How to Play Crazy Eights Card Game: Rules & Variations

How to Play Crazy Eights Card Game: In this modern era people have forgotten about the interesting games like hide and seek, ludo and snake and ladders and many others. Among all these games, there are different card games which are great like hell. It is just that now people do not take time out of their smart phones and play stations to play them like before.

In earlier times, card games used to be very much popular. Even in now days you can play them when all your family is meeting together after a long time. It is such a fun thing and involves everyone in the family whether they are elders or younger ones. Popular card games are spades, solitaire, hearts, spoons etc. Among all these games there is one game called crazy eights.

How to Play Crazy Eights

If you are wondering that how to play crazy eights then you do not have to worry about it at all. Here is a complete step by step tutorial for you to understand that how to play crazy eights with your friends and family members.

This interesting game is going to keep you hooked to it and you are going to enjoy it a lot. Given below are also some variations in the game that you can make as you want. These variations would not let the game become boring or monotonous for you as well as would let you learnt that how to play crazy eights. It is the time that you leave your electronic devices and get yourself attached to those old yet interesting games.

Setting for the Game

Every card demands some of the setting that must be done before all the players start playing the game. Just like that to learn that how to play crazy eights you must know the things you need to do before the game even starts. It must be very clear to each and every one that what they are going to play and how. For this you need to do these steps before start playing and learning how to play crazy eights.

1). Every person who is sitting around in the circle must know the object of the game clearly. So that they do not have any doubts that what they need to do in this. This is very important for learning that how to play crazy eights.

2). The object of the game is that you must have to get rid of all the cards in your hands. The one who get rid of all of them at the first place will be the winner of the game.

3). To learnt that how to play crazy eights you must know that how to get rid of all the cards. You can do that by matching them up with the suit or number on the top card discarded from the deck.

4). If the number of players playing this game is five or less than five then you need to use the standard 52 card deck. If the players are more than five then you can combine two decks of 52 cards each.

5). After deciding over the deck, now it is the time to pick a dealer. It totally depends upon the number of players that how many cards they are going to get. If there are three or more than three players then each one will get five cards. If there are only two players then each player will get seven cards.

6). After distributing all the cards, now you need to place all the other cards in form of a deck/pile facing downwards. Draw one card out from this pile from the top and put it aside facing upwards so that it can be seen. If the card drawn is an eight then reshuffle the card back in the deck and pick out another one.

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How to Play Crazy Eights: Rules

Now that you know that what are setting required to learnt that how to play crazy eights, you should finally know about the rules of the game. This is not a rocket science or something complex. These are just the simple rules you need to follow just like that to learn that how to play crazy eights. It is such a fun game and each one playing it is totally going to enjoy it.

1). Whoever is dealing the cards to everyone, the player next to him is going to go first for it.

2). The first one who is going to play this would have to place a card he has on the discarded pile which must be legal. If he/she is not able to place a legal card then they would have to draw cards from the deck until they find one to be played.

3). If the complete deck goes out of card then you just need to pick all the discarded cards in the pile and shuffle them to make a deck again.

4). Now it is very important for you to know that what are the legal cards to learnt that how to play crazy eights.

5). If you draw out a card from the deck, that is not an 8 then you can place any card on the discarded card which is of same number or suit.

6). You can understand this from this example. If you draw out a card of number 9 of spades then you can place the card whose number is 9 or any card belonging to spades suit.

7). If you have any 8 in the cards carrying in your hand then you can use it as a wild card.

8). The player who put the 8 on the pile can change the suit into what he wants. Now the player next to him would have to place a card of the same suit said by the earlier player putting 8.

9). If they do not have any card of that suit then they would have to obey the usual rules of drawing out the card from the deck.

10). The game keeps on running in a circular motion until one of the players goes out of cards and then he/she declared as the winner.

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Now with all the rules given above this must have been clear to you that how to play crazy eights. Well, a game must have some modifications from time to time otherwise it may sound a bit monotonous or boring to you and your pals. So, to keep it interesting enough all the time you can put some variations in it. Here are all the variations that you can do in the rules of this game.

1). You can make some variations in the way players draw out the cards. This would be very interesting as with some little variations you can make a huge change.

2). You can make a rule that if among all the cards in your hand if you have the one you can play then you must play it. You cannot draw another one from the deck if you can play with it already.

3). You can make a rule that if you draw out a card from the deck which is legal then you must play it immediately. You cannot store it with you to play in the next turn.

4). You can also make a rule according to which you can draw out only some certain number of cards out from the deck. If in these turns player do not find a card that can be played then he would have to pass the turn. This is really interesting one because many times player have to draw out a lot of cards until they find one to play with.

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5). You can make the ending of the game interesting one so that it does not get end quickly.

6). For this you can make a rule that whoever one is left with only a single card in his/her hand than they would have alert everyone about it. If they do not do so then they would have to draw two cards extra from the deck. This would keep the game going for really long.

7). You can associate some specific rules with specific cards. By doing so you will be designating some rules to specific cards.

8). For example- you can associate the rule of skipping the next player with all the 4s. So every time a player will play a 4, his next player cannot play. You can also choose other rules like draw three, reverse order etc.


I hope that from the information given above it would have been very clear to you that how to play crazy eights. This is such a fun game that can be played with anyone. The liberty of making variations in this game allows you to enjoy it even more. I am very sure that because of this game you are going to develop a genuine liking for all the other card games as well.

So, it’s time that you should keep your phones aside and gather all your friends to play crazy eights and have some real fun.