Rocket VPN Review: Enjoy the Internet Freedom to Fullest

Rocket VPN Review: The internet is one of the most powerful sources of information that can be of great benefits for us. From gaming to online shopping, just everything can be done using the internet. But you must ensure that you are browsing over a secure connection to prevent any data theft. Privacy over the internet is just a myth. A number of users surfing on the internet are not safe. Either your ISP is monitoring your activities or to the worst, some intruders might enter into your firewall, break the security and steal your vital data. This is one of the biggest disadvantages. You can use a VPN to avoid all this.

A VPN is a private network that protects your identity and lets you browse across the internet without any fear. Even your ISP is unable to track you then forget about any other intruder. If you are in search of a VPN that can help you browse the data safely on the internet when you are using a mobile device then Rocket VPN App is one of the best apps you can install on your device. Let us extract more information about it in this Rocket VPN review.

Rocket VPN Review – A Brief Knowhow



One of the most stunning VPN apps you will find on Android and iOS mobile devices are Rocket VPN. It lets you browse securely over the internet through your mobile. Moreover, you can easily bypass the censorship imposed by your ISP or country’s government on use of certain websites. This can be done by changing your virtual location.

Using Rocket VPN, the mobile users can easily change their geographical location, access restricted websites, and stay completely anonymous. You get 250MB free bandwidth usage every month after you install this app on your mobile. The monthly usage can be extended by upgrading the plan. Let us learn about some of the awesome features of this VPN app in the Rocket VPN review.

Rocket VPN – Top Features

Rocket VPN is one of the few VPN applications that are packed with a range of value-added features. You will be highly impressed by the features provided by it. Check out some of the most exclusive features of this VPN app in Rocket VPN review.

  • Superfast Connection: Though many of you know that speed of your connection depends on your location while you are using the VPN, but in general, the servers at Rocket VPN can deliver amazingly fast speed. You can browse the web swiftly and watch videos with compromising with the speed.
  • Reliable Server: It has its servers in 10 different countries of the world including UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, and few others. The industry leading servers of Rocket VPM ensures no downtime and zero interruptions.
  • Privacy Protection: All your important data in the mobile is well encrypted. Further, it masks your IP to make the browsing secure and ensures that you stay safe while connecting to the public Wi-Fi.
  • Access Restricted Content: It often happens that few sites are blocked in a country because they don’t follow the government rules. You can access such websites too by changing your virtual location without being identified by your ISP.
  • Easy to Use: You will find it easy to navigate from the home screen. You can change the location, check bandwidth usage, and access the apps from the home screen with ease. It has got a user friendly interface.
  • Multi-Platform Support: The app is well compatible to work on both Android and iOS platforms. It can work on smartphones as well as tablets too.
  • Quick Launch App: It has got a ‘Quick launch App’ section on the home screen from where you can easily run the third party application without any fear of data loss. It maintains the transparency in between the connection.

Pricing & Plan

Initially, Rocket VPN provides 250MB free bandwidth for every month. To use unlimited bandwidth and run this app on multiple deices, you will require going for its premium version. The plan will cost you around $2 per month if billed annually. The monthly billing can be little costly. No extra MBs will be carried forward to the next month in cash you haven’t utilized them.

The Bottom Line

Rocket VPN has emerged to be an outstanding application for the Android and iOS users. The Rocket VPN reviews by its users have been good so far and it has even received the positive ratings in the PlayStore as well as AppStore. It has over 1 million installs and is still counting. You will require more Android 4.0.3 version or above to run it on Android devices. Now it is up to you whether you want to browse safely through the web or not!