101 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Impress Her

Cute things to say to your girlfriend: “Action speaks louder than words”- This proverb might be heard by most of you, but this may not come true when we talk about the romantic life. When you are in a relationship, your partner will be eager to hear romantic words from you. You need to be really romantic if wish to impress a girl, and if that girl is your girlfriend, you should be extra romantic. Here are few cute things to say to your girlfriend.

Cute things to say to your Girlfriend

101 cute things to say to your girlfriend to Impress Her

1). A day before, I was counting stars and was matching each star with an explanation why I love you. I don’t know why the stars fell short.

2). When you were sleeping last night, I sent an angel to guard you. Strangely, the angel returned back and I looked at him in amazement. I asked him why he didn’t guard you. He told me that angels don’t need to guard other angels.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend when she is in mind to hear how she is important for you. It can be a magical line for you at that time.

3). For me living without you is as pointless as a broken pencil.

4). It would not be hard for me to conquer the entire world single handedly if you are holding my other hand.

5). Every inch of you is so flawless, I am sure God wanted to show off his skill and creativity when he made you.

6). My love, you deserve the happiness and everything in this world however I am not big enough to give that to you so I am giving you everything that is mine. My world, my happiness and my Laughter, is now yours.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend if you had done something wrong and but you don’t want to lose her and you need one more chance to prove yourself that you will take care her forever and never hurt.

7). Given a chance, I would never leave you. You belong with me, till forever!

8). You know why I keep telling you that I love you? One day either of us might end up in the hospital bed and the last feeling that I want to be with you is, is me loving you forever.

Below are few Cute things to say to your girlfriend when she wants to hear some complement. Girls always love complement like hey beautiful, my queen, amazing etc.

9). He- Hi Dictionary!
She – Dictionary?
He – Yes, because you add meaning to my life!
You must be a thief babe since you have stolen my heart.

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10). I am sure it must have hurt you when God cut your wings and sent you on earth.

Cute things to say your girlfriend at her special day like her birthday, Valentine’s day and any special day.

11). My love for you will be intact F.O. E.V.E without an R since R would mean an end to the forever and my love for you has no end.

12). You know which coffee best describes my love for you? Mocha Latte, because it is hot, sweet and absolutely filled with pep.

13). As much as a drowning man yearns for an air, I yearn for you. Having just a little of you to myself, could just kill me!

14). Beatles described love the wrong way all these years. It is not all we need but all we have.

15). Whenever I see you, I fall in love with you yet again.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend in night are:

16). You know why I would never give up on you? Because you are my dream girl and my parents have always taught me to never give up on precious dreams.

Use these cute things to tell her how long you can stay with her. Doesn’t matter what is the situation but you will always with be even in hell.

17). If I have you with me, I wouldn’t mind being in hell with you.With you even hell seems like heaven.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend to tell her your love will never end for her

18). I will keep, loving you till the day I breathe my last. If possible even after that . . .

19). You know why I got this flower for you? Because I want the flower to know what real beauty means!

20). Last night, I went to the hospital to get an x ray done. You know what the doctors found out? They found you        preserved safe in my heart.

21). As long as you reside in my heart, I’ll be fine forever.

Lovely cute things to say to your girlfriend any time, she will say I love you and can give you a kiss if she is with you.

22). You know how much I wish, life had a pause button? Then I would pause every moment we are together.

23). I am putting this tear drop in the ocean. Whenever you are able to locate it, I would stop loving you.

There are few cute things to say to your girlfriend when she wants to know how you feel with her.

24). The last thing that I want to see or feel before I die is you!

25). I wouldn’t be sad if I die today. You know why? Because my last breath would be in your lap and that for me is nothing short of heaven.

Cutest things to say to a girl when she wants to know does she perfect for you?

26). For me, you are perfect. Everything I wanted in a girlfriend is in you!

27). You know what’s the best thing that has ever happened to me? You, my love!

There are few nice things to say to your girlfriend. Every girlfriend wants to hear such beautiful lines from his boyfriend every day. Don’t say something every day, it will make her irritate. I have shared 100+ cute things to say to your girlfriend. So use one romantic thing daily to show your love. I assure you she will feel, she is luckiest girl at earth.

28). I wish to spend my forever with you.

29). For me you are the sweetest thing in the world. Sweeter than all the deserts put together.

30). You bring strength to me. Had it not been for you, I would have given up long back.

There are few cute things to say to your girlfriend, those you can use to tell her she is only girl for whom you want to spend your whole life and God made her only for you.

31). I believe God has sent you only for me.

32). It’s been years since we are together and even today you make my heart skip a beat.

33). You know when I get old and all withered I would hold your hands and that would give enough meaning to my life.

34). You don’t need makeup to make you look or feel beautiful. Just look in to my eyes and you’ll know how beautiful you are.

35). Even when you are in deep slumber, I keep admiring your beauty.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend in morning are:

36). I want your face to brighten up my mornings for the rest of my life.

37). Given a chance, I would not shy away from confessing my love for you, in front of the whole wide world.

38). I would want to fill those gaps between your heart beat with mine.

39). All the happiness, love and contentment in my life are a gift from you.

40). I do not need materialistic gifts from you. Lend me your support and shower me with your love and then I would not need anything beyond that.

41). I might not be a photographer but I can definitely picture us together perfectly.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend to tell her how badly you want her in life:

42). Every morning the only thing that I demand from God is you.

43). The only thing that I need from Santa this Christmas is you!

44). You can below nice things to say to a girl and tell her that she is the reason of your happiness.

45). Are you a camera? Every time I look at you, I happen to smile!

46). In school I was taught that happiness starts with H but ever since I have met you I have realized that it starts with U.

47). The only person that deserves more of me than you is going to be our daughter.

48). Just when I saw you for the first time, I knew our chemistry could defeat every subject in the world.

49). I am sure I would own a galaxy if I could get a star for every moment you crossed my mind.

50). Below is one of the cute things to say to your girlfriend and tell her how important she is for you.

51).  I am nothing without you. Perhaps as incomplete as a shoe without laces or a nerd without braces.

Say these cute things to your girlfriend when you are lying in her arms and seeing in her eyes.

52). I can just spend all of my life being lost in your eyes.

53). You must be a magician since every time I look at you, everything around disappears.

54). You know when I first looked at you I started searching for your signature because my teacher always told me that masterpieces have signatures.

55). I am not an organ donor but I can give away my heart to you.

56). If I began collecting roses for every time I thought about you, I’ll soon have the largest garden in the world.

57). The only future that I want to see has to be with you.

58). If you are confused to ask her to marry you, Use below cute things to say to your girlfriend. I assure you, she will impress and definitely will say “Yes”.

59). You know what a perfect life would mean to me? You being married to me and we have 2 little kids running    around in the garden.

60). I believe I have just hit the homerun ever since you have become mine.

Another most romantic, cute things to say to your girlfriend when you are in the garden with her or use to tell her how beautiful she is.

61). Even the most beautiful flower looks dull in front of you.

 62). You are way more beautiful than the combined beauty of all things alive.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend to make her more romantic

63). You are definitely an expert thief. You stole my heart away and I didn’t even realize when that happened.

64). You know why I have stopped celebrating festivals? Because I have you in my life and a life lived with you is nothing short of celebration.

65). When I close my eyes, I see emptiness and that’s when I realized how life is without you.

66). Oh wait, I think there is something in your eyes. Ahhhh, it’s just the sparkle of your inner beauty!

67). Stop eating this huge cupcake, you are already too sweet to handle.

68). Hey, did you eat lucky charms for breakfast? You simply look magically delicious!

69). I am sure when the angels see you with me, they must be crying since they have lost you to me!

70). How are you here? Are angels allowed on earth?

Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you are spending quality time with her are:

71). Can I make a call from your phone? I just need to tell my mom, I am living my dreams!

72). The only alphabets that sound sane to me are U and I, together!

73). For me there is nothing wrong with being in love with you. If the world feels otherwise, then that’s their fault.

74). Aren’t you tired? You have been running in my head all through the day!

75). Is your dad a baker? You are such a sweet cake! Delicious and soft everywhere.

Below are the funny and cute things to say to your girlfriend to enjoy her smile and love.

76). I want to be a bigger thief than you. You have already stolen my heart and I want yours to be with me now.

77). You know you remind me of some tropical fruit something like a fine apple. Red, delicious and soft!

78). I have long been thinking of you and the only thing that I would wish to tell you is that I love you, with all my heart.

79). You know what, when I met you for the first time I knew right then that I would wish to take you home, not to show you my bedroom but to make you meet my mom!

There are few cute things to say to your girlfriend. Those you can use to tell her “she is everything for you”.

80). If I have you in my life, I would never ask for more. You are life to me and maybe more!

81). Babe, I still am not sure what it is like to be in love but one thing I know is that the feeling that I have for you is much similar to how poets and authors describe being in love.

82). You have no clue how empty I feel the second I am without you.

83). I do not want to know or experience or feel how life would be without you because I know for sure that I would not be without you!

84). The only thing that I can say with sheer genuineness is that I love you. Always have and always will.

Use below cute things to say to your girlfriend that you can not imagine your life without her, every girl wants to know that she means lot for you in your life.

85). Babe, I am incomplete without you. The mere thought of you being away from me is enough to make me go crazy.

86). It’s not that I cannot sleep without hearing your voice it is just that I don’t want to.

87). I can smile through all my fears, anxiety and weak moments, conditions apply you are by my side.

88). You have that mesmerizing thing about you, something that can make me smile even in my dull days.

89). It’s been just a day without you and I do not feel a thing. What really makes you thing that I would ever be able to live my life without you?

Cute things to say to your girlfriend to show your care and love:

90). You know why I am so protective about you? Because you are that flower who everyone wishes to have.

91). It is true that I might not be the best that you can have but I am definitely not the worst. Isn’t that a reason enough for you to be with me?

92). I would have given up on life, long back, had you not been with me. But since you are here, I can defeat all odds.

93). The love that I have for you is way more than the water this planet has.

94). I do not know all the big people in the world but I know you and that’s a bigger thing that matters.

95). I don’t know what life would be without you, the mere thought of you not being around shakes me up from without. It is as scary as death!

96). Stop soaring the temperatures high!

97). Stop making me fall for you every day my knees have begun to hurt.

98). I am not afraid to lose you, I am just afraid that if you ever give up on me, who would love you just the way, I do?

99). I can wait the rest of my life to spend a day with you. A day with you is nothing short of life for me.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend to tell her how she attract you:

100). Are you a magnet? You keep attracting me, more towards you every day.

101). I do not need any big treasures in life when I have you. For me you are the only riches needed for a luxury living!

102). The only thing that I cannot share with anyone is the happiness of having you in my life.

Final Say

Hope you may have found one of the best cute things to say to your girlfriend to impress her. These are some of the best lines that can surely impress any girl of this world. If you do not have a girlfriend then you can surely try saying these lines to the girl you like and impress her. If your luck works, that girl will surely be your girlfriend.

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