Beautiful Im Sorry Poems for Girlfriends & Boyfriends

Is your girlfriend or boyfriend upset with you? Or you didn’t find any way by which you can make up her mood? If this is the case then you don’t have to worry at all. With the help of im sorry poems, you can easily make up her mood. Since poems are the best to deliver your thoughts to someone therefore im sorry poems will definitely bring big smile on your loveable.

So let’s take a look at the best collection of im sorry poems.

1). When All The Stars Turn Against You,
When The Entire World Try To Disparage You
I Will Be There To Hold Your Hand.
When You Feel, Down In The Dumps,
Or The Clouds Of Gloom Pervade Your Life,
I Will Be There To Show You Light In The Dawn.
When You Wander Off Your Path,
And Find No Way Home,
I Will Be There To Bring You Back.
When You Want To Achieve Your Dream,
But The Gravels Try To Obstruct Your Path,
I Will Be There To Remove All Your Obstacles .

2). I Don’t Love You But I Love Your Dialogues ,
I Don’t Love You But I Love Your Smile,
I Don’t Love You But I Love Your Eyes,
I Don’t Love You But I Love Your Imperfections ,
I Don’t Love You But I Love Your Way Of Handling
A Crazy Girl Like Me..
I Don’t Love You But I Love Your Politeness,
I Love Your Patience When My Mood Swings,
I Don’t Love You But I Love Our Debates..
I Don’t Love You But I Love The Way You Tease Me
I Love The Way You Are ..
“i Am Sorry Sweetheart, I Really Love You .“

3). It’s Okay If You Hate Me,
It’s Okay If You Are Upset With Me,
It’s Okay If You Don’t Wanna Talk To Me,
But It’s Not Okay If You Leave Me,
Because I Can’t Live Without You,
I Am Sorry Baby, Please Comeback.

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4). I Am Sorry For Shouting At You,
I Am Sorry For Not Talking To You,
I Am Sorry For Not Trusting You,
I Am Sorry For Being Over-Possessive ,
I Am Sorry For Making You Cry,
I Am Sorry For Letting You Go,
I Am Sorry For Everything.

5). Hold My Hand When You Are Alone,
Find Me When You Are Angry,
Take My Shoulders When You Are Upset,
Find My Ears When You Want To Share Your Happiness,
Share My Lips When You Want To Love Someone,
I Am Here To Fulfill Your Every Wish,
I Pardon For All My Mistakes,
Please Forgive Me, Please Accept Me.

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6). When You Are Around, I Feel Cheery,
When You Are Away, I Feel Gloomy,
When You Are Silent, I Feel Alone,
When You Talk, I Feel Relaxed.

7). You Taught Me The Meaning Of Love,
You Made Me Realise That True Love Do Exists.
You Are My Support System Without Whom I Cant Survive,
Please Come Back , My Heart Pumps For You And Just For You.

im Sorry Poems

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8). Sometimes, I Wonder How I Will Survive If You Leave,
My Whole Life May Spend In This Grieve.
Sometimes, The Feeling Of Separation Scares My Mind,
My Love For You Often Makes Me Blind.

9). Sometimes I Know I Am Rude To You,
My Crazy Phase Often Makes You Blue,
Please Relieve Me From The Load Of Breaking Your Heart
Let’s Move On With A Refreshing Start.

im Sorry Poems
10). While Writing The Book Of My Life,
I Included You As The Best Chapter.
While Searching The Meaning Of Love,
I Found You As The Best Answer.

im Sorry Poems
11). I Was Mesmerized By Your Prettiness,
You Are The Main Reason Behind My Happiness,
I Can’t Describe My Love As Words Are Few,
I Just Wanna Travel This Journey Of Life With You..

im Sorry Poems
12). Your Tears Is The First Thing I Hate,
You Are The Only Person, In Whom I Have Faith,
My Heart Is The Only Thing I Can Give
You Are The Only One With Whom I Wanna Live.

13). Let’s Together Fill The Gap Of Separation,
Will Try To Strengthen Our Sweet Relation.
Together Will Share The Moments Of Happiness,
I Just Want To Feel The Joy Of Togetherness.

im Sorry Poems

14). I Want Our Relation To Blossom Like A Spring,
And Welcome All The Flowers Of Joy It Brings.
Love Bird Is Welcoming Us By Singing The Love Song,
Together Will Travel The Journey Of Love That Is Too Long.

im Sorry Poems

15). The Music Of Love Is Flooding Through My Mind
In The Crowd Of This World, Don’t Leave Me Behind.
Yes, I Admit That I Was Wrong That Fishy Day
But I Love You From Core Of My Heart, I Still Say.

16). I Feel Full Of Joys Of Spring When You Are With Me,
To Unlock My Happiness Your Smile Is The Only Key.
Love Was Just A Word Till You Entered My Life,
Will You Give Me The Pleasure Of Calling You My Wife?

im Sorry Poems
17). Please Forgive Me For Making You Upset,
Watching You Gloomy My Eyes Are Also Wet.
Living A Life Without You Is Like An Unbearable Pain,
I Promise That I Will Not Repeat That Mistake Again.

im Sorry Poems

18). Days Without You Are The Days Of Gloom,
Let’s Give One Chance To Our Relation To Bloom
Our Fights Can’t Break Our Long Sweet Relation,
Living Away From You Is Beyond My Imagination.

im Sorry Poems

19). Life Is Difficult Without You,
Without You All My Days Are Blue,.
Yeah, I Made You Upset I Admit,
But You Were Wrong You Can’t Deny It.
Let’s Forget And Begin Our New Chapter
And Make Our Relation Even More Greener.

im Sorry Poems

20). You Gave Meaning To My Life,
Without You I Can’t Survive,
Together Will Turn Our Hairs Grey,
With Your Smiling Face I Want To Start My New Day.

21). My Day Shines With Your Glowing Smile,
My Eyes Get Fascinated By Your Style.
I Will Love You Till The End Of My Day,
Even If I Die, My Love Will Stay.

22). Your Smile Is The Only Ornament I Wish To Wear,
I Can Bear Anything But Not Your Tear.
I Know, I Am Reason Behind Your Pain,
Let’s Try To Live Our Golden Moments Once Again.

im Sorry Poems
23). The Day I Saw You Was The Most Beautiful Day,
The Day I Proposed You Was The Most Special Day
I Don’t Know What To Do But,
I Owe My Entire Life To You.

im Sorry Poems

24). Please Let It Go My Dear,
Forget Everything And Start A New Chapter,
Sorry For Raising My Voice On You,
I Was Wondering How Could I Do That With You.

25). You Know My Feeling For You Is True,
My Immature Behaviour Often Makes You Blue
Without Your Love I Will Not Be Able To Survive,
Now I Will Try My Best To Keep Our Relationship Alive.

Im Sorry Poems

26). I Remember The Day When I First Saw You In The Cafeteria
Your Smile And Your Eyes Screwed My Heart.
I Remember The Day When You First Time Talked To Me
That Beautiful Feeling Can’t Be Described In Words.
I Remember The Day When You Accepted My Proposal,
That Day I Felt That I Got Everything I Dreamt Of.
And Now When We Are Together I Can’t Afford To Lose You,
These Small Differences Can’t Break Our Long Lasting Relationship.
Let’s Recall Our Old And Sweet Memories Together,
And Make Our Relationship Even Far More Better

im Sorry Poems
27). When Everything Was Going So Smoothly,
One Small Misunderstanding Just Ruined Our Relationship.
Now When You Are Not With Me, My Life Is Carved In Darkness.
Your Promise To Stay With Me Forever Goes In Vain,

28). I Am Sorry For Breaking Your Faith In Me,
But I Was Not Wrong, I Didn’t Got The Time To Explain.
Anyways Now Its Too Late To Explain Anything,
When We Both Move Ahead Leaving Behind Everything..

im Sorry Poems

29). Nothing Is Permanent But Our Love Is,
Nothing Is Pure But Our Relation Is.
Ups And Downs Are The Part Of Every Relationship,
Every Relation Has To Go Through Many Hardships.
But The Trust And Understanding Is The Only Key
That Keeps Any Relationship Alive And Happy.
We Both Love Each Other Deeply And Truly,
I Wish To Spend My Life With You Happily.

im Sorry Poems
30). When You Were Celebrating Christmas With Your Buddies,
Here I Was Wiping My Tears In Emptiness.
When You Were Busy Chilling Out With Your Friends
Here I Was Busy Recalling Our Old Memories,
One Single Mistake Of Mine Left Me Alone,
I Am Suffering Becausef The Fault Of My Own.
I Am Sorry Sweetu, Don’t Be So Harsh With Me,
How I Am Living Without You, Should See.

im Sorry Poems

31). You Hold My Hand When My Life Was Carved In Dark,
You Hold My Hand When The Stars Were Against Me,
You Are The Only One Who Taught Me The Meaning Of Life,
And Now When I Need You The Most,
You Are Not With Me,
One Small Mistake Of Mine Took You So Far,
I Am Sorry For My Fault, I Never Want To Hurt You,
I Love You Sweetie, Please Comeback…

im Sorry Poems
32). Door Bell Rang And I Ran To The Door
Thinking That It Is You
But I Forgot To Remind Myself
That You Are No More The
Guest Of My House
The Sound Of Your Footsteps
And The Fragrance Of Your Body
Will Not Be There Any More.

33). Your Smiling Face Is
Captured In My Memory.
One Bad Phase Destroyed
Our Most Beautiful Relationship
I Will Wait For The Door Bell
To Ring Till My Death
You Will Remain In My Soul And Heart
Till My Last Breath,

im Sorry Poems
34). I Am Here To Wipe Away Your Tears,
I Am Here To Take Away Your Fears.
Sometimes Conditions Are Not In Our Favor
And The Things Go Wrong All The Way,
But The Truth From You Is Not Hidden
Our Promise To Be With Each Other Can’t Be Forgotton

im Sorry Poems
35). It Was The Dark Night Of The Year
The Night Not To Remember
All The Verbal Flows Were Thrown In Wrath
The Idea Of Losing You Just Took My Breath
Now Everything Is Fine
I Apologize

im Sorry Poems
36). I Pardon For Loving You So Much
I Pardon For Not Letting You Go
I Pardon For Trusting You Blindly,
I Pardon For Shouting On You ,
I Pardon For Showing You The Right Path
I Pardon For Hurting You So Much
Forgive Me , Please Forgive Me,

im Sorry Poems
37). Our Love Is The Epitome Of Purity
Our Relation Has The Lifetime Warranty
Please Forgive Me , I Know You Are Hurt.
I Want You And Only You In The Next Birth

38). In My Universe ,you Are The Shinning Star,
My Immature Behaviour Lead You So Far
But Now I Am Guilty Of My Mistake
Please Come Back For My Sake…

im Sorry Poems
39). My Love Was Hidden Behind My Anger
Your Wrong Step Was The Reason Behind My Temper
Don’t Misunderstood Me For My Aggressive Behaviour
It Was Just The Taste Of My Protective Nature
I Don’t Say That It Will Not Happen Again
But I Feel Sorry The Way I Treated You That Day

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40). Time Flies Within The Blink Of An Eye
If You Want To Measure How Much I Love You
Then Start Counting The Stars In The Sky
One Day When Your Hair Turns Grey And Hands Start To Shiver
And There Will Be No One To Hold Your Hand
Then You Will Remember These Spring Days
We Spent Together And The Fights
We Had With Each Other On Small Issues
Yeah, You Will Regret Your Decision Of Leaving Me
I Am Sorry And Still Waiting For You With Open Arms
Please Comeback…

41). You Are The Evidence Of My Existence,
I Apologize For My Weirdness.
Now And Never I Will Upset You ,
I Failed To Understand Your Point Of View .
Without You, My Life Would Be Incomplete,
I Can’t Lose You, As You Are So Sweet.

42). If One Sorry Is Enough To Bring You Back,
Then I Am Really Sorry
If One Sorry Is Enough To Let You Love Me Once Again
Then I Am Really Sorry
If One Sorry Is Enough To Bring Back The Smile On Your Face
Then I Am Really Sorry
If One Sorry Is Enough To Vanish All The Bad Memories
Then I Am Really Sorry
If One Sorry Is Enough To Make You Forget That Blue Day
Then I Am Really Sorry
If One Sorry Is Enough To Wipe Away Your Tears
Then I Am Really Sorry
If One Sorry Is Enough To Walk With You Hand In Hand
Then I Am Really Sorry
If One Sorry Is Enough To Let You Forgive Me For My Deeds
Then I Am Really Sorry

43). I Know I Am Not Worthy Of Your Love,
But I Tried My Best To Keep You Happy.
I Know I Hurted You So Much,
But I Tried My Best To Make It Up.
I Know I Raised My Voice That Day,
But I Tried To Show You The Right Path.
Whatever Was The Reason, I Still Say
Sorry From Bottom Of My Heart.
Lets Move On With A Refeshing Start.

im Sorry Poems
44). I Am Sorry From Bottom Of My Heart,
Lets Take A Refreshing Start.
Please Don’t Go Far Away ,
I Want To Walk With You,
When My Hair Turns Grey.
You Are The Best Thing Happened In My Life,
I Will Be Happy To Be Known By Your Wife.
I Apologize For All My Faults,
Behaving With You Rudely Was By Default.
I Am Responsible For My Bad Temper,
Just Flush All The Bad Memories We Had Together,

im Sorry Poems
45). I Am Sorry For Loving You So Much,
I Am Sorry For Trusting You So Much,
I Am Sorry For Caring You So Much,
I Am Sorry For Not Letting You Go,
I Am Sorry For Understanding Youur Pain,
I Am Sorry For Accepting All Your Flaws,
I Am Sorry For Bearing Your Bad Mood,
I Am Sorry For Ignoring All Your Mistakes,
I Am Sorry For Everything I Did To Keep You Happy,
I Am Sorry, I Am Really Sorry…

im Sorry Poems

46). I Know You Love Me Too,
I Know You Care For Me Too,
I Know You Can’t Live Without Me,
I Know You Are Sorry For Your Mistakes,
I Know I Too Showed You My Dark Side That Day,
I Know You Will Forgive Me Because You Love Me,
I Know Everything Will Be Fine Once Again,
And We Will Be Together One Fine Day..

47). You Are The Smile Of My Face,
You Are The One, No One Can Replace.
With You My Life Begins And Ends,
I Cherish All The Moments That We Spends.
Clashes May Happen Sometimes ,
But These Disputes Act As A Catalyst At Times.
These Fights Help Us Understand Each Other Even Better,
This Makes Our Relationship Even More Sweeter.

im Sorry Poems
48). Wrong Time, Wrong Day,
Everything Was Fishy That Day.
I Was Impatient, You Were In A Hurry.
No One Was Ready To Agree,
No One Was Wrong But The Situation Was,
It Was Only Responsible For The Cause.
Lets Don’t Go Deeply Into The Matter,
And Forget All The Mess We Had With Each Other.
I Love You And You Love Me Too,
And We Both Know That It Is True.

49). One Day You Will
Forgive Me I Know
You Too Love Me
That I Saw
Yes , For That Day I Am Ashamed
For All The Mischief That
I Have Played.
I Promise It Will Not Happen Again
But Now Please Forget That Pain
I Was Unhappy That Day

im Sorry Poems

50). I Am Responsible For Your Tears,
I Promise, I Will Bring Cheers.
In This Life, We Have Comitted The Best Crime,
I Stole Your Heart And You Stole Mine.
Now Forget About The Blue Days,
Will Rebuild Our Relationship In New Ways.
I Promise To Be With You Forever,
In The Form Of You I Got The Priceless Treasure.

im Sorry Poems

51). You Are The One Who Turned My Life Beautiful ,
Earlier It Used To Be Black And White, But You Made It Colorful.
It Is Because Of You That I Am Smiling Today,
This Hope Keeps Me Alive That You Will Come Back One Day.
Our Differences Will Last No Longer,
Our True Love Will Make Our Relation More Stronger.

52). As Long As I Am Alive,
I Will Keep You In My Soul.
As Long As I Am Happy,
I Promise To Be Your Smile.
As Long As I Am With You,
I Will Never Gonna Upset You.
You Are My Love Of Life,
Will You Be My Wife?

53). Our Relation Is As Transparent As An Ocean
The Day I Met You Can’t Be Forgotten.
Don’t Mistreat Me For The God Sake,
The Promise I Made With You Was Not Fake.
One Day You Will Realize Your Mistake,
Don’t Force Our Relationship To Break.


So guys, here you see, the best way to make your loved one smile is by delivering im sorry poems. Wiith the help of these awesome i am sorry poems. You can actually simplify your love life in few lines of apaology .these poems can act as the catalyst in boosting your relationship. Im sorry poems. Will simplify the things and it is the best way to say sorry to someone.