country. A VPN can help you out in getting over such situations.

A VPN is a network of secured servers that hides your original IP and encrypts all the data transmitted between the server and your device. Using a VPN lets you access the blocked websites without the risk of getting caught by government agencies, your ISP, and hackers. But, out of the number of options available on the internet, you need to find the best one. This might turn out to be a daunting task. If you are looking for some of the best VPN providers then you must go with BulletVPN. Let’s learn more about it in this BulletVPN review alongside.

BulletVPN Review

BulletVPN Review – A Brief

BulletVPN has emerged as a powerful VPN provider in no time. The DNS Leak protection and military level encryption are some of its powerful features that make it different from other VPN providers. Let’s have a look at some of its other features in BulletVPN Review.

Ultimate Features of BulletVPN

BulletVPN come packed with an exclusive range of features. You will love to utilize these features at an affordable price. Have a look at some of its most versatile features.

Browse Geo-Restricted Websites

BulletVPN lets you browse the websites and stream the videos that are blocked in your region/country. You can easily change your server location and enjoy unlimited streaming of blocked videos and can even access the websites that are blocked in your region without getting caught by your ISP or government agencies.

Large Network of Servers

It hosts a large network of servers all around the globe which is constantly growing as the company is exploring new areas to setup its secure servers. At present, it has its servers in 22 countries of the world and plans to expand in at least 50 countries by the year end.

BulletVPN Server Location

Fast and Speedy Servers

A VPN is all about speed. It makes sure that its servers are not overloaded by using the premium grade carrier lines for providing the top level speeds. No impact is caused on the VPN speed due to the encryption protocols.

Smart DNS Technology

The device like Apple TV, Smart TVs, Xbox One, and few more are not compatible with VPN. But if you wish to access the geo-restricted apps on these devices then Smart DNS technology can be used. The Smart DNS is a proxy service which allows you to access the ego-restricted content. You may not be able to use VPN when you are using Smart DNS.


The data transmission done through it is totally encrypted. It uses military grade encryption to protect your data from falling in wrong hands. It makes use of L2TP, PPTP, IKEv1, IKEv2, and OpenVPN protocols. Moreover, the strict ‘No Logs’ policy doesn’t let your browsing data compromised. It doesn’t store the customer logs. Enjoy complete freedom while accessing the internet through BulletVPN.

Multiple Apps

It can run on multiple platforms. It has its app for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS platforms. Moreover, you can use BulletVPN for Amazon TV, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and many other devices as well.

Instant Setup

Setting up BulletVPN is an easy job. You can use the apps compatible with your device and its manual setup guide will help you out. If you still have difficulty in installing the VPN on your device then BulletVPN also provides you remote support.

Excellent Support

BulletVPN tries to provide you excellent support. It is fast and secure. Moreover, the support in not limited to English language. You can get support in German, French, and Danish language as well. Apart from the email support, you can ask for the support through live chat. This is one of the most distinguishing features of BulletVPN which makes it different from others.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

You can also make the payments through Bitcoin, PayPal, and through credit card as well. None of the payment information is stored on its servers, Moreover, you can ask for refund within 30 days of making the payments if you don’t like its services.

The Setup

  • Download and install the BulletVPN client compatible with your device. (Here, I have downloaded the VPN client for Windows PC)
  • Click on the BulletVPN’s Quick Launch icon.

BulletVPN login dashboard

  • Enter the login credentials and click on ‘Sign In’.


  • Click on ‘Connect’ button.

BulletVPN Connecting

  • Let it connect to the secured VPN server. You can even change the current location by clicking on the ‘Locations’ option.

BulletVPN Server Locations

  • Choose the desired location. You need to disconnect first before you choose a new location. Once you are connected to the desired location, you are ready to browse the internet anonymously.


BulletVPN offers three different plans to its users. The yearly plan will cost you $7.50 per month, half-yearly plan will cost you $9.16 per month, and the monthly plan will cost you $10.98 per month.

BulletVPN Pricing

BulletVPN Review: The Bottom Line

BulletVPN is one of the best VPN providers you will ever come across on the internet. It is one of the very few VPNs that will provide you live chat support. Moreover, it comes with smart DNS technology to help you stream the geo-restricted videos from platforms other than Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Its plans are really affordable. You should give it a try for once and I bet you will not be able to switch to any other VPN after its use.

Hope you found this BulletVPN review useful and now your all doubts and queries are clear.  You can follow BulletVPN at Facebook and Twitter for more latest updates.