Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids or Husband

Birthday Surprise Ideas: How to plan a surprise birthday party? Need some new and improved birthday surprise ideas?

It is always fun to plan a surprise birthday party for a friend and keep it a secret, which is the best part. So if you have someone special in mind that you want to surprise, read on…..

Method 1: Plan the Surprise

1). Think About the Kind of Surprise Party you want to do

The list of things you can do is only limited by your imagination. Also, don’t worry about its execution. Ask yourself and consider the responses while planning the party.

Hobbies: Does he/she have any hobbies? Would it be feasible and fun to make the surprise party about this hobby? Planning a surprise party on football is much easier than to plan a surprise party about falls and parachutes.

Likes and dislikes: Note the things that he/she likes or dislikes. Fill the surprise party with the things he/she likes and your party will be a success. Fill it with the things that he/she does not like and someone else will be responsible for leading the planning committee next year.

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Personality: If the person is very shy, then giving a surprise party for over 12 people is a bad idea. If the person on the other hand is friendly, he/she might even love it if you invite people who he/she does not know.

Time: Can you find a good time for the person who will be totally confused and surprised to be able to tell all the guests and the person whose birthday it is, to enjoy the party? Choose a Tuesday afternoon. He/she will be totally surprised, but it may not give you enough time to relax and enjoy the party.

2). Start Planning the Theme

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of surprise parties. There are numerous birthday surprise ideas only if you let your imagination run free. Here are some ideas for surprise parties that will make your creativity flow.

▪ Plan a surprise party at home. Ask someone to keep the birthday boy/girl busy while you prepare everything for the party. Send him/her a text message and stay in communication with the plotter to make sure the birthday boy/girl does not get home sooner than expected.

▪ Plan a surprise party in an outdoor place. A forest or a beach could be a great place for the surprise. You could make a holiday-themed “Survivor” in the forest or a luau-themed party on the beach. Outdoor games are especially fun in these events.

▪ Plan a surprise birthday party. If the birthday of the boy/girl falls on a public holiday, it may be necessary to combine the celebration of his/her birthday with a feast with half of the attendees. Offer him/her a birthday party during holidays and surely he/she will thank the gods that someone has finally recognized his/her bad luck.

▪ Make a double surprise party. First surprise the person with only half of the group of friends, while the other half are in the other room. After the first shock has passed, surprise him/her again with the second group of people.

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3). Find a Companion to Accompany the Birthday Boy/Girl while Preparing Everything.

A companion is vital for a surprise. If you don’t have a companion, the birthday boy/girl could come early and ambush the party before it is ready. Generally, it is usually the best friend or a partner acting as an accompanist. This is so that the birthday boy/girl feels comfortable and does not feel any social anxiety, causing him/her to come unexpectedly. If you are planning a surprise party at home, get a companion to take the birthday boy/girl out for shopping, to see a movie or for a walk. It establishes a time frame in your mind to work with. Give the organizers at least two hours to prepare everything. If the birthday boy/girl is expecting to be out of the house for only a little time, he/she will get suspicious when the companion tries to delay him/her. Boredom will lead him/her to return home before time, so make sure that he/she is duly entertained and having fun and then comes home to an epic birthday surprise party.

Method 2: Preparation.

1). Decorate the Party

After the companion takes the birthday girl/boy away from home, begin to decorate the party. Ask some good friends who will attend the party to arrive a little early and help you decorate before the rest of the people arrive. Let your imagination run wild with the birthday surprise ideas!

▪ Choose decorations with his/hers favorite colors or decorations that are related to the theme of the party or favorite past time of the birthday boy/girl. Even if the decor is modest, he/she will appreciate the effort.

▪ Think if possible or appropriate, to bring balloons, candles, centerpieces, streamers, tassels or a bar to the surprise party. Then note whether the party will be attended by children, adults or a mixture of both.

▪ First and foremost, decorate the main areas. If afterwards you have time, put some attention on fixing the bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room. Each decorated room will be a surprise in itself.

▪You can also look for the birthday surprise ideas online. You’ll be surprised at what you will find!

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2). Choose Food for the Guests and the Birthday Boy/Girl.

A party is not complete without at least snacks. If you expect the party to last more than three hours or if the party is during the lunch or dinner time, provide food in abundance.

▪Choose a birthday cake. If you want to bake a cake, try to do it in a friend’s house. Prepare the birthday cake that you think the birthday boy/girl will want to eat, both during the party, and after.

▪Choose snacks that do not require much time to prepare. Some good snacks are a variety of sauces (guacamole, hummus, salsa, sour cream etc.) along with slices of bread, potatoes and vegetables, and small sandwiches or brochettes.

▪If you plan to leave, cook a main dish along with some snacks. You can bake a turkey or a ham, prepare a meatloaf, bake pizzas, cook paella or fish tacos etc. Obviously, the favorite dish of the birthday boy/girl is always a good bet. Birthday surprise ideas, tip #45.

▪ Find out if someone is allergic to something, so you can plan your menu accordingly. You do not want people to get anaphylactic when they are eating the paella. Not a good recipe for a party.

▪Also offer low fat or vegan options, if possible. It is extra work but if you want everyone to enjoy the food at your party, it is a must; especially if there are drinks. People who do not eat and only drink can start to feel the effects of alcohol and could cause an unnecessary stir.

Birthday surprise ideas are not a difficult feat. They are easier than you give them credit for.

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3). Choose Beverages that are Appropriate for the Occasion

Depending on whose birthday it is, you need a variety of specific drinks that everyone can enjoy.

▪Consider putting a bar or hire a bartender if most of your guests are adults. It is more expensive but hiring a waiter frees you from the task of serving drinks all night.

▪Think about putting alcohol punches like rum punch, caipirinha or Prosecco. Complete the offer of alcohol with beer and red & white wine.

▪If most of your guests are children, consider offering drinks without sugar in addition to cola and lemonade. After too much sugar, water is always welcome. Water and soft drinks must also be available at adult parties.

4). Choose Appropriate Music for the Occasion

Obviously, if the birthday boy/girl hates jazz, it is not a good idea to put the trumpets of Miles Davis in the background. Try to find music that is interesting without being too strong. One of the tips in the “birthday surprise ideas” is to play the birthday boy’s/girl’s favorite music.

5). Invite Friends

Invite close friends for the birthday party. For an intimate birthday surprise party, it is best not to invite acquaintances or colleagues unless you think he/she will like to see them.

▪ Maintain a small guest list. It will be easier to prepare food and then later clean, plus it is less risky that someone will make a disruption.

▪ Ask the guests to get a gift for the birthday boy/girl or to bring food or drinks to help for the feast. Do not ask them for both. If you are going to a party, take the responsibility and practice good etiquette.

Birthday surprise ideas, tip #16: Do not go empty handed. It is tacky.

Method 3: Raising the Curtain

1). Check the List of Things Before the Birthday Boy/Girl Arrives

This list will help ensure that the party is a surprise for him/her. Not the worst thing in the world that the birthday boy/girl finds out, but we want to avoid that happening. The best tip in the “birthday surprise ideas” is to be clever about the surprise.

▪ Make sure that the guests’ cars are parked away. The surprise would be obvious if a lot of cars are parked outside the house.

▪ Make sure everyone knows that it is a surprise party. Say it several times. People must fully understand that this a surprise party so that they don’t talk about the surprise beforehand.

▪ Make sure that the lights are off if it is night so that he/she assumes that there is no one in the house.

▪ Have food, drinks and decor lists. What you have to do is surprise the birthday boy/girl and begin the party immediately. Appoint someone responsible for the music, another person who will be responsible for uncorking bottles, etc. Another tip in the “birthday surprise ideas” is to hire a bouncer if it is an adult’s only party and drinks are involved. You will thank the “birthday surprise ideas” for this valuable insight later on.

2). Make a plan to bring the birthday boy/girl to the birthday party.

You’ll need a good excuse to make the birthday boy/girl to arrive home or to where the party is. Here are some suggestions.

▪ Ask an old friend to take the birthday boy/girl out for drinks. The old friend should not give out any clue of the surprise. Make the party at the home of his/her friend or distract him/her till you prepare everything at home.

▪ Forget something important “accidentally” at home (while you are out with the birthday boy/girl) so that you have to go back.

▪ Ask the birthday boy/girl for a favor or for an errand that you know he/she will do. If the birthday boy/girl is expecting to do something that is not fun and you take him to a surprise party, it will make him feel happier.

Knowing the birthday boy/girl is a big help if you are planning a surprise party for him/her. This is where the birthday surprise ideas come into play.

▪ Ask the birthday boy/girl to plan a surprise birthday party for someone else. This is a decoy. In fact, the birthday boy/girl does not know that the surprise birthday party is for him/her. Put him in a different room than the rest of the people and then just surprise him/her.

3). Consider these quick tips to make your party a memorable and an enjoyable surprise.

Finally, consider some other things that could go wrong during the planning stage. Although, things are unlikely to go wrong if you follow these birthday surprise ideas to the T.

▪ Make sure that the birthday boy/girl does not have other plans. You do not want to go to some other party when it is supposed to be at the one you have planned.

▪ It is best if the surprise birthday party is a couple of days before or after his/her birthday. Otherwise, the birthday boy/girl could easily realize what is happening.

▪ Only enlist the people who “want to” help. If you have to twist arms for people to help you, they will not do their job with much enthusiasm.

▪ Don’t worry if the surprise is not very surprising. The effort is what really matters. Friends, family and your boyfriend/girlfriend will love you for simply assembling the surprise and for making it happen.

Birthday surprise ideas come in handy while preparing for a surprise party.

Birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend

It is the birthday of your boyfriend and you are trying to think of some birthday surprise ideas without repeating a version of the previous year? Or is it his first birthday since you guys got engaged and you really want to make this day special for him? This year, give him something that you’ve probably never given him before-that is “a basket of gifts“. Before you close this article, you should know that this is not any ordinary basket of gifts. This is a homemade basket and is tailored especially for him, and is everything that he could possibly ask for in one basket!

Birthday surprise ideas tip: Buy something for yourself to include in the gift basket, something that you know he will love to see you use or wear but just never thought about buying for you. A sexy gown or perhaps a new fragrance or lotion can be used to pass a special evening together.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for your Girlfriend

Searching for birthday surprise ideas for your girlfriend? Well you have certainly come to the right place! Here are some birthday surprise ideas to give her a birthday that she’ll never forget:

1). The first is to find out when your girlfriend’s birthday is. Just ask her! You do not want to have the wrong date; that would be embarrassing.

2). Now find out what she wants. Most likely, she’ll tell you, “nothing“. She really does not mean “nothing”. It is not that you necessarily need to give her something; you can take her out to some place or spend some time with her and make her know that you’re doing it for her birthday.

3). If she tells you that she wants something specific, try to get it for her.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for your Kid

It is a “mandatory” tradition that a child celebrates his/her birthday with his/her friends and family. There are many ways to celebrate; just unleash your imagination. The rest is according to the child: his/her age, how they want to celebrate, the time that you will have…..well, that and the economic conditions of the family, of course.

1). If you have decided to hold the party on your own because you have more time or simply because you fancy it, you can plan a personalized party for your child.

2). If you have decided to hire a service to help you plan your child’s birthday, the responsibility of sending out the invitations and deciding on the date, time and venue is still on you.

3). If you finally decide to celebrate the birthday at home, we recommend that you warn the child about what they can and can’t do. This will prevent disappointment. Now, have fun!

Birthday Surprise Ideas for your Husband or Wife

Creating surprises for your partner: Surprises may not be necessary but they add excitement and romance to a relationship. The surprises ignite interest and transform the mundane routines into celebrations. Sometimes, parents have the bad habit of pouring all their positive energy into their children, and they inadvertently forget about the existence of each other. When a marriage is forgotten, the parties take the relationship for granted and end up feeling lonely and unappreciated.

Surprises can show appreciation and send a positive message of “I’m here for you“.

Since the entire day is your spouse’s birthday, plan a coronation (in effect), and make him/her feel like a king or a queen and treat him/her accordingly.

There are many ways to surprise your partner. Preparing a celebration can be one of the things that you decide to do to honor him, and believe it or not, there are many ways that you can choose to celebrate his birthday. I have some ideas:

Birthday Surprise Ideas: Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

It may sound a bit clichéd, but is still very effective. There is no need to be overtly fancy. Just plan a surprise with some friends and family and shout “surprise!” when he/she comes. Trust me when I say this that it will be sufficient and your spouse will be over the moon. You can do it after dinner to save some silver and buy some snacks and sweets to accompany the cake.

A birthday is a special event in anyone’s life. Especially if it is the birthday of your loved one like your kids or your spouse or your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you think about it, it really is the perfect day to tell your loved one how much they mean to you and how your life would loose its meaning without their continued existence in it. A surprise birthday party also may seem like the ultimate cliché but it is a cliché for a good reason. It is an established birthday ultimate that will make that special someone in your life very happy. And that is what birthdays are all about! Spending some quality time with your loved ones and making them know how much you treasure them, more by demonstrating it through your actions. Because as they say-actions speak infinitely louder than words.

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So this birthday, surprise that special someone in your life! You certainly have all the tools to achieve that goal now!!! And you certainly will not lack in the “birthday surprise ideas” department now having been bombarded with them now. You can thank me later!