Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend : Nicknames are a way to call your girlfriends or to name your girlfriends, as this gives them more confidence between the relationship, the truth is that these nicknames often remain even when the years pass, the memories and the most beautiful moments are often related in one way or another with the nicknames that you put within your relationships.

Nicknames are often used according to their rarity or their popularity, are related to the personality that is your girlfriend or something that describes the physical characteristics of the woman you love. Sometimes they are often born of a word by an error or a mistake on your part. But they get stuck with time, forever.

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When choosing a nickname, you must take into account, the characteristics of her personality, perhaps her physical traits and the character of your girlfriend etc. Nicknames are a beautiful way of making memories in a relationship that last forever, sometimes, even long after a relationship is over. And here at Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend, you’ll understand exactly why they are so important in a relationship.

The beauty of love relationships is to always keep testing them. That mysterious pleasure that we find in simply stretching and stretching the rubber band, knowing that it will break in the face, is unmatched by any other feeling in the world.

So when a relationship is already established, playing at being irritating can not only provide many moments of fun but also the adrenaline of not knowing if in the next moment, you will end up with your bags on the street or get a kiss for your thoughtfulness. And the most irritating names that you can call your girlfriend by in a relationship by far, are the pet names. It is also true that no one other than the love of your life or your girlfriend will ever withstand names such as these with equanimity or evenness of temper.

Now the question is, “how to think about cute names to call your girlfriend?”

This article will advise you on how to stop being ineffective in what you say.

1). Think about what you want to say and how you’re going to say it. Some women like cute nicknames, while others do not; so keep in mind the preferences of your girlfriend before you try it.

2). Avoid current nicknames that come on TV. For example: baby.

3). Avoid rhyming with her name. For example: if her name is Sally, calling her something like Sally Wally is just sad!

4). Avoid anything that is sexually suggestive. That is simply disgusting!

5). Think of a variation of her name that other people do not use. For example: if her name is Jennifer, probably they call her Jen, Jenny or J, so you can think of something nice like Jinny or Ferfer, or play with her last name. Basically, any cute name that no one else has ever used for her.

6). Say something nice that she will remember. For example, “dumpling”. It is a food and is a sweet name.

7). Call her a special name on each date you guys go out on. This is really romantic and will make her feel special (also not at all embarrassing). Don’t go crazy inventing different new names for her, a few are enough.

8). Make sure she likes it. It is very important that your girlfriend approves of and likes that name.

9). Be casual and do not choose a nickname very early in the relationship. You want to be cool and relaxed.

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Try something funny. If your girlfriend has a sense of humor, try something fresh and fun to avoid curses. The time is key. Call her with that nickname when the time is right and the ambiance is romantic. Nicknames work best in those moments. Think of something that connects with her personality. Try “love” as a nickname. It works wonders. Most women love that nickname.


Do not rely on the physical. A big “NO” to calling her: cute butt or sweet ass, or anything related to her physical appearance that will make her feel uncomfortable. Nor try to call her Blondie or red head! Nor call her as if you were talking to a dog or a baby. This will only annoy her and make her feel stupid. Just do not do anything that you would not like her to do to you. This can irritate your girlfriend, if you do it in an inappropriate or excessive manner. Again, there are women who like those kinds of romantic things, so it depends upon your girl. It really is about knowing what or what doesn’t your woman like.

How many times have you been surprised with a tender nickname after which you didn’t know what to say, eh? Well now it is your turn. Use a tender name sometime and surprise your partner when she is least expecting it. Why, being a little tender from time to time is the new necessity in a relationship!

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Don’t wait no more, dedicate that tender nickname to that special someone or make a dedication from time to time to tell her what she means to you.

Nicknames are an excellent way to climb a moral ladder, it is just like giving free hugs to strangers in the streets. It makes you feel amazing, in addition to the other person who feels totally special.

Naming your girlfriend with cute names can be a very easy task indeed if you just take some time to know her well. Using the reverse psychology is an amazing new way to do that. If she is a little on the plump side, you can call her “rose” or if she is very sweet, you can call her “candy” and so on and so forth. Reading about mythology and Egyptians is a very recommended thing because they have beautiful names in their language like “urmi” that means “my heart” or “luck“. This can help you chose that perfect name for your perfect woman.

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Her name is always the nicest name you can mention. But if you are really looking for cute names to call your girlfriends, the names of flowers are an amazing option. It must sound very beautiful and the most delicate thing in the world when you say it. Pair it with a deep but simple and natural look to show to her that you mean business and that for you, it is the most natural and normal thing to say in the world.

Flowers cute names to call your girlfriend Examples : Blossom, Bluebell, Poppy, Rose, Jasmine, flora and etc.

Since a nickname in a relationship is something that is of great importance to either person in the relationship, you’d do well to think well and think this one through to give her the most beautiful name….because it is in fact nothing but a personalized compliment that demonstrates your love for her.

Forget about being repetitive or too jumbled because it will sound very false, give her what she deserves and nothing less. The least she deserves is the best and ask yourself, “Are you able to give it to her?” “Do you have what it takes to flatter a woman?

Then own it! Tender and true.

When you reach your beloved, don’t just call her by a name, give her a cute little nickname to add a little sparkle to personalising your relationship. You can choose from literally thousands of names, both common and self created, with no specific rhyme or reason. Usually, finding a name that is appropriate involves using a name that she will remember, use it constantly and use some name that has something of the personality of your girlfriend in it.

There are a lot of common Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend by that stick. Perhaps you call her “baby” or “sweetie” automatically and it comes very naturally to you, but try something with a bit more meaning. Try “Tender“, “baby face“, “honey” or “doll“. These names are neither extravagant nor unique. They can be used for any kind of woman and are safe to shout at dinner and when you need her to pass the salt.

A). Physical attraction

Draw inspiration from one or two of her physical attributes that you especially like. “Blue eyes” even shortened to “blue” works if you love her eyes. Also, “Blonde” to your beloved or “bunny” blonde if you like her red hair. There are literally hundreds of ways and reasons for the creation of cute names to call your girlfriend. It just depends on what you most like in her and with time, they seem to stick.

B). Sweet and Foods

If your girlfriend is very sweet or has an overtly sweet tooth or a similarly sweet personality, try names that are inspired with foods. Whether it is simply because it is one of her favorite sweets or foods, give it a try. Try “Cookie” or “gingerbread” or “cake” as your food related nicknames. Create your own playful interpretation if food is your focus. If she loves chocolate, try a nickname with that.

C). Features

If she is prone to doing something on a regular basis such as being a workaholic or an exercise addict, her traits and habits can help you choose a suitable nickname. “Richard Simmons” is a nice name for a little grace when she is on her way to a training session for hours. “Work bee” is a nice name too to refer to her to explain to your friends why she is late for a party.

Some names need not be used exclusively, but they just need to be cute enough to annoy your girlfriend. 🙂

Tips to find the perfect names for your girlfriend. What are the most ridiculous that you have heard till now?

Between a couple, sometimes (read often) develop nicknames that border on the corny, absurd, ridiculous and develop more….most used by all are “baby“, “love“, “sky“, “my life“; but others really border on the vulgar and when listening, others could die laughing!

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Love makes you lose your head, perhaps for that reason, our creativity in using nicknames is somewhat absurd. But hey, love is fun and the use of nicknames in a relationship is definitely fun and sometimes hilarious.

According to a study by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, couples who use nicknames have a stronger relationship. That sounds great, as long as you find an affectionate nickname that fascinates the love of your life.

Jamie Turndorf, therapist says that this is the “easiest thing you can do to keep your relationship strong”. At the same time, Health of Women says that the language based on a loving couple, humorous phrases or nicknames have often been known to save a relationship, especially when one of those jokes are thrown into a tense situation.

How to choose a nickname for your partner?

1). Use an emotional word.

This is a fertile ground for “baby” and “love” and all its derivatives. No matter what you say, everything must be reduced to the maximum smallness, a phenomenon that until now has only been appreciated by chefs on TV.

2). Apocope is the latest trend.

A girlfriend’s nickname encourages brevity, castration (verbal), I daresay. Still somewhat the same pattern as looking for a pet’s name: short and loud.

3). Because it is something that she craves and it is something tasty.

A cuisine is very much “the thing” these days for creating nicknames and hence cookie, sweetie pie and honey bunch etc. are some common nicknames.

Other flavours don’t usually apply, although don’t be surprised to hear the nickname “cherry tomato” in the near future.

4). Stresses the body part that you like the most.

Eyes“, “little feet” and “little nose” are some more nicknames used among partners. This area is especially nasty and yes, many make reference to genitalia and other sexual areas such as “my bird” etc. but these are extremely private and are recommended only for couples that are comfortable with them.

5). Highlighting the Latin ancestry.

You can travel the Latin route and call your partner “shortie” or “Mami” or “jelly bean“. Lyricists usually use these names in merengue and bachata. They are really popular these days and rate highly on the cute names to call your girlfriend list.

6). Titles of royalty.

Considering that many couples want a prince or a princess tale, you can call your partner a “queen” or a “princess“, although there are those who refer to the value as “life”, “treasure” and “heart“.

How do you notice that “love is in the air”? You realise this because suddenly, the street is full of Siamese humans, the management department has been invented that is doing a course in first aid to justify having raw lips, and your usual jogging route through the park is more animated than ever.

I personally am a huge fan of love, because it makes people more happy and more beautiful. However, and although I have a high tolerance for excess glucose, there is one thing that can inflame my lover’s spirit to the grinch spring and that is: partner’s nicknames.

The couple nicknames are not bad provided they remain where they have to stay: in privacy. At home, you can call your girl as you want, but use them outside and you’ll know why you are the only one in the office to not be notified of the afterwork.

The effects of the nicknames on couples.

All couples find pet names to call each other: love, queen, my life, etc. Moreover, within these nicknames we can find those that are the most common but also some that have been specifically designed for a member of the unique couple.

But did you know that a new study says that couples who have nicknames are more satisfied with their relationships?

Yes, or so the study says by Carol Bruess and Judy Pearson of the University of Ohio. The study was conducted with different types of couples, from newlyweds to others that had been together many years. Most had at least one nickname, some even more.

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Why is the use of nicknames evidence of the emotional health in a relationship?

First, that indicates that they have their own private world, because in the end to share something, we need nothing more than communication, in this case, the nicknames.

Second, the nickname is often used to express content or discontent. So when the couple is referred to by a name other than a nickname: either the couple is in a formal context (in which you have to keep up appearances), or the person who ignores the nickname is angry.

So while it is true that we can not read the minds of our partners, as some claim, elements like the nicknames can be great facilitators of empathy. On the contrary, the nickname can also be used to claim a moment of reprieve in an argument to soften the position of your partner to diffuse their anger and change it into love. 🙂