LibertyVPS Review – Best Offshore Web Hosting Service Provider

LibertyVPS Review: This is a LibertyVPS review, and I’m honest about it. If you’re allergic to “advanced” VPS features which you’ve never witnessed in your life before, you might not want to continue reading, otherwise you’re in for a treat.

That sounded cheesy? Wait till you finish going through this LibertyVPS review, I say those words for a very few platforms or companies, and LibertyVPS definitely deserved them.

Here’s what any normal VPS can get you hooked up with a VPS server. And here’s what you can expect from LibertyVPS:-

  • Anonymity
  • KVM VPS Servers.
  • Offshore VPS
  • Privacy
  • Instant Setup

And these were just to name a few!

LibertyVPS Review:- A Deeper Insight

LibertyVPS Review

LibertyVPS is basically a VPS company as you might have guessed from the name. But there’s so much more they provide apart from just a “VPS server”, and that’s the reason I just had to get this LibertyVPS review out to you folks.

Anonymity via BitCoin Payments:-

The first and foremost feature I just loved about LibertyVPS was their acceptance of Bitcoins.  Bitcoins as you might already know are one of the best ways to pay any individual or firm digitally, without revealing your identity.

They use BitPay as their payment processors and it’s needless to announce that it’s one of the most trusted, fastest and reliable Bitcoin payment processors on the globe.

If you’re from a country where the “digital laws” are very strict, and you want to do something that’s not exactly “allowed” by your govt. in that case LibertyVPS is one of the best solutions for you because even the company doesn’t need to know who’s paying them so there’s no traceback to you.

KVM VPS Servers:-

One of the most stable VPS virtualization, KVM (Kernal Based Virtual Machine) is offered from LibertyVPS. It’s stable because it operates as its own server and not dependent on the host node.

While on the other hand the normal OpenVZ VPS you might have used or come across aren’t as stable or independent. KVM also has more overhead compared to OpenVZ servers.

One of the primary upsides to using a KVM for the end-user (you) is that, it’s similar to using VirtualBox or any such “independent” tool. Point is, you won’t be sharing your resources with other users.

And also that you get to utilize the complete resources for yourselves. So if you’re buying a 512MB RAM config, you’ll get access to the complete 512 MB without having to share it with others.

KVM is the closest thing you’ll get to a “dedicated” server at the price of a VPS. If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, and don’t need to super-kick that a dedicated server offers, but need something slightly more than just a “VPS”, KVM servers are your answer.

There’s a lot more configuration possibility you get with a KVM as opposed to a simple VPS. You can install your own OS instead of just using a template, set up mount points and what not.

 OffShore VPS:-

After Bitcoin payments, this was the second most important feature for me. I’m from India, and Digital laws here if not very strict, aren’t exactly liberal either.

And if you’re from any country which monitors its citizen’s “online” activities closely, it’s a good call to go with a Offshore server.

LibertyVPS offers servers in Netherlands, which if you do not know is one of the most “digitally liberal” countries on the planet. They have a physical, real staff over there and a team to maintain your privacy as well as confidentiality.

The upside is that, in your country you might not be allowed to host a specific kind of website, but with offshore VPS from LibertyVPS, the servers are essentially located “not in your country”, so whatever the rules of your govt. might be they don’t apply on your servers.

Not to mention that again that if you’ve paid using Bitcoins, there’s no way for the “Internet Police” to link those servers to “you”, and hence there’s not much they can do about preventing you from perusing your course of action.


I’m listing it here in this LibertyVPS review because they’ve mentioned it specifically in their Terms and Conditions that they would value and protect your privacy no matter what.

And specially from the “govt.” angle, and honestly I haven’t seen  a lot of VPS platforms which take “privacy” into consideration.

Instant Setup:-

If all of those above features and services weren’t enough to get you a descent idea about LibertyVPS, than I’d feel this LibertyVPS review has failed you.

But there’s one more weapon in their arsenal which might just as well change your mind. They offer “instant setup” on their servers. Meaning you won’t have to wait hours or days for your server to get setup.

Instead as soon as the payment is confirmed, you’re as established as you can be.

A Number of Different Payment Methods:-

Just in case you’re not in for the Bitcoin method, you can use any one of the following payment methods to complete the transaction:-

  • Perfect money
  • Payeer
  • Paypal

Final Words:-

So that’s all I have for this LibertyVPS review folks. I hope your VPS search ends here. Because I honestly can’t think of any reason why someone wouldn’t want to go with a platform which offers so much more than just “VPS”.

Worried about the pricing? ! Their plans start as low as $19.99/month! If you expect a lower price for all those plethora of features, I’d say you drive a hard bargain.

And considering they’ve to maintain offshore servers, provide KVM servers and take care of your privacy as well, I’d say $19.99 is underpriced. I’ve personally paid over $50 for other VPS platforms which didn’t offer a fraction of these features.

Anyway do let me know what you think of this LibertyVPS review and if you’ve got any doubts, questions, or queries, you can either use their support base, or the comments section in the article, I’ll try to help you out to the best of my knowledge.