400 Good Questions to Ask a Guy: Know a Boy

Good Questions to Ask a Guy: Many times while having the conversation we get out of topics. We want to talk but do not have anything to discuss. All these things lead to the boredom in a relationship. People easily get tired of each other. As a result, they decide to separate from each other.

Every relation can only sustain if there is something interesting in it. If it will be like the rest of the relations then how would it work out? For this one would have to make certain efforts to keep sweet things going in a steady state.

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There comes a phase where both of you give up on talking. You guys are not able to talk about something different. But now you do not have to worry. Here are 400 good questions to ask a guy. This will keep your conversation going on for hours. You will not even realize and you guys will be engrossed in talking for hours.

400 Good Questions to Ask a Guy

1). What do you like the most about my name?

2). Which part of the world is your favorite one? (This would let you know the taste of him about locations. This is one of the very good questions to ask a guy.)

3). What do you like the most? Giving parties or attending parties?

4). Do you like keeping pets?

5). What do you like more Indoor sports or outdoor sports?

6). Which one is your favorite sport?

7). Do you like the snowy days in winter or the rain in rainy days?

8). What kind of books do you like to read? (This can be a major clue for you to buy gifts for him. This is one of the must and good questions to ask a guy.)

9). What do you like more, school days or college days?

10). Do you have a crush or had one?

11). Do you like short hairs or long hairs on girls?

12). Do you like spending your leisure time alone or with your friends?

13). Do you like street food?

14). Do you like day time or night time? (This will let you know about his perception for day to day life. It comes in very good questions to ask a guy.)

15). Do you ever wish to have a tattoo on your body ever?

16). Do you like to keep your financial accounts managed or you just go with the flow?

17). Do you like cooking?

18). What is the best dish you made till date?

19). Do you like to dance or just wave hands?

20). Do you like to create pictures out of clouds? (It is one of the cutest and good questions to ask a guy. It realizes you that how he see his life.)

21). Do you like to day dreaming?

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22). Do you like to flirt with girl?

23). Do you like travelling with strange people?

24). Do you approach strange girls for dancing at the discotheque?

25). Do you have a girlfriend back in the school?

26). Do you like to learn about new things?

27). Do you have a love for reading?

28). Do you like to save money for the future?

29). Do you like shopping?

30). Do you like to sing loudly in the shower?

31). Do you like to travel somewhere new in every month?

32). Do you like to travel in the car or on a bike?

33). Do you like to try out things which you have never seen and never done?

34). Do you like watching repeat telecast of the shows you like the most?

35). Do you like being in your hometown?
Do you like to stay single forever or have a lavish life with your wife, pet and a big mansion? (Now this is something really important and good questions to ask a guy. This will help you to know that whether you should stay with him or leave.)

36). Do you like your name?

37). Do you like being alone sometimes?

38). Do you like to be in an apartment or in a house?

39). Do you wish to have a house at such place where there is no neighbor?

40). Do you love being around children?

41). Do you like flirty and dirty text messages?

42). Do you love your girlfriend more than your mom?

43). Do you love watching old movies when you are free?

44).Do you wish to get back to your ex someday?

45). Do you love having wild and rough sex?

46). Do you have a bank account that no one knows?

47). Are you in a habit of making friends easily?

48). Do you have some regrets in your life?

49)Do you miss someone in your life this much that it brings tears in your eyes? (It is one of the very good questions to ask a guy. It will let you know about the past of this guy. )

50). Do you like moving to different places for work?

51). Does someone’s past really matters to you more than their present?

52). Do you wish to own a lavish car someday?

53). Do you like photography?

54). Do you own a house?

55). Are you a technology freak and always stay updated with the technology?

56). Do you like playing and learning musical instruments?

57). Do you like playing games on your smart phone or laptop?

58). Do you believe that praying to god will solve all your problems?

59). Do you believe in love at first sight?

60). Do you believe in love marriage or arranged marriage? (It is one of the important and good questions to ask a guy. It will let you know that he is a mamma’s boy or have a identity of his own. )

61). Do you prefer blondes or red heads?

62). Do you prefer coke or Pepsi?

63). Do you prefer hot or cold drinks?

64). Do you prefer reading novels?

65). Do you prefer talking on the phone or talking through texting?

66). Do you like small places on the hill stations?

67). Do you like beaches or do you like mountains?

68). Do you often get attracted to the friends of opposite sex?

69).Do you like to sleep naked?

70). Do you like the small town life or hard and fast life of cities? (It will let you know that where you will lead your life with this Guy. It is one of the futuristic and good questions to ask a guy.)

71). Do you like to get engrossed with your partner in the financial matters?

72). Do you like the social media networking?

73). Have you ever created a fake facebook account ever in your life?

74). Do you prefer to sleep with your siblings or alone?

75). Do you feel afraid in sleeping alone?

76). Do you have a fear of dark?

77). Do you like making decisions by using your mind or your heart?

78). Do you like watching news channels?

79). Do you like reading newspaper for hours?

80). Do you like to keep yourself updated with the things happening in the world?

81). Do you like watching daily soaps?

82). Have you ever seen a typical daily soap and nobody knows it?

83). Do you believe in the things written in the holy books? (It will let you know that this guy is religious or not. It is one of the good questions to ask a guy to know the mind set of the guy.)

84). Has any book ever changed your perception about life?

85). Do you stand up every time the national anthem is played?

86). Do you like the concepts and work of NGO?

87). Are you an atheist?

88). Do you believe in heaven and hell?

89). Do you believe in afterlife?

90). Do you regret falling in love with someone you had a brutal break up with?

91).Did you ever have such experience which completely changed your life?

100). When did you first learnt to drive?

101). Where do you see us in upcoming one year? (It will let you know that this guy is serious for you or not. This is one of the very good questions to ask a guy to know about the future of your relationship.)

102). Do you scream on the roller coasters?

103). Is it easy to make you feel jealous?


104). Do you have a tendency to get jealous with most of people?

105). Do you easily forgive people?

106). Do you really believe in second chances?

107). Do you go to church when you are depressed with your life?

108). Do you have a typical type when it comes to date someone?

109). Do you have a weird birthmark?

110). Do you have a birthmark on the skin of your heart?

111). Do you believe in cheating and never get caught? (It will make you know the real side of the guy. It is one of the important and good questions to ask a guy. )

112). Do you make budget for every month?

113). Did you ever done something which can be termed as crime?

114). Did you ever go to a police station for doing something wrong?

115). Did you ever have crush on your teacher in school?

116). Do you have a dream world?

117). Do you have a dream job?

118). Do you believe in numerology?

119). Would you ever feel offended if your partner will earn more than you? (It is one of the finest and good questions to ask a guy. This will let you know that how broader is his perspective about women.)

120). Do you have a lucky number?

121). Which piece of cloth you term as the lucky one?

122). Do your friends call you with stupid nick names?

123). Does your mom still call you by your nick name?

124). Do you ever want to be a blogger?

125). Do you often see your nightmare again and again?

126). Are you afraid of something in your life?

127). Are you afraid of loosing something really precious to you?

128). Do you see your mom as your role model?

129). Do you see someone else as your role model?

130). Do you have a dark secret?

131). What is your wildest fantasy? (It is one of the very good questions to ask a guy to get closer to him.)

132). Do you keep something hidden in your heart which no one knows till date?

133). Do you like watching TV in your leisure time or more often?

134). Do you have a workout routine?

135). Do you have allergies to something really common?

136). Do you like sharing things with your cousins?

137). Do you have siblings?

138). Do you have bad habits?

139). Are you trying to give up on those bad habits?

140). Are you suffering from a disorder that no one knows?

141). Do you easily fall sick?

142). Do you have any debts? (This is to know the financial habits of the guy. It is one of the very good questions to ask a guy.)

143). What is your favorite pass time?

144). What do you like the most, football or cricket?

145). Do you have hidden talents that no one knows?

146). Do you have any major medical flaws?

147). Do you have more than one pet name?

148). Are you afraid of heights?

149). Do you have a phobia of something?

150). Do you always keep a schedule for your each day?

151). Do you mind having a coffee with me at my place? (This is one of the different one and good questions to ask a guy. It can work as an invitation to invite the guy at your place. )

152). Do you have a relative that has ever been to jail?

153). Do you mind having sex with a woman who has different religion?

154). Would you ever have sex for money?

155). Do you have scars on your body?

156). Do you mind sharing clothes with your brother of same age?

157). Have you ever cried out loud for no reason?

158). Do you like creativity?

159). Do you like the idea of fusion?

160). Do you have any weird habits?

161). Do you bite your nails in frustration?

162). Do you have a hidden like for something that arouses you sexually? (It is one of the dirtiest and good questions to ask a guy. There should also be some cozy moments between you and him.)

163). Have you ever been to somewhere on your college trip?

164). Are you still in touch of the friends from the school?

165). Do you mind getting your hairs perm?

166). How close do you feel yourself with your friends?

167). Did you have pets in childhood which went missing?

168). Do you like the decorating the wall of your room with posters?

169). Do you like being around in the natural habitats?

170). Are you in favor of animals working in the circus?

171). What do you think is more suitable, natural delivery or c- section?

172). Do you think that politicians are doing everything right?

173). Do you ever wish to get involved in politics?

174). Do you have the patience to wait while I am shopping? (This can be one of the funniest and good questions to ask a guy. Let him be true this time regarding your shopping habits.)

175). Do you like to keep updated with the trending fashion?

176). Do you write everything you spend on?

177). Do you like gossiping with your friends like we girls do?

178). Do you really find it necessary to share everything with your partner?

179). Do you know a criminal personally?

180). Are you updated with the knowledge of modern say technology?

181). Do you know how to drive?

182). Have you ever had a serious accident?

183). Have you ever seen anyone dying in front of you in an accident?

184). Have you ever hurt someone majorly in an accident?

185). Do you mind going out on a blind date?

186). Do you have a different and special birth story? (This can be a conversation starter between you two. It is one of the perfect and good questions to ask a guy.)

187). Did you ever feel that you are an adopted child and your parents are hiding it from you?

188). Do you lie a lot to people?

189). Can you say a major lie to someone if you know that they will never come to know about the truth?

190). Do you think there are some friends whom you do not like at all?

191). Do you like talking to the kids?

192). Do you like having a bubble bath?

193). Are you a complete vegetarian?

194). Do you like chocolates? (This can be something of your interest too. It is a choice based and one of the very good questions to ask a guy.)

195). Do you like trying new cuisines every time you go to eat out?

196). Do you like soft toys?

197). Do you like a girl with curly hairs or straight hairs?

198). Do you like a cold coffee or a hot coffee?

199). Do you like eating out a lot?

200). Are you in a habit of trying new restaurants just after their openings?

201). Do you like window shopping?

202). Do you like shopping online?

203). Have you ever get trapped in online frauds?

204). Do you like extra spicy food?

205). Would you mind kissing passionately your partner in public?

206). Do you like love games like master- slave, doctor- patient etc.? (This question is one of the most important and good questions to ask a guy. This can boost up your sex life with him.)

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207). Do you wish to play love games with your would be partner?

208). Do you like talking to me?


209). Do you like MTV?

210). Do you like music?

211). Do you like talking to yourself at some point of time?

212). What kind of music do you often listen to?

213). Do you like hanging out with my friends?

214). Tag yourself with one word.

215). How many stars would you like to give me out of 5? (It is one of the very good questions to ask a guy to know his perception about you.)

216). Describe yourself in five adjectives or less.

217). Do you like to keep your working desk messy or organized?

218). Did someone help you while talking to me for the first time?

219). Did you ever arrange a blind date for someone?

220). Did you ever do something which you did not want to do out of situation?

221). Did you ever get lost somewhere?

222). Did you ever feel like committing suicide?

223). Did you ever invest money in match fixing?

224). Did you ever wear braces? If yes then send me a picture of it.

225). Do you ever wish that you should have born in some other family?

226). Have you ever feel disgusted about yourself?

227). Do you like the kind of environment you live in?

228). Which was your best birthday ever till date? (This is one of the nicest and good questions to ask a guy to rejoice his fun moments again.

229). Do you ever want to be a child again?

230). What is the worst regret of your life?

231). Do you have a website of your own?

232). Do you love your pets as much as your siblings?

233). Did you see someone and said, “I want to be like him/her.”?

234). Did you ever feel that your parents are partial with you with your siblings?

235). What part do you remember when you think about your school?

236). Did you ever consume drugs in your life?

237). Do you want to have more than 2 children?

238). Do you really think true love kind of things exist? (It is one of the finest and good questions to ask a guy to know hi point of view. It is to know that what he really thinks about love and relationships.)

239). Do you have friends that were a couple from school and ended up marrying each other?

240). Did I ever make you feel embarrassed in public?

241). Have you ever feel inferior in front of anyone?

242). Did you ever underestimate someone?

243). Did you ever hear someone saying that you look older than your age?

244). Have you ever felt that you are being too mature than your age?

245). Do you agree that a guy and a girl can never be best friends?

246). Do you think your children should have views on politics?

247). Do you believe in super natural powers?

248). Do you believe in ghosts?

249). Do you believe in god?

250). Do you believe what is written in your daily horoscope? (This is one of the perfect move and good questions to ask a guy. It is to find out that whether he believes in making his future on his own or in luck.)

251). Do you believe in destiny?

252). Do you believe that it is important to get married for leading a normal life?

253). Do you believe in the concept of soul mates?

254). Do you believe that there is life after death?

255). Do you believe that angels exist?

256). Do you believe that there are devils?

257). Do you believe in sea mermaids?

258). Are you afraid of the injections?

259). Do you believe that dreams give you the hints about your future?

260). Do you think that women should be paid for their household work?

261). Do you think that men are equally responsible for the households as are women? (It will let you know that how he treats women? It is one of the very important and good questions to ask a guy.)

262). Do you believe in the concept of the cup half empty and half full?

263). Have you ever felt someone around while you did not see anyone?

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264). Do you believe in the concept of what comes around goes around?

265). Do you use a blow dryer everyday to dry your hairs?

266). Did you ever get your hairs colored?

267). Do you chew your pen caps?

268). What is the priority for you, respect or love?

269). Do you want to change something about your childhood?

270). Do you have complaints about your past?

271). Do you think you have achieved everything in your life?

272). Do you think you are a happy person? (It will help you know that whether he feels good about himself or not. It is one of the finest and good questions to ask a guy.)

273). Do you think that love is the last need of life?

274). Do you think it is cool to be lazy?

275). Are you in habit of rearranging your cupboard every time you feel free?

276). Do you like reading about mythological stories?

277). Do you consider yourself as religious?

278). Is it easy to make you cry?

279). Do you mind it when someone cracks a joke on you?

280). Do you de label every bottle you see?

281). Do you dance to your own tunes when no one sees you?

282). Are you an alcoholic?

283). Have you ever smoked and no one knows about it?

284). Do you like eating junk food although you know it is not healthy?

285). Do you like being in a long distance relationship? (It is one of the very good questions to ask a guy on the futuristic visions of you. it will let you know whether your relationship will sustain or not if you guys go far away from each other.)

286). Are you in favor of homosexual marriages?

287). Does someone you know is a gay or lesbian?

288). Do you want to get married to someone who was your crush in school?

289). Do you like to keep yourself near to nature?

290). Are you a short tempered person?

291). Are you in favor of the concept of moving on?

292). Are you a trend setter or a trend follower?

293). Do you like being out with your family?

294). Do you really think you can be as comfortable with your family as you are with friends?

295). Would you leave your friends for your love?

296). Would you leave your love for money? (It is one of the very good questions to ask a guy to know about the mindset of a person.)

297). Have you ever been cheated by someone?

298). Have you ever seen someone making out by mistake?

299). Do your friends visit you often at your home?

300). Would you like to be the protagonist of a story or the antagonist?

301). Are you a right handed or a left hander person?

302). Are you romantic? Give one example of it.

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303). Are you an introvert?

304). Are you a party person or like to keep to yourself most of the time?

305). Do you like making new friends?

306). Do you get superstitious at some points?

307). Do you support your family financially?

308). Have you ever felt that you are a gay?

309). Are you the person you want to be friends with?

310). Are you the same person you were as a child?

311). What did you want to become in future when you were a child?

312). Are you a player kind of person?

313). Are you a heart breaker or a broken heart?

314). Have you ever felt that your parents should go for divorce?

315). At the beach would you like to play the beach volleyball or do water surfing?

316). At what age do you feel that you should die now?

317). What do you think is the turning point that makes a guy a man?

318). Do you only believe in outer beauty?

319). Are you the person who would marry an average looking girl because she has the heart of gold?

320). Would you marry an ugly girl just for money?

321). Have you ever performed something on stage?

322). Do you have stage fear?

323). What would you choose, beer, wine or coffee?

324). Who has influenced you thinking the most till date?

325). Whom do you blame for something awful in your life?

326). Do you really think that every time you end up making you fall in some problems?

327). Are you the kind of person who has something happening on every weekend?

328). What is the best thing you have ever learnt?

329). What is the best advice that someone gave you till date?

330). What is the best thing you have ever done?

331). What is the noblest work you have done till date?

332). What is your idea of chilling out on weekends?

333). What is the best place you have visited till date?

334). Do you like having vacations with your family?

335). What is your idea, black or white?

336). What is your idea of being relaxed?

337). What makes you feel stressed the most?

338). Do you like lending clothes to your friends?

339). Do you like borrow things from your friends?

340). Can you cope up with the sudden and a really worse situation?

341). Can you define the word love in one line?

342). Can you trust me for the entire life?

343). Will you be friends with me even after breaking up?

344). Can you dance in the most insane way possible for me?

345). Can you mimic someone whom you hate a lot?

346). Can you rhyme 10 words?

347). Can you give me demo of sex education?

348). Can you handle the worst truth of your life?

349). How would you feel if you come to know that you are adopted?

350). Can you keep a dark secret of someone?

351). Can you dedicate a romantic song for me?

352). What was the proudest moment of your life till date?

353). What is the weirdest thing happened with you till date?

354). What is the one thing you want me to change about myself?

355). Can you share everything with me?

356). With whom you share every dark secrets of your life?

357). What you were crazy about as a teenager?

358). Do you watch porn more often?

359). Do you still have the porn clips in your phone right now?

360). Are you a nerd or a geek?

361). What is the craziest thing you have ever done? (This question help you to do more fun with your guy. You can do samething together again and he will enjoy. It can be one of best good questions to ask a guy)

362). Name a friend from childhood who is still with you?

363). What is success for you? One of out 400 good questions to ask a guy to know at which hight he want to reach. Knowing his point of view, you can help me to achieve his goals.

364). Where do you see yourself in next 2 years?

365). What was the most stressed out moment of your life?

367). What is real beauty for you?

368). What was the last thing you done that make you smile?

369). What is a perfect date for you?

370). Would you lie to me for someone else?

371). What if I get pregnant with you?

372). When did you have you first kiss?

373). When did you have the first date?

374). Do you like military services?

375). What is a perfect day for you?

376). Do you believe in work ethics?

377). Would you mind killing someone for million dollars if no one knows about it?

378). Have you ever hurt someone so badly that they cried?

379). How many pair of jeans do you own?

380). Are you a shopaholic?

381). Do you have a female best friend?

382). What is your favorite cuisine?

383). What is the best prank you have ever played?

384). Do you like piercing?

385). Do you ever want to contest in an election?

386). Are you in a habit of collecting anything?

387). Do you like dogs or cats?

388). Do you want dragons to exist?

389). Do you want to be the member of any society?

390). Do you like to take risks?

391). Do you like bike riding?

392). Do you like travelling alone?

393). Would you leave everything for a lifetime travelling?

394). Do you like long walks or long drives?

395). Are you a neat freak?

396). Are you a virgin?

397). Do you like to sleep till afternoon?

398). Are you an emotional person?

399). Are you impulsive?

400). Whom you are closer to, mom or dad?

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There are different types of questions mentioned in the above section. Each question depends upon the strength of your relationship. If you guys are quite close to each other then you have the freedom to ask him some personal questions for you. All these are good questions to ask a guy. You should be asking these questions when you see you guys are not able to discuss over anything new.

Hope you will enjoy our collection of 400 good questions to ask a guy and share with your friends. Keep visiting to get more interesting good questions to ask a guy.