How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend: Love can be a pretty daunting thing for most men at the best of times. The expression of feelings being the other daunting task.

Men usually want to shy away from mushy and corny things or overt public displays of affection. They’d always secretly prefer their privacy when proposing to a woman they like. What they don’t know is that how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, such skills can come in handy. Because women are quite the opposite when it comes to love.

They want to shout and scream and overtly flaunt their love to the world. So, if all you guys out their are wondering how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend and curious to know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend , fear not. You’ve come to the right place.

Without taking no time, let me dig into how to ask to a girl to be your girlfriend.

Keeping your feelings hidden from the girl you like might seem interesting in the beginning, but post few dates and months you can’t expect her to hold on to you. So, if you have a special someone who you aspire to be with, it is the time you give a name to your relationship. To simplify the things for you, we have come up with 15 creative ideas on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Some people might find asking out a girl a crazy idea while for others it might just be scary.

How to ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend Tested Ways

We all know that love is a beautiful feeling and in case you want to enjoy the entire experience of being in love it is time you go ahead and take up your chances. Girls love special moments so in order to get a definite yes from her, you have to assure that the move you take is sweet, romantic and very unique. Go through these 15 creative tactics that will answer you the question- how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

High Way Proposal

In case you are one of those bold guys who is not shy to express their love in public then this is definitely the best route for you. Choose one big billboard and publish your message for her. Keep it short, sweet and personalized. Take her through that route and do watch out for her reaction. Believe me guys every iota of her body would scream YES on reading your message. The messages can be like:

  • Hey Ms. X will you be mine?
  • You had made me mad since the day we met. Make me of you forever X…
  • I am going Crazy about you, can we live together?

Note: ‘X’ will be the girl of name you wish to be your girlfriend.

Fire Your Question on Her Special Date

If your crush has a birthday in the following few days or months then believe me things are already sorted for you. You do not need to be so stressed about how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Plan a small surprise birthday party for her. Keep the party limited to the two of you.Decorate the space with balloons, hearts and other decorative and arrange good food, soft music. Bake a personalized cake (or order one) and ice it with the question,

  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Will you mind to be the mother of my kid?
  • Will you be mine forever?

Ask these questions in a series and get the desired response. If she has feelings for you, nothing can stop her from giving you a big Yes.

Make a Puzzle

Now, you can easily come across a website that will allow you to create customized puzzle. Question is what do you have to do with the puzzle? See, if you guys have a cute photograph together, you can get that made with a sweet message on it or you can just put a picture of you holding flowers for her.

Again add a message on the puzzle. Split the pieces and wrap it in a box beautifully. Parcel the box to her place and let her unveil the surprise. The message can be a sweet question- ‘Will you Marry me’.

Treasure Hunt

Remember my friend there is nothing ever so creative than a surprising treasure hunt. Be it a birthday, a proposal or a special date you can woo her any day with a Treasure hunt. This is definitely going to be the most fun way for those looking up for how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

Organize a treasure hunt and let her find the treasure. Give her hints to make it easy to find the treasure. Ensure that you have kept a greeting card asking her- ‘Will you be the love of my life’.