Best Friend Quotes for Girls and Boys (Cute and Funny)

Best Friend Quotes for Girls and Boys: Aren’t friends like the second family for us? They guide us when we are wrong and scold us like our parents. This is just an irony that even after not having any blood relations, they people are more than a family for us. So, this is our duty to make them feel special with the help of best friend quotes.

There are various types of quotes for your besties which can make them smile and cry at the same time. Only the tears would be out of joy. They stick by us through every thick and thin, so it is also our duty to do everything possible for them.

Through different my best friend quotes and funny best friend quotes, you can give them an excuse to share a laugh with you. No matter, how time has changed your equation with them, but you always have that one chance to make everything right again.

These best friend quotes for girls and other best friend quotes are the perfect idea to reconnect with them. This can be like starting your friendship all over again.

So, keeping that in mind, we are listing some amazing best friend quotes for you right here. Given below are some funny as well heart-warming quotes that your besties would love to receive from you.

Best Friend Quotes for Girls and Boys (Cute and Funny)

1). I know that why we are the best of friends because our mommies could not handle as siblings.

2). You do not have to put the number of your bestie on speed dial because when you need, they will be right there by your side.

3). You must have heard that enemies are those who stabs behind the back, but you know best friends are those who poke you hard at your face.

4). A good friend is the one who helps you get out of the jail, but a best friend is the one who accompanies you even there.

5). There are very few people, who do not leave your side even if you are wrong, we call them best friends.

That’s one cutest kind of best friend quotes to send to your besties. These things can make them smile and go emotionally at the same time.

6). Good friends go to heaven together, best friends go to hell and even chill out there.

7). I used to be a normal person before, but then I met my best friends, and now people call me crazy.

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8). Words are not enough to describe the friendship between the besties, we just look at each other and everything falls in place.

9). Best friends do not let you do anything alone, from being the partners in crime, they are the perfect buddy to even take the punishment for you.

10). When you return home after some holiday, your good friends would hug you hard, but your besties would punch you hard that how could you go alone without them.

Make your friends laugh with this amazing best friend quotes. Sense of humor is something that you can never go wrong with while describing the friendship with your besties.

11). Whenever I have to make any decision in my life, I turn to my besties because they know me better than I know myself.

12). If you want to make fun of yourself, then go and tell your dreams and hopes to your best friends.

13). Best friends are those, who call you with crazy names and tease you all the time but when someone else does so, they can even break their nose.

14). If you would even break the heart of my bestie then I will break your legs.

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15). Best friends are those, who would not give you a hand when you fall, but they surely click pictures and post them to make fun of you.

This is another one of the funniest kind of best friend quotes. And rather than being a quote, this is a reality too because besties are just like that.

16). Like the circle has no ends, just like that I have that friendship with you which has no end.

17). Never split a drink with your bestie, because they would end up drinking it all and would say, my half was at the bottom.

18). Being you bestie, if you would ever fall I would always give you a hand so that I can push you even harder again.

19). Best friends are those, who have this amazing capability to find out that you are sad inside even if you are laughing at your fullest.

20). Best friends do not get old together, they get crazy together with each passing second.

This is the shear reality of a friendship with your bestie explained through such best friend quotes perfectly. No matter how old you get, you are always a kid around your best friend.

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21). You have your friends to tell all your good stories, but you have your best friends to live all those stories.

22). A good friend knows the password to your phone, a bestie knows the password to your volt.

23). A girl is someone who can live without her boyfriend but cannot live without her best friend.

24). A best friend is someone who does not let your heart broken because of someone, they just go and rather break their face who try to do so.

25). Friends are like the gems, hard to find and precious to have.

This is just a simple line but it deeply touches our heart. Such cute best friend quotes are a must to send to your besties and make them realize their value in your life.

26). Just follow your best friend and fun will follow you.

27). Best friends are basically those people who consider you insane when others say that you do not speak that much.

28). No matter how much your besties make fun of you, but they would kick someone hard when they try to do so.

29). When you lose confidence on yourself, your besties become your strength.

30). A friend comes to your home and you serve them snacks, but a bestie comes and directly open the fridge to help themselves.

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This is totally one of the most epic reality of your life. This happens with almost each one of us and such best friend quotes completely depict this situation so well.

31). Best friends are those people who firstly make fun of your bad haircut and then forcefully takes you out to watch a movie in such a condition.

32). If you even want to know that who are your best friends then simply get into a trouble, the people who would save you are your friends, the people who would accompany you are your besties.

33). A good friend complaints about you to teachers, a bestie complaints about you to directly your parents.

34). You are not weird when you are with your bestie, you are just unique with them.

35). Best friends are the people who are like consolation prize for you for getting a strict family.

This is indeed true. If you have a wonderful best friend then it does not matter what kind of family you have. This is surely one such best friend quotes you can totally relate to.

36). Nothing is best than the friendship where two people hate the same person.

37). No matter how many times you nearly killed your bestie, he/she would always be there sitting right next to you in your car.

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38). No matter how harsh the reality is, your bestie would always be there to make it good for you.

39). Your bestie is the one who would never leave your side to get along with someone else.

40). A good friend may laugh on your jokes, but a best friend would say what rubbish you are talking about?

This must have happened with you many times. Such best friend quotes are actually the reality we all are living in. And this sums up our friendship perfectly.

41). No matter whether your best friend dies just now, he/she would not give up the chance to scare you after dying.

42). Best friends are those who would rather go to jail for killing the person who killed you than attending your funeral.

43). Besties are no less than a gift given by god to us without even doing anything great in our life.


You can send these best friend quotes to all your besties from school or college time or either from work too. I hope you are giving them a reason to smile by sending these my best friend quotes to them. It is simply a gesture that no matter how busy you are, you always have time to remember them.

These small little things are something that makes a huge difference in the lives of your friends and yours too. So, take some time out of your busy schedule and do not forget to send them these awesome best friend quotes.