101 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Impress Her

Cute things to say to your girlfriend: “Action speaks louder than words”- This proverb might be heard by most of you, but this may not come true when we talk about the romantic life. When you are in a relationship, your partner will be eager to hear romantic words from you. You need to be really romantic if wish to impress a girl, and if that girl is your girlfriend, you should be extra romantic. Here are few cute things to say to your girlfriend.

Cute things to say to your Girlfriend

101 cute things to say to your girlfriend to Impress Her

1). A day before, I was counting stars and was matching each star with an explanation why I love you. I don’t know why the stars fell short.

2). When you were sleeping last night, I sent an angel to guard you. Strangely, the angel returned back and I looked at him in amazement. I asked him why he didn’t guard you. He told me that angels don’t need to guard other angels.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend when she is in mind to hear how she is important for you. It can be a magical line for you at that time.

3). For me living without you is as pointless as a broken pencil.

4). It would not be hard for me to conquer the entire world single handedly if you are holding my other hand.

5). Every inch of you is so flawless, I am sure God wanted to show off his skill and creativity when he made you.

6). My love, you deserve the happiness and everything in this world however I am not big enough to give that to you so I am giving you everything that is mine. My world, my happiness and my Laughter, is now yours.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend if you had done something wrong and but you don’t want to lose her and you need one more chance to prove yourself that you will take care her forever and never hurt.

7). Given a chance, I would never leave you. You belong with me, till forever!

8). You know why I keep telling you that I love you? One day either of us might end up in the hospital bed and the last feeling that I want to be with you is, is me loving you forever.

Below are few Cute things to say to your girlfriend when she wants to hear some complement. Girls always love complement like hey beautiful, my queen, amazing etc.

9). He- Hi Dictionary!
She – Dictionary?
He – Yes, because you add meaning to my life!
You must be a thief babe since you have stolen my heart.

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10). I am sure it must have hurt you when God cut your wings and sent you on earth.

Cute things to say your girlfriend at her special day like her birthday, Valentine’s day and any special day.

11). My love for you will be intact F.O. E.V.E without an R since R would mean an end to the forever and my love for you has no end.

12). You know which coffee best describes my love for you? Mocha Latte, because it is hot, sweet and absolutely filled with pep.

13). As much as a drowning man yearns for an air, I yearn for you. Having just a little of you to myself, could just kill me!

14). Beatles described love the wrong way all these years. It is not all we need but all we have.

15). Whenever I see you, I fall in love with you yet again.