Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

Funny Challenges: If you are a social media freak then you must know that how much love and enthusiasm people have for the fun challenges to do with friends. The idea is very simple and the audience is the entire world. If you have not witnessed any sort of fun challenges then you should immediately log in to the Youtube to watch them. I am very sure that you are soon going to participate into one once you will start watching them.

These challenges are only for fun and there are various fun youtube challenges that are trending in the recent times ad people are going Gaga over them. From technical to physical, these challenges demand all your vigilance on them.

You will find some of the challenges so silly that you would think twice before attempting them. But once you’ll do it and upload your video on youtube then you are not going to put a full stop on such activities for sure. Some of the challenges demand to be done in groups and some are done alone. All you got to do is, just do it, record it and upload it and then share it on your social media.

The fun is never ending and so are these fun challenges to do at home. For the active participation, you should definitely go seek for fun challenges to do with friends. You will find it much more entertaining to do with your friends and family members rather doing it alone.

Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

Fun Challenges to do with your friends

Here are the different types of fun challenges that you can find out on youtube and which you can do it at home. But you should make sure that they do not lead you towards a serious injury. Do not ignore tha safety in order to have fun.

1). Eat It or Wear It Challenge

This challenge is also known as messy food fight. I would say that this is the most disgusting fun challenges to do at home. People who cannot tolerate such disgusting things should never try to attempt this challenge.

There are bags in which numerous food items are kept. Now what you got to do is just label the bags with different numbers. Now two of the bags will be selected and whatever food items are kept inside will be mixed and eaten by the performer.

If someone cannot eat it then he/she would have to wear it (pour it on the head). The one who will wear it the least will be the winner of such kind of fun challenges.

2). Try Not to Laugh Challenge

It is a kind of funny challenge that you can play along with your family members and friends. This is appropriate for the people for different age groups. The more people playing this game, the more fun they can have.

In such fun challenges to do with friends all you got to do is what the name of this challenge. People provoke you to laugh but you would have to remain the way you are. You cannot even smile and cannot even laugh a bit.

You would have to watch the 6 second vines or some other funny video clips. But you cannot laugh while watching them. This is hilarious fun challenges which can also become fun youtube challenges.

3). The Whisper Challenge

This is by far the best fun challenges of all time. There is no doubt that you are going to love such kind of light hearted fun challenges to do with friends as they are really amusing and does not involve any sort of competition.

The idea is really simple, all you need it one headphone and some loud music tracks. One person would wear the headphones and there will be some really loud music tracks playing in it. The other person would speak something that will be totally inaudible to the other one.

Person wearing headphone would try to guess what the other one is saying. After some attempts you can change the parts.

4). Speed Drawing

This is a totally time dependent fun challenges to do with friends. It totally depends upon you that how much time span you want to choose to attempt this challenge.

What you really need for this challenge is some crayons, blank sheet, pencil and other relevant stationary. There will be a time limit of say 2 minutes and the person attempting the challenge would have to draw something within this time period.

The context can be anything like flowers, animals, person, character or anything else. Multiple people can attempt it at the same time and can have fun.

5). Touch My Body

This is a kind of fun challenges that are usually attempted by the couples with each other. You can guess the idea of this game just by its name.

You cannot call it particularly fun challenges to do with friends but it is mostly played between people of opposite sex. One person is made blindfolded and the other one guide the hand of the blindfolded person on his/her body.

Now the blindfolded person would have to recognize that which body part is this. The positions can be switched back and forth. However this is not a suitable fun youtube challenges as it has gone through a lot of censorship problems.

6). Chubby Bunny

It is a simple kind of fun challenges to do with your friends. The idea is straight but it can cause choking so you should be extremely careful while doing this and also do not push your limits.

You can decide a specific time limit for this or you can perform this without any time limit too. A person would have to have as much marshmallow they can. The condition is that they cannot eat it, swallow it or chew it at all.

One would have to say chubby bunny after putting every marshmallow in mouth. After being impossible to take one more you can spit all. the person who keeps most marshmallow is the winner.

7). Innuendo Bingo

It is one of the messiest kinds of fun challenges to do with friends. There are two person required at the same time to perform this challenge.

All they got to do is keep a liquid in their mouth for as longest they can. This liquid can be anything like water, cold drink, beer depending upon your choice. Some funny clips would be playing in background and the two of them would be facing each other.

The one who will spew the liquid first would be the loser and he/she would have to take a sip extra for the next round.

8). The Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon is really taste delicious when sprinkled in a little amount over food items. But what if you have to eat a spoon full of cinnamon powder?

This challenge is all about it. This is basically the kind of fun challenges to do with friends to make fool out of people. This is really impossible to consume a spoon full of cinnamon as it cause a burning sensation which is really impossible to handle.

The one who will spill out this powder first would be the loser. Well, to spoil the fun I would already say that it is impossible to eat the spoon full of cinnamon.

9). Say Anything

If you are thinking that how can saying anything be a challenge? Then let me tell you that it is one of the toughest fun challenges to do with friends.

This can be played with a lot of people together. More people would make this challenge even more tougher. You can sit in a circle if you are doing this challenge with more than one person. Now each one would say a word and each time everyone would have to make sure that no words get repeated.

If someone repeats it then you can stick a tap on his face. After certain rounds the one with least tap on his face would be the winner.

10). Bean Boozled Challenge

This is a kind of candy which is available in many tastes. But the catch is that each color has two different flavors, one delicious and another one very disgusting.

This is the kind of fun challenges to do with friends which is based on Harry Potter’s Bertie Bott’s. All you need to do is just spin the color wheel and when the pointer indicates a certain color then the performer would have to eat the candy of the same color. Now it is his luck that what flavor he gets.

Winner will be the one who would not spit any of the candy out.

11). Disney Challenge

As the name suggests, this game is entirely based on the Disney movies. There is almost no kid who did not love the Disney movies in their childhood. It is such kind of fun challenges to do with friends which will recreate the Disney magic once again.

A person would play the tracks from the animated Disney movies and two people would have to recognize within 7-10 seconds about the song and the movie name. 2 points will be awarded for right guess and 1 for guessing one of them.

This is totally a fun thing to do and requires no competition or other set up.

12). Ice Bucket Challenge

Probably there is no one who does not know about this super cool challenge. Well, I am not saying this super cool just like that because it is actually cool.

Social media has already gone crazy over this fun youtube challenge and there are millions of people who have attempted it and uploaded their videos online. The idea is simple as the person participating would have to drop a bucket full of chilled ice water on their head.

Such fun challenges to do with friends were basically a stunt to raise money for the organization named ALS.

13). Charlie Pencil Game

Well, it is a kind of creepy game and became an internet sensation very soon. People were totally going mad about it and some of them also reported it to be true. However, most of them still think that it is just a hoax.

You need to draw one vertical line and one horizontal line on a piece of paper making four parts. Now write yes in the upper left and bottom right part and no on the remaining one. Now keep two pencils on the paper crossing each other.

Now call the name of spirit Charlie by saying Charlie, Charlie are you there? If the pencil moves to yes then he has arrived. You can ask him questions and you can end the game if he says no otherwise you would have to continue.

14). Warhead Challenge

Warhead is the kind of candies which are really sour in the taste. This challenge may not sound you so much tough but it is actually quite fun challenges to do with friends.

Two people or more than that can perform it together. These candies are extremely sour in taste which makes this challenge even more fun. Now in a specific time one who eats most warhead candies will be the winner of the game.

No one can consume any sort of liquid or other eatables while performing this challenge. This would make this challenge even more interesting and your mouth even sourer.

15). The Seven Second Challenge

This is such kind fun challenges to do with your friends that are doing the rounds of internet in the recent times. This challenge has no boundaries and you can include whichever task you like in this challenge.

There are two people required who can perform this challenge together or alternatively in order to compete with each other. You can give any task to another one and he/she would have to complete it perfectly in seven seconds.

You can decide the particular number of rounds for it. One who will have more points will be the winner of this game. Record the video and upload it to invite more people.

16). No Mirror Makeup Challenge

As the name depicts this is the kind of fun challenges to do with friends which are simple and yet very much interesting. I am very sure that guys would like to be kept away from this challenge.

In this game there can be more than two or as many participants as you want. There will be a particular time span to attempt this challenge. All you need to do is just apply the makeup on your face but without the use of mirror.

One who will do it the best will be the winner of this challenge.

17). Blindfolded Hairstyle Challenge

Such are really hilarious but actually quite fun challenges to do with friends. Like the above one this is also a female specific game.

This can be attempted one after the other and that too in a specific time period. One would blindfold the other girl and she would have to make a certain hairstyle with her hairs. And the same would be done by other participant.

One who will do it more clean will be the winner. Try to pick such hairstyles which are more complicated. This will make this challenge even tougher but yet interesting. You can upload it in order to make it fun youtube challenges.

18). Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge

This is another kind of fun challenges to do with friends which is done blindfold. Well, such blindfold challenges are a huge hit among youngsters these days.

In this challenge one person will be blindfolded and he will be made to taste certain things with really odd taste. You can put anything to taste which is very awkward to taste while not blindfolded.

The other one would have to recognize the thing by its taste in 5-10 seconds. You can increase or decrease the time limit according to your own choice. Do not make the challenge more disgusting by putting such things which are not at all eatable.

19). The Pizza Challenge

Like the other food challenges this is not at all disgusting or messy to attempt. In fact this one would make your hungry heart and stomach happy. But make sure that you do not end up eating this much that it hurts you later on.

Order a pizza pie for each person who is attempting this challenge. Now it is to be seen that who is going to finish this pie in one sitting. One who will finish this pie on the first place will be the winner of this challenge.

Such fun challenges to do with friends are really making huge hit on the internet. You can record the video to share it on youtube to invite more people for this challenge by saying I nominate this person.

20). Bubble Gum Challenge

If you are thinking that what is the challenge in having bubble gums? Then let me tell you that if you would look at youtube then you would find out that how much tough it is to attempt such kind of fun challenges to do with friends.

There will be no time limit for this challenge. The idea is that there can be as many participants in this challenge as you want.

Now, each one would have to chew as many bubble gums as they can at a time. This can be one or two packs or someone can ever have three packs at a time. if someone would spit all the bubble gums then he/she would be disqualified.

21). Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge

This is the deadliest combination in the world to have mentos right after you consumed diet coke in your belly. It would feel like a little volcanic explosion in your belly. So there should be proper safety measures for it.

Now the trick is to drink the entire can of diet coke. Right after that the participant would have to eat as many mentos he can, one after the other. One who will consume the maximum amount of mentos will be the winner of this challenge.

Such fun challenges to do with friends can land you in hospital so beware when you are pushing your limits while attempting this challenge.

22). Egg Drop Challenge

There is a complete set up required by the participant before attempting this challenge. The idea is totally opposite the name of the challenge. Yes, you would have to drop the egg from a really good height but you would have to save it from breaking.

You can use towels, papers, other clothes to make a set up in order to protect the egg. Now drop the egg from a height, say two storey. The one whose egg will not be broken will be the winner of this challenge.

23). Smoothie Challenge

If you are thinking that smoothie is really tasty to have and there will be no problem to attempt this challenge then there is a catch.

In such kind of fun challenges to do with friends, you cannot even imagine how much messiness is involved. You would have to put interesting ingredients like strawberries, apple, and pineapple in different bags of same color. Now you would have to put things like pickle, wasabi and ketchup in other bags or same color.

Now two bags of different colors would be picked and there will be smoothie prepared out of them which will have to drink by the participant. One who will drink the whole glass will be the winner.

Looking for more challenges to do with friends? I will not disappoint you. Here is the best collection of challenges to do with friends.


If you have gone through the entire list for fun challenges to do with friends then you would notice that most of them are based on food. Some of them are really disgusting to try but that is the part of the challenge that how well you do such disgusting challenges.

The most important part of these challenges is that you should definitely take care of the safety measures in all of them. If you are allergic to some specific food item then you should not attempt such challenges just for fame. The ice bucket challenge must be taken seriously as because of the extremely low temperature of water, people can even die from hypothermia.

I would recommend that you should definitely go for these fun challenges to do with friends but keep in mind that safety and security of you and your friends.