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Keeping up with the latest music albums and tracks is the wish of every teenager. Not only teenagers but everyone loves to listen to new music which is doing the rounds in everybody’s phone. You must have wondered some time that how you are not able to check that which is the latest music albums but your friends knows about it even before anybody else?

That is because they are using the best music album downloader sites which helps them download the current music albums. Not only the albums but charts, playlists, tracks, they have it all in their kitty for the users.

Now you can also become the one who has all the latest releases of the music albums in their phone. This is just a click away from you and I am sure you would not have known to this before. But now we are introducing you to the best options of the album downloader sites.

Top 15 Album Downloader to Download Albums

Here are the best music album downloader sites which will help you to keep an eye on the latest release of different singers in different genre as well. You are surely going to fall in love with the ease of access and abundant database of these sites that you would not be able to keep your hands off your phone.

So get ready to update yourself with super cool music albums with just one click of your phone anytime and anywhere.

Top1: iSkysoft iMusic

Website Link

Thinking about downloading the latest tracks and that too with the full album then iSkysoft iMusic is offering you the best collection ever. The tracks, music and sound here is latest and that too in a great quality. They people are covering different types of artists, genres, songs and even the entire playlists too. This is by far the music album downloader that you are ever going to use.

music album downloader

The best part of this album downloader is that it comes with the facility of all free which means you can download any album or songs absolutely free. This platform connects to you to more than 3000 websites which contain a huge database of songs. This means that you have an ocean of music albums and single tracks just on your click.

iSkysoft iMusic is not only enabling to the android users but it is also a cup of tea for the iOS users too. Through this music album downloader you can transfer the music between different types of apple devices. You can download the albums from iSkysoft through this site

2). Keepvid Pro

Website Link

The Keepvid pro is famous for its video downloading and the vast collection of it of the videos. But that does not make it restricted to the videos only. It has a great collection of music albums too. The collection of music albums, playlists, and single tracks on this website is quite recommendable.

It has a great collection of over 35 thousand albums which makes it a superb music album downloader. You can easily search out the music save it and share it too. It is compatible to windows 10/8/7/vista/XP, android and apple devices too. It is connected to more than 1000 websites which gives a great option of music to pick from.

It not only helps you to download the albums but also provide the facility of recording the songs too. It is wonderful collection invites people to search out and pick the best of albums that they want to download. You can download music albums of this site through this link which removes all the duplicate song files from your cell phone too.

3). Amazon Prime

Website Link:

Another source in the category of album downloader is Amazon Prime. It offers the premium quality music albums on a really super cheap subscription amount. You would have to pay $99 for the subscription for the entire year. This makes it a monthly subscription of $8.25 which is totally pocket-friendly.

Not only was this advantage enough that it offered another one for the students. It comes with an Amazon Prime Student subscription which gives the merit of free trial of six months plus 50% discount after the trial period expires. Isn’t it amazing for the students who are seeking for an option that can give them the option of best music album downloader and that too on so cheap subscription charges?

You can surf the various music albums through this link The best part about Amazon Prime is that it is really simple to navigate in it. You may find its outlook quite boring or outdated but trust me it is totally straightforward and provides you what you want which is obviously great music albums.

4). Jamendo

Website Link:

Jamendo is one of the largest platforms for the artists to showcase their work in the music era. They have a range of more than 4000 music albums and this makes them a great source of various types of music albums in different types of genres. This site is a bit different from the other types of music album downloader sites.

Artists can upload their albums on this site for free. Users liking their albums can download their albums and then can also donate some amount too directly to the artist as an appreciation. This makes it a great place for the small music artists.

This music album downloader is also running its android app on Google play store successfully. It is acquired with the wonderful social music features like tagging, album blogging etc. you can also listen to the albums prior to downloading. The attractive look of the site and easy navigation is making it more users friendly day by day. If you haven’t checked it out yet then you should totally give it a try through this link

5). Free All Music

Website Link:

Free All Music popularly known as FAM is the perfect destination for all the latest albums in different genres and by different singers. Categorized by the release period you can easily find the album that you want to download. The first section displays all the latest releases of the music albums. Apart from it, there is also a list compiled by the best albums of each year.

This ease of access makes it a desirable music downloader site for the users. You can request the album which is currently not available on the site and they will listen to your requests for sure. Apart from the music albums they also have superb playlists and charts which makes you available all the single tracks too.

You can start searching your favorite albums on this site through this link The best part of this music album downloader site is that you need not to pay a single penny to listen to all the amazing albums. All the songs out here are absolutely free for the users which make it a huge hit among people.

6). All Mp3s

Website Link:

Allmp3s is not a famous name among the list of music album downloader but still you can find out some great albums out here. The site is currently driven by the traffic of mostly Indian users. This is not an established one but you can seek for your music albums out here at least for once.

This music album site is not that too old and it does not even have a great outlook too. But what make it a try worthy site are its features. The best part of is that you can download the YouTube videos from this site in the form of mp3 content. From Hindi to English, Indonesian they have a satisfactory database of albums.

There are certain issues with this site that makes it not so desirable among music lovers. It has been reported that there are some security and safety issues over the surfing of this site. The content is not satisfactory for the users. Still if you want to give it a try then you can use the link for surfing.

7). Free Albums

Website Link

Another gem in the category of music album downloader is Free Albums. This amazing site is really cool from the point of view of the outlook. This is a perfect site for the easy accessing and simple navigation for the users. The best part of the site is its cool outlook which makes it really eye catching for the people to explore it.

To use this album downloader in a fully fledged way you must get yourself registered on it. It does not require any money to get you registered on this particular site.

This site is very good about its classification over the categories of the albums. You can easily search out some good stuff of album from the genres like Rock, Metal, Pop, Rap, jazz and many more. this helps people to find the right one of their choice of music albums. You can surf music from this site by the following link The sections like upcoming releases and best albums by the year would help you to have a more refined search.

8). Album Kings

Website Link:

Albumkings is one of the most famous music album downloader sites on the internet not because of its music collection but because of being a pirate site. This site keeps on changing its domain extension but that does not restrict it from having a great collection of the music albums.

This site has a record of more than thousands of the music albums and that too comprised of all the famous and latest stuff. You can also preview 30 seconds clip of the song before downloading it which confirms that you are going to download the right song from this site.

The link for this site is which is easy to navigate according to the wish of the user. You can add the album in your cart which redirects you to the Amazon after check out. You can buy the albums from out here. The site is not completely free which can be a restriction between user and his favorite album tracks.

9). Audio Nautix

Website Link:

This is one of its kinds of site to download the latest music albums of different genres. You can use the tracks from this website for the commercial purposes as well. But you would have to add credits of the website at the end which is a must to do job.

Just like any other music album downloader website it has a great collection of music albums categorized in different genre. The best part of the site is that you can also find the music albums categorized according to your mood too.

You can find out your favorite music albums from this site by the link All the collection of the website is created by Jason Shaw. The site is new in the field of music albums websites and therefore does not hold so much of traffic. You may have to get disappointed in order to find some of the music albums. Still, I would like to recommend you to give it a nice try.

10). Public Domain4u

Website Link

Whether it is new music or an old album you would find everything on this music album downloader site. I am very sure that you are not going to find a well organized and eye catching site like this anywhere else. This site is famous for its beautiful database of old music albums which is strongly cherished and recommended by this site.

The site does not allow using its tracks for the commercial usage. The first and foremost thing that you would have to do to download the music albums from this site is to become its member. You cannot download any song from this site without getting registered on it.

The link to the website is which allows users to explore some great music albums of different genres and styles. There is a particular section named free music list which gives you the list of the songs which are absolutely free to download from this site. This album downloader site is a treasure for the old music albums for sure.

11). Noise Trade

Website Link

Noise Trade is a global platform for the people to find single tracks and music albums of their choice just on a single click. You would have never imagined a whole database of music was away from you with just one swipe of your phone. You can use the link to download the music albums from this site.

Not only downloading but people can also upload their albums on this site absolutely free without involving any digital right management. Usually it does not require any money to download the Zip files of the music albums from this site.

But if you want then you can donate some amount to the artists as a tip or appreciation. This gives a boost to the artists to work even better in the future. This music album downloader keeps the 20% of the donations to themselves and the rest of the amount is transferred directly to the artist’s account. It has various features which aids users to have a refined search for their music albums.


Website Link

If you are looking for a site from where you can download great quality music albums as well as youtube videos then this is the best destination for you. This album downloader site does not seem great by the outlook of its home page but as people say that you cannot judge a book only from its cover. That is what happens with this site.

Being a mediocre site, it does not have that huge database of the music albums but still it is worth giving a try. There are different sections that lead you to the music albums of specified genres and style. The link leads you to the home page of this website.

This website is new in the category of the music album downloader and that is why cannot be called as an established one. But there are really some good stuff for the rock, punk, metal, hip hop and many more type of music genres.

13). Sound Cloud

Website Link:

Sound cloud is a Berlin bases music album downloader site which helps people to upload, download, record, promote and share wonderful music tracks and music albums. They have more than five million registered people on their site to enjoy the unlimited areas of music out here.

They offer numerous services to their users like preview of the audio that you want to download, sponsorship of channels, mobile display ads and many more. You can enjoy the single tracks and music albums on this site through the link

This amazing website has a huge database of the music albums available in different genres and by different artists as well. Sound cloud can be easily combined with twitter and facebook to reach out to the great amount of audience. There are groups made on this site which provides common content of likings for sharing and listening purpose. This makes this site a complete package for the music album lovers.

14). Band Camp

Website Link:

Bandcamp is the best platform for the people to directly connect with their favorite artists and enjoy their music albums with the help of just one click. This provides a great opportunity to the artists for getting paid by their fans and other people which includes a really huge amount.

This is by far the most trusted music album downloader site on the internet to give a great boost to the careers of the artists. You can easily find some of the great works of the people on this site via the link  You can also gift the music albums to your friends also.

There is an option out there to save the albums in a wish list which saves them for the future downloading purpose. This also avails the facility of the pricing of the music albums. The policy of Bandcamp says that it keeps 15% of the amount which is earned by the artist through the Bandcamp. This is how artist and the site’s business keeps on going smoothly through this platform.

15). Beemp3s

Website Link

Beemp3 is a destination where you can find music which has been officially published online. A huge database of thousands of music albums will make your mind blow with the quality and uniqueness. Whether it is an old music album or new, you are going to find some really great stuff out here.

You can download tracks and albums from this site with the help of this link You can download such music albums through their genres or even by the name of the artists as well. You are going to get the most favorable results through this music album downloader site.

Genres like hip hop, indie rock and many other are famous on this site. There are different features on this site from which one of the feature is that the downloading from this site is absolutely free of cost. So like the conventional sites you would not have to pay anything to listen to your favorite albums. It is like a match made in heaven for the music lovers.


There are numerous options to download the entire music albums but we have tried to compile the best ones for you. Although, you would find almost all the options up to the mark but still we would like to strongly recommend you the first option. ISkysoft Music is a great option in the category of music album downloader sites.

The ease of access and a great outlook of the site would make it a favorite of yours. You would not be able to go for any other option rather than this to download the music albums. This particular site takes care of its database in an advanced and synchronized way. This makes it a delight for the users to access it.

If you have the love for keeping up with the latest releases of music albums then you are strongly recommended to check out the ISkysoft Music regularly. It will not only entertain you but would also keep your music list up to date.