Cute things to do for your boyfriend

Cute things to do for your boyfriend” is a little guide to help cool the relationship. Many people mistakenly think that innovation is only for companies. But innovation is essential in marriages and relationships too. What kind of fun things can you do with your husband, wife, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend? Many of these are things that you can do with no money and they are still fascinating and fun.

things to do for your boyfriend

Exit the routine! Invent new things with your partner!

What cute things can you do as a couple so as not to get bored? Carefully read and learn some cute things to do for your boyfriend:

145 cute things to do for your boyfriend

1). Call your partner on the phone and say good night to him every day before bedtime.
2). Make sure he knows that not a day passes when you don’t think about him.
3). It might seem corny, but dedicate romantic songs on the radio for him.
4). Even if you are not very good at languages, learn how to say I love you and other sweet things in other languages.
5). Learn first to love yourself. No one can give what he does not have; if you do not love yourself, how will you love others?
6). Sacrifice occasionally by your partner.
7). Tell him that you can never forget how they met. Keep telling the story from time to time so that he knows that it was something momentous in your life.
8). Be honest about the love you have for your spouse/boyfriend. Do not delay to profess or confess.
9). Do not pass a single day of your life without showing the joy you feel to be at his side.
10). Do recreational activities together: going to the beach, playing a sport; form team competitions and share games with other couples.
11). If your partner messes, remember: everyone deserves a second chance.
12). Be smart, learn from the mistakes of the other couples and don’t collide again and again with the same stone.
13). Take a walk, holding hands and hug each under the romantic light of a full moon.
14). Take him to the movies, but not to watch gory movies. Take him to watch romantic movies and later tell him which the scenes that you liked the most were.
15). Go together to visit the church.
16). Share with his friends; show him that for you, they are also important.
17). Use your imagination and above all observer. You must be aware of his needs, even if they are small. If you replace one of these small needs, you will become essential to your partner.
18). It is romantic to look at your partner’s face or turn towards him and pretend that there is something on his face and then delicately remove it from his face.
19). If you have fantasies in common, realize them together (do not have to be sexual in nature).
20). Be a lady with his parents.
21). Spend some time in the kitchen for your partner. If he knows that you are cooking something for him, he will enjoy seeing the effort that you put in.
22). Find ways to involve yourselves in the various activities of the church/temple.
23). Share your concerns and fears with your partner.
24). If you’re traveling outside, always call your spouse/boyfriend when you get to your destination.
25). Tell your deepest secrets to him.
26). Travel that distance for one reason or another and surprise him with an unexpected visit and tell him that you cannot stand being so far away for him.
27). When your partner tells you of his dreams or aspirations, remind him occasionally that you will stand by him and help him fulfill those dreams.
28). Call him from your work and tell him that you love him and that you are thinking about him.
29). Despite working and being super busy: Call your partner and tell him that you just wanted to hear his voice to get on with whatever it is you were doing.
30). Call your spouse/boyfriend several times a day.
31). Be nice to his family (not just his parents).
32). Write a note with “I LOVE YOU” and place it in his shirt or in his bag.
33). Whisper in his ear that you love him.
34). More or less, surely you know the time when your partner gets up in the mornings. If you’re in the house, hold his hand and wait for him to wake up. When he wakes up, give him a big smile and a good morning kiss.
35). Go out together for dancing.
36). At night, put your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.
37). Always hold hands when you walk together.
38). Kiss his hand, view it or look at it closely and then placed his hand on your chest, right where your heart is.
39). Go out for dinner occasionally.
40). Kiss his face.

41). Take a walk in another city.
42). Just sit together with him and cuddle in his lap while watching the television.
43). Let him know that you like to be alone with him.
44). Do not be distant with your partner in public places; show your affection for him in front of others.
45). Keep a photo of your spouse/boyfriend in your wallet.
46). If you have not yet purchased one, purchase an engagement ring.
47). When walking together, hug him protectively.
48). When in public, do not dare to flirt with someone else.
49). Not so loud, use a special tone of voice with your partner.
50). Gently and very sweetly, take his chin in your hand, look in his eyes and tell him that you love him and then give him a sweet kiss.
51). Listen to romantic music and embrace the twilight together.
52). When he speaks, look him in the eyes and pay attention.
53). Suspend any activity or prior commitment and say that you’d rather stay with him.
54). Do not interpose your interests or your desires, do something that he likes or wants to do.
55). Do not waste your time together talking about trivial things or of things that are not of common interest to you both.
56). Tell him that you have never loved anyone before as much as you love him. Do not lie, there is always something different and original to say, tell him.
57). Surprise him by bringing sweets or flowers or some other gift occasionally.
58). Do not be flattering or cajoling towards him only when you want or need something.
59). Do not say “I LOVE YOU” as a routine; say it when you feel it out of the depths of your heart.
60). When you are discussing something and one of you loses control, try to make it light hearted so that it does not turn into an argument.
61). Tell him how much you like his perfume.
62). Write poems for him if you have the gift of being a poet or just a note with your feelings if you’re not. Give it, but before that, spray the paper with your perfume.
63). If your spouse/boyfriend has a headache, give him a massage.
64). Look at the sky at night together from a balcony or a terrace.
65). At home, prepare a romantic candlelight dinner and everything with all the trimmings.
66). Kiss his neck and tell him how good he smells.
67). Use a home fragrance that is the favorite of you two and spray it around the house. This will make the aroma of your home that much more special.
68). Use your clothes to entice him; there are pieces of womanly clothes that perfectly serve to make a man go crazy and vice versa.
69). Identify the cologne or perfume that he likes or prefers and do not let it run out.
70). Bathe together.
71). Always or often place roses or flowers in a vase in the house.
72). Make goodies.
73). Caress his arms and back whenever you can.
74). Sleep together; holding each other for a long time without having sex is very romantic. It sends a beautiful message: “only care about you” to your partner.
75). When you kiss every part of his body, do it slowly.

76). In private, help each other to undress.
77). Never forget to kiss him good night, and wish him sweet dreams.
78). Show concern when your spouse/boyfriend is sick.
79). Defend your partner if someone speaks ill of him.
80). If your partner defends you, let him know that you are grateful or thankful for his help.
81). Embrace him often.
82). Kiss him passionately.
83). Tell him that he is the only person that you want, do not lie.
84). Make love to him in the candlelight.
85). Share a smoothie on the beach.
86). Go camping together.
87). Spend some time together without speaking. Communicate only with gestures and glances.
88). Swim together in the sea.
89). Look at the rain together through a clouded glass.
90). Relax together after a hard day.
91). Massage his feet when he arrives after a long day at work.
92). Ask, “How are you?” and show that you want to hear what he has to say.
93). Give him an affectionate nickname and use it only when you both are alone.
94). Sleep naked together.
95). Give him an Eskimo kiss.
96). Spend time with his family.
97). Go hiking together.
98). Make love on the balcony.
99). Send him a romantic text message, while you are in the other room.
100). Plan a vacation together and surprise him with it.
101). Use incense sticks while making love.
102). Let him handle the remote control while watching the television.
103). Give him a romantic compliment.
104). Meditate together.
105). Let him choose a movie and watch it together.
106). Fix him breakfast in bed.
107). Take a shower with him and wash his back.
108). Gift him a pet.
109). Kiss him in the moonlight.
110). Send him an anonymous card filled with words of love.
111). Organize a surprise birthday for him with the help of all your friends.
112). Make a long train journey together.
113). Fill the bed with rose petals.
114). Find a scent that you both like and that is romantic and bathe together.
115). Kiss him on the tip of his nose. 116). Stroke his hair.
117). Grab his waist suddenly and kiss his neck.
118). Stroke his knee under the table when you are dining at a restaurant.
119). Led him your jacket if he is cold.
120). Kiss him in public.
121). Use silk sheets while lovemaking.
122). Do yoga together.
123). Kiss passionately and caress his back.
124). Tell him that you never want to lose him.
125). Invent some excuse to call him while he is at work.
126). Kiss him before bedtime.
127). Tell him that he is the first thing that you want to see each night before you sleep and after you wake up.
128). Ask him to marry you.
129). Look at the map together and plan your future trips.
130). Paint the walls of your house together and play with the paint.
131). Tell him that you want to live with him.
132). Plant a seed/bush together and watch it grow like your love.
133). Read together (though separate books).
134). Take an interest in his work.
135). Commend the texture of his skin.
136). Collect shells together while walking on the beach.
137). Feed him grapes.
138). Drink wine from the same glass.
139). Pray together.
140). Speak of his greatest virtues.
141). Share the umbrella when walking in the rain.
142). Keep your hands around him or in one of his back pocket while walking together.
143). Take out the video camera and make a film together, maybe to see in private.
144). Film him while he is sleeping and gift him a cassette or a CD of it as a surprise someday.
145). Gift him a picture collage full of pictures of you two together.

These are some of the cute things to do for your boyfriend that he will absolutely love. Love is a fragile relationship that takes a lot of love and nurturing to grow. You cannot do nothing and expect it to remain strong enough to weather the blows of life. One of the major aspects of “doing something” involves doing things for your partner and letting him know how much he means to you and what importance he holds in your life. This is where this article, “Cute things to do for your boyfriend” comes in.

Cute things to do for your boyfriend” is an article that tells you about things that you can do for your boyfriend to make him fall in love with you all the more and once again…repeatedly. These cute things to do for your boyfriend will help keep the relationship alive and will add spice to your relationship.

This Valentine’s Day, tell him how much you love him and tell him that you care by doing some of these cute things to do for your boyfriend and charm & entice him into falling in love with you all over again. These cute things to do for your boyfriend are some novel and inventive things that will bring the romance back in your relationships and will bring some much needed spice in your relationships.

Some Additional Cute things to do for your boyfriend can also be: Sensually kissing his ears, giving him a photograph of yours, putting a love note in his pocket, taking funny pictures with him, softly kissing his closed eyelids, etc.
Some tips for cute things to do for your boyfriend:

Cute things to do for your boyfriend tip #1:

Make sure that everything that you do or say shows your sincerity and show that you are doing it because he matters to you and because you love him unconditionally, passionately, crazily, madly and without limits.

Cute things to do for your boyfriend tip #2:

Show him that he is loved and cared for and that you do not take him for granted; that you know his worth and are blessed to have him in your life. He will love this small little gesture and it will serve to become a very romantic moment for you both.

Cute things to do for your boyfriend tip #3:

Surprise him often and let him see the efforts that you have put in surprising him. This article, “Cute things to do for your boyfriend”, offers you some pretty amazing and superb ideas of surprises and make sure to put some thought and your knowledge about your partner into your surprises. This will also show him that you really do know him well and are aware of his likes and dislikes.

Now go on out there and do these cute things to do for your boyfriend and serenade him a little and see the results for yourself! You just might be surprised by what you discover…