10 Best Google Calendar Alternative

In order to make most of their time, people generally prefer to use Google Calendar in their phone. However, I think this tool is not that much effective when you are a person whose schedule is always jammed with meetings and this is why you need better Google Calendar alternative.

Google Calendar can be operated in form of mobile applications and hence I picked those services which are not only available in form of mobile apps but can be used through their web app too. Moreover, their features are extensive which are going to make your life simpler than ever.

Top 10 Google Calendar Alternative

There are tons of time management services available but when talking about Google Calendar alternatives, you need smart and straightforward tools. Rather than going for heavy software, I decided to pick some lightweight yet super functional tools for you. Here are the 10 options I would suggest to you if you are looking for alternatives to Google Calendar.

1. Fruux

Website: http://fruux.com/

FruuxFruux is one of the most interactive synchronization service and hence preferred by a number of users. In fact, this is beyond being just a simple Google Calendar alternative and provides so many other advantages too like synchronizing tasks, bookmarks, contacts, calendar events, notes and much more.

The process done here is completely secure and helps you to work in teams more effectively than ever. However, only the basic plan is free here.

For a team plan you would have to opt for $23.29 per month subscription and while for Pro plan it is $4.66 per month which also allows up to 10 users. Every plan has their own features but you get something additional when it comes to paid ones.

Now, this is the time to talk about the features of this Calendar which are cross platform support, auto-sync, encryption and security back up, simplified scheduling options, filtering options for your tasks, multiple view options and customization, easy collaboration and a lot more services which can help you in becoming more organized.

Compatible with – Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Web app

2. Fantastical 2

Website: https://flexibits.com/fantastical


The new version 2.4 of Fantastical 2 is all about better features and improved functionality making it one of the best alternative to Google Calendar. Although the tool is available for Apple devices only but I am sure after using it for some days, you won’t be able to live without it.

The tool manages everything with utmost perfection but unfortunately it is not available to use for free. The trial period lasts for 21 days after which you are supposed to pay $49.99 in order to purchase the tool.

What you are going to like the most is its interface which is absolutely clutter free and helps you in keeping things well-organized. Moreover, the navigations are intuitive and you have the option to access either full window or a mini work window too.

Other important features of Fantastical 2 are action and share extension, reminder creation, ultra-smart even list creation, maps of different locations, multiple time zone support, dark and light themes according to day time and a lot more to make your experience best on this Google Calendar alternative.

Compatible with – Mac, iOS

3. Cal

Website: https://www.any.do/cal/

Cal is the kind of Google Calendar replacement which helps in accomplishing more tasks than you usually can do in a day. This free widget is perfect to use as mobile applications and you do not even need to put that extra effort to get organized when you are using Cal.

First of all, let me tell you that the interface of this Calendar app is really intuitive which settles it for once and for all for the user that how to use this tool.

Furthermore, the real time syncing capability helps you to manage your personal and professional in a better and balanced way. You can put all your tasks into the same list and then can decide what you need to do next. This ensures that you do not skip even a single task in a day.

This free Google Calendar alternative has more features to offer like syncing of all the calendars into one, flexible and customizable interface, pop-up screen to given control on fingertips, voice control feature along with auto-suggestion option, socially smart, simple navigation, visually appealing etc.

Compatible with – Android, iOS

4. Cozi

Website: http://www.cozi.com/calendar/

Cozi is actually the kind of Calendar tool that can bring all your family members a bit closer than before. There is no doubt in the fact that all the members of a family are busy in one thing or another and with such a tight schedule, you barely spend family time with them.

But now you have Cozi which can keep up with the schedule of each and every one in your family and can find the time when all of them are free.

This Google Calendar alternative organizes everyone’s schedule, appointments and other important activities and meetings at one place which gives a better view of everyone’s routine. Interestingly, the tool does not even charge anything for the services provided by it.

There are filters and coloring schemes which makes the schedule looks more visually appealing and organized. You can also set reminders of important events and appointments which helps you to keep everyone right on track.

Compatible with – Android, iOS, Web, Windows

5. Sunsama

Website: https://sunsama.com/

A free to use Calendar tool which is there to make you feel more organized and adds productivity to your lifestyle. I guess this is the one line introduction which is going to suit the best for Sunsama. This is an ideal web based tool to let your team remain in sync with each other’s work status.

Sunsama is more suitable for teams whereas, the later one is better for individuals.

The basic plan of Sunsama is free for individual use but there are some subscriptions available too. These are Standard plan for $8 per month and Plus plan for $15 per month. I guess basic plan is going to be perfect for you when you are working as a one man army as it is competent to keep up with 100 tasks.

Of course, there is still scope for development as the service is not available in form of mobile applications. Apart from that, it keeps up with general features of deadlines, reminders, integrations etc. which are good for now.

Compatible with – Web based

6. Smart Day

Website:  http://mysmartday.com/

What I really liked about Smart Day is that it is available for plenty of platforms to operate on and this is why surely deserves to be counted as one of the ideal alternatives to Google Calendar. Loaded with multiple features, Smart Day is suitable for both individual and teams.

Forget about days, you can even organize every single hour of your day to day schedule which means not even a second of you will be wasted just staring at the wall.

Smart Day provides major control to the user but also maintains a strict flow. Another thing which interests me about this tool is that you get drag and drop control features which is actually quite handy to use when you are too tired to look at your remaining tasks.

And finally, it is the time to talk about the pricing of this Google Calendar alternative which varies for different devices. However, the service is free to use in form of web app.

Compatible with – Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Web based

7. DigiCal

Website: https://digibites.nl/digical

DigiCal is the kind of Google Calendar alternative which is somewhere a step ahead of all. Especially its subscription based premium service called DigiCal + which even reports you weather forecasts. So, this is basically not about just planning your days but planning them in the best way possible.

The app itself is quite stylish. Where other tools are more favorable towards simple outlook, the tool believes in modern day technology and hence provides a customizable interface with multiple themes.

This is so common to find the services of syncing, integration with other important services, reminders, various calendar views and the other usual services on this app. But what counts the most is their premium service of DigiCal+ which leaves behind everything else.

So, if you are a nurturing business or a very busy organization, I would recommend you to opt for this Calendar service to make most of your time.

Compatible with – Android

8. Simpliday

Website: http://www.simpliday.com/

An ideal service to be used by iOS users, this Google Calendar replacement is restricted to a single platform only. The idea of using this app is utmost simple, you just need to create the perfect balance between the days and the people you are supposed to meet on that day.

The rest should be left on Simpliday as it sets reminders for you in case you forget about your lined up schedule ahead.

The best part about Simpliday is that it can get synchronized with Google Calendar. So, in case if you want to stick to the old homie then you can manage your schedule through Google Calendar and Simpliday will set reminders for it accordingly.

Apart from this, the usual features of this Google Calendar alternative are simple interface, drag and drop gestures, convert emails into meetings, personalized sharing, customization, flexibility of the app etc. The app also offers a premium plan too.

Compatible with – iOS

9. Jorte

Website: http://www.jorte.com/

Jorte is the next calendar tool that you would like to use in your day to day life. This organized app is highly customizable so once you are done with plenty of settings according to your taste, you can finally use it for its actual feature, which is to make your life more organized.

Jorte is ideal for both personal and team use as it has features which can establish a sync between the work statuses of all of your employees.

Jorte follows a pricing plan too where the basic plan is free. Other ones are subscription based like Jorte Premium for $2.99 per month, Jorte Plus for $3.99 per month and Jorte Buffet for $1.99 per month. In order to use it for business use, I think you would have to go for the subscription plan.

This Google Calendar alternative brings various features like cloud, widgets, countdown for deadlines which keeps you high on work commitments.

Compatible with – Android, iOS, Windows

10. Dawn

Website: https://enulus.com/dawn/

Dawn is another choice as one of the best alternative to Google Calendar. Working as an app for iOS users, Dawn is just like its name which can lighten up your lives. As the app is not free to use, you can buy it from iTunes for $3.99.

If you are a fan of minimalist designs then I am sure you would be glad to use Dawn because of its simple and straightforward interface.

However, it has every essential features like reminders, to-do lists, subtasks, syncing capability, integration with other standard Calendar apps you are using and much more. The idea is really fresh and the lightweight app won’t even bother your phone too.

Moreover, you can completely rely on this Google Calendar alternative to keep you on time with all of your deadlines regarding work and personal commitments. However, the app is still way to go compared with other options here.

Compatible with – iOS

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While most of the Google Calendar alternatives offer paid services too, there are some of them which sticks to free plans as well. Apart from the ones I mentioned, you can also try iCalendar if you are an iOS user. However, the functioning remains similar to Google Calendar only.

There are plenty of more alternatives available but I wanted to keep it simple and hence I did not pick the complex ones. Talking about a bigger picture, you have project and time management software too and keeping up the calendar is one of their tasks. But as I wanted full-fledged apps for you people, you have all the details given above.