How to Be a Good Girlfriend (20+ Tested Ways)

How to Be a Good Girlfriend: It is always difficult to be a perfect partner. No one can excel in such things. It is always that a person’s mood and choices keeps on changing. And it is so hard to always keep up with them. Sometimes you lose your temper and say such things which hurt them very much. But you know that you did not say it with wrong intention. Everyone commits mistake but it is important to realize your fault and make up for it.

How to Be a Good Girlfriend

Putting your step forward to resolve the issues between you and your partner is very important. Sometimes a little fight or misconception can lead to a major trouble in your life. This can also lead you towards parting ways from each other. This has always been under the wraps that how to be a good girlfriend for your boy.

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No matter how hard you try, you can never be perfect in something. Girls are hugely demanding when it comes to get a perfect boyfriend. But guys have different perception about it. They always want someone who is not demanding but try to understand them. So this makes it more difficult to conquer the zest of how to be a good girlfriend.

A guy thinks totally different from what a girl thinks. He does not want all those artificial ideas to be happy like a girl want. He just wants a sensible and understanding girl to be his partner. There are many things which are not said by him but you should be the one who can see it in his eyes. These small things can do wonders in your relationship and you can achieve the target of how to be a good girlfriend.

20+ How to Be a Good Girlfriend Ways

If you want to be the one for you guy then you just clicked on the right thing. Here are the 20 tips to win over the thing like how to be a good girlfriend. These small things will help you to rejuvenate your relationship. It will make your guy feel loved and cared so much. It’s the time to pamper your guy and spoil him out of your love.

1). Be Romantic

A relationship gets dull with time. The stress of everyday life and practicality take over all the fun moments and intimacy. You people gets too straight forward and forget to show the romantic side of you to each other. But if your guy is busy then it is your duty to initiate the romance. Be the one who gets spontaneous and leave no chance to get romantic with him.

It takes nothing but some quality time of yours to win over his heart back. This is one of the most important steps on the quest of how to be a good girlfriend. Talk to him in a flirty way. You can text him something really romantic while he is asleep. It will surely make him smile just after he wakes up. Life is small, so do not leave any chance to shower your love on him.

Be Romantic

2). Smell like Flowers

This may sound a little awkward to you but your smell really affects the mood of your partner. It is always necessary that you smell fresh all the time. Do not apply some hard deodorant or perfumes for a fragrance that can be smelled like from miles. Go for some really light and nice perfumes that make you smell like flowers. The scent of yours can be really helpful for making a guy fall for you.

Gentle smell coming out from your body mix with your odor and gives a mesmerizing tempt to your partner. Guys always remember a girl from her smell. So you can make a perfume your signature smell. It is very important to opt for nice fragrance in order to work on how to be a good girlfriend. You can also choose a shampoo which gives an amazing smell. Spray the scent over your back and near the ears. So that when you guys hug, the smell always stays in his mind.


3). Plan Surprises for Him

It is always specified that a guy should plan surprises for his girl. But what about the girls, they should also be planning something for their guy every now and then. This is something which other girls forget to do for their partners. They just demand such things but never attempt to do anything. So you should be the one who is breaking the stereotypes.

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Give him some small gifts every now and then. This will make you stand out among all the girls that he previously dated. For sorting out the issue of how to be a good girlfriend, you should be taking care of all the small things. Pamper him and make him a small spoilt child of yours. If you will be doing the things for him, then he will also be doing the same for you, even more than that.

Plan Surprises for Him

4). Appreciate/Compliment Him

If you want to get a compliment from your guy, then start giving some to him too. Complimenting him should not only be about what he looks like. But you should also be appreciating him for all his small efforts that he does for you. When he does something good to you then let him know that you really value all his efforts for you. And that you are so lucky to get a guy like him.

If a guy is doing something for you then he just wants you to be happy. So it is your duty to let him know that you are absolutely delightful by this. This will make him inspired to do a bit more for you. Your ignorance can really reduce the efforts for you. For how to be a good girlfriend, you should always cherish his little this and that for you.

5). Impress Him with Your Cooking Skills

Don’t tell me that you are a chick who cannot even make a cup of coffee. Hey girl! This is the time to wake up and impress your guy with your culinary skills. Arrange a super romantic dinner date for him. Not in a hotel but prepared totally by you. Do not choose the normal cuisine that you guys eat on everyday basis.

This is the time to experiment with your taste. The Italian dinner can be the perfect one for a romantic date. Blow some candles and spread the fragrance of nice perfume everywhere. This is just another step to solve the puzzle of how to be a good girlfriend. Do not forget that if his tummy is happy then his heart is super happy. Make him stomach filled with delicious food and his heart filled with great care.

6). Get Along Well with His Friends

There is nothing more hell like a guy to establish a balance between his girlfriend and his friends. You should not be the one who creates a situation where he has to choose someone between you and his friends. Never ever become someone who always complaints about his friends no matter how bad they are. You should always try to be calm about this sensitive thing of his life.

If you do not like his friends, then you can at least pretend to like them. After all, it is you who with whom he spends most of his time. For the quest of how to be a good girlfriend, you should be a great friend to his friends also. You can invite them at your place for a lunch or dinner. Remember girls, the approval from his friends for you really do matter to him. So, always be nice to them, at least in front of your boyfriend.

Get Along Well with His Friends

7). Love Him for Real

The perfect answer to how to be a good girlfriend is that love you guy unconditionally. Assure him that you are the one for him and will never ever going to leave him alone. Along with keeping him satisfied, it is really important to make him happy emotionally. Guys are far way emotional than girls, but they do not show it. Try to be his emotional strength and they will automatically attach to you.

This is probably the most basic and first step for becoming the perfect partner for him. You can fight with him for his betterment. He may get angry but eventually he will realize that how much you love him. He knows that you love him, but you should show him every now and then and make him feel loved. Saying “I love you” every time you get a chance can really do wonders to your relationship.

Love Him for Real

8). Be a Child

You need to be mature and behave mature each and every time. Let the child inside you do the talking to your guy. Guys always feel nice when their partner talk to them in a childish way. After being frustrated from the everyday thing, they will feel relaxed by talking to you. Make them feel as much light hearted as you can. It will surely bring you guys closer to each other.

Call your partner with cute nicknames. You can also save his digits from that name. Instead of being bossy, you should start being a child to him. For resolving how to be a good girlfriend, you should become a child to him first. Because no guy can resist himself from a girl who makes him forget all the worries in the world.

9). Do not Control Him

Controlling him for his every action can really make him freaked out at you. If you do not want to his wrath and anger then never ever attempt to control him. Pointing him out for everything may be good or bad can really frustrate him a lot. If he is nice to you then let him be nice. Do not tickle him to see his disastrous side towards you. Anger is something which can really destroy a relationship.

Do not be a girl who becomes jealous when he hangs around with other girls. You should be brave enough to trust him and let him go. If he is true to you then he will surely tell you everything. If he is not then it is the time to leave him right now. For conquering the battle of how to be a good girlfriend you should not make him a puppet of yours. Let him be on his own and enjoy the essence of true relationship. Wait for him to tell you everything. Do not be a detective and stop interrogating him for each and everything.

10). Rock the Sex

A relationship involves various aspects. One of the most important among them is getting physically involved. A relationship can never be perfect if you are just average in bed. Be the one who rocks in bed and makes your partner feels satisfied with you. Do not be the one who is being controlled in the bed. Try to be the one who controls it all.

Guys like the girls who are great and most importantly wild in bed. If you want to really work on how to be a good girlfriend then girl it is the time to gear up your sex skills. Do not just be good but be the best he can ever have or had. There are various sex tips which you can read in different novels or books. Experiment something new and win over the heart and body of your guy.

11). Be Better than All His Exes (Combined)

Be the one who makes him forget all his past experiences. You should try to be the one who is way better than all his ex. It is a tendency of every person to compare something with their past experiences. So do not make him repent on his deeds for choosing you over someone else. Be the one he can be proud of. He should feel like that he made the right choice by being with you.

You need not to pretend to be someone else in front of me. Just act smart, stay smart, and be better than his ex. This tip for how to be a good girlfriend can be termed as the key tip. Do not remind him of any bitter memories of the past. Just make him feel loved and he will be all yours.

12). Give Him Some Space

Personal space of a person is always a must needed thing in a relationship. If you guys are head over heels in love with each other and do not giving some space then it becomes havoc afterwards. You guys start getting bore with this relationship thing. And finally it results as the need of a break from all kind of stuff.  So to avoid this condition, you should start giving some space to your guy.

Guys are those people who cannot remain bounded and restricted in a relationship. You would have to trust them to set them free. For achieving the goals of how to be a good girlfriend, you would have to be a space giving girlfriend. Do not call him 24/7; it would make him feel clingy. Instead of texting him every now and then, you should be waiting for his texts. The rule of getting closer always starts with setting them free.

13). Take Care of His Choices

On the quest of how to be a good girlfriend one of the most important thing is to have a pleasing personality. Do not act silly so he gets negative vibes from you. Be chirpy, bubbly and full of life so that can find an excuse to smile when he looks at you. To create such a magic in your relationship, it is so important that you take care of his choices.

You should not be the one asking him to change his habits and choices for you. But try to be the one who respect him as he is. Be a girl who accepts her guy they way he is. If you are changing him according to you, then you just love yourself not that guy. Do not take him for granted. He is the love of your life so value his individuality.

14). Do not Force Him

Asking for cute little things in a sweet way is accepted in a relationship. But forcing him to do something that he totally dislikes should not happen in a relationship. He is the one whom you used to love the way he was. So now there is no point in forcing him to change and then loving him. This will surely add some more to boost up the fire of his wrath.

To overcome the situation of how to be a good girlfriend you must not control him. You can surely ask him not to do the things which are wrong but that too in a calm way. You should not force him directly as it will make him lose his temper on you. it can be about anything like financial matter, job, family matter or anything else.

15). Show Your Womanly Side

In the hard and fast life a tom boy image of a girl is becoming necessity of every girl. You cannot afford to be delicate and soft to face the troubles of everyday life. This harsh reality of life has changed the real side of a woman. In a relationship it is important that your guy get to see your womanly side every now and then. So that he can fall in love with you again and again.

Give away your pair of jeans for a day and opt for those lovely evening gowns. Show your feminine side to your guy so that he can adore your beauty. This sudden change in your appearance will make him go closer to you again. This smart move is very much needed for how to be a good girlfriend. There is no guy that can resist himself to watch over the beauty of a girl again and again.

16). Workout

It is so important to look good and be good in a relationship to please your partner. For making someone love you, it is important that you love yourself. Am not asking you to be totally skinny, but you should be looking perfect when standing by him. It is so important to stay attractive in order to be the apple of the eyes of your guy.

For the issue of how to be a good girlfriend, it is so important to keep yourself fit and healthy. For adding some fun you guys can work out together. This will surely add some hot moments in your relationship. Workout sessions are really necessary as they keep you full of life throughout the day. You should always be looking fresh and gorgeous when he asks you out.


17). Be True and Loyal to Him

Trust and honesty is the back bone of every relationship. When someone breaks your trust then you may love them back but you can never trust them back. So it is so necessary to stay trustworthy towards them. Never ever break the trust of your guy as it will definitely break your relationship.

This is a simple but important thing to be take care of for how to be a good girlfriend. You may have many male friends but he should always be your priority. You should let him know about your male friends so that it does not create any misunderstanding afterwards. Keep everything sorted in the starting only so that you guys can have a steady relationship for long.

Be True and Loyal to Him

18). Do Not Be Too Much Demanding

Guys do not like those girls who are quite demanding. Such girls always see faults in their each and every decision. It can be asking about something materialistic thing or gifts every now and then. A girl should never be asking for each and everything from a guy. If the bonding is strong then your guy will do this for you on own.

A true relationship cannot sustain on the foundation of materialistic things. It is always nurtured on the basis of love and affection. This is the main trait required to work on how to be a good girlfriend. Show him that you are the one who is not after his money but after his love. Try to be his strength, not his weakness. If you will support him then he will automatically be nice to you. A relationship always works when both the people are involved equally.

19).  Seduce Him

To keep your sex life healthy is thing to be noted for how to be a good girlfriend. Do not make him feel bored with the regular routine of your sex. Excite him every day with something new in your kitty. There are lots and lots of ideas to seduce your partner. All you need to do is just try them every now and then to keep your partner excited.

You can wear some really sexy clothes to attract your guy. You can also go for some dirty games. The chats full of lust can also be enough to seduce your partner. Arrange some romantic dinner for him at his place and then get him involved in you. These tricks will surely make him satisfied by you.

20). Get a Life Apart from Him

It is not necessary that your relationship lasts forever. This is not always good to completely involve in your partner. It is important that you do not forget that you have a life of your own. Make him the part of your life not your own life. It is not good that your whole story revolves around him only. May be you guys get separated after some span of time.

So it is always necessary that you have some plans of your life apart from him also. Do not forget that your career and future plans should be practical not dreamy. A practical approach towards life is a very important trait for how to be a good girlfriend. It is necessary so that you do not have to repent in the future about it. Life is uncertain and it is not necessary that you two always stay together. So you should be ready about the consequences always.


This is not necessary that every guy is just like another. Some people do not like it when their girl gets too cheesy to them. But on the other hand some people like to get such attention from their partner. So it always remains under question mark that how to be a good girlfriend. You can restrict it among certain definition that how to be the perfect girl for your partner.

But after being in a relationship for some time you get to know that what kind of person is your partner. So you can decide it on your own that how to be a good girlfriend for your guy. These are some of the basic things that can be really helpful to make your guy smile all day long. This will surely help you to win over the heart of your boyfriend.