Beautiful Love Text Messages for Girlfriend | Love SMS for Wife

Love text messages: Often it is impossible to express love in words. It is more than difficult to translate into words what it feels like to be in this intoxicated state. It may seem corny or really a widespread topic, but those who have been or are still really in love know that is true.

Frightened minds about romance often do not dare to say nice phrases. Fortunately, there are others who have dared. We gather here the best 106 love text messages for you.

The most beautiful love text messages all in one place for you! We welcome and dedicated our love text messages to all you dear people. Also find here, the best ideas to capture in love text messages, the best ideas to woo the one who has stolen your hearts.

Usually, we send love text messages to our husbands/boyfriendsa few times a day. But those love text messagesare usually like: “Did you pay the utility bill?” or “Will you come home early?” or”Good luck today in your presentation work.” But rarely do we send a love text messages saying: “I love you”.

Your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wifeneeds to know how much you love and miss him/her. Think about it and appreciate them through love text messages.

Do not let me lie: In the midst of the daily grind, we soon stop to have a loving detail with our partner, but it can and must change. So I share here with you all, 106 love text messages that you can send to your partner during the day; they increase their self-esteem, will make them feel unique and appreciated, and strengthen the relationship. No matter whether they are short or long, send them love text messages when they least expect it. I promise you that he/she will love receiving them.

Beautiful Love Text Messages for Girlfriend

1). I did not know what the word love meant until you came into my life. Without telling me, you showed me the way to happiness like I had never known before. You’re the cutest and I’ll always appreciate that life has placed you in my path.

2). If I had only three wishes, they would be to always see you happy, to never lose you and that you exist only for me.

3). I know that sometimes, I love you a lot but it is because you do not deserve less.

4). I do not want to be a girl in your life anymore. I want to be the woman who accompanies you for the rest of your days and wish that ours will be a love story that lasts forever.

5). Love does not make sense but when you love the right person, nothing makes more sense in the world.

6). I asked her looking skyward: What is happening in the sky…? She looked towards the sky and asked why? I answered: Because the angels are falling!

7). You can have my heart but in exchange, will you please give me life with your kisses?

8). I have wanted to tell you since a long time, that I have loved you since forever.

9). I love you in ways deeper than I can explain.

10). I leave here, because one day, inadvertently, you will read here that I love you.

11). If I tell you I love you, can I stay with you forever and ever?

12). You hate me? No worries. For I love you. But I do hate what you have done to me.

13). Mine may be a whim, an obsession, a delusion or a folly, but it can never be fleeting. I love you. Good morning!

14). I know that I love you and I wish it is enough for you.

15). Did I mention that you are the love of my life?

16). The stars are the memory of how much I love you, my love. Good morning!

17). I love you as a child; my love is as innocent as a child’s love.

18). If the love of all my days together is not enough, I will love you one day at a time.

19). How little you must know me if you think I do not love.

20). I do not know where we are going but I do know that I want to go with you.

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