15+ How to Make Him Miss You Tested Ways

How to Make Him Miss You: A life is a life lived when you fall in love with someone. But in today’s world love is only a give and take relation. There are people who love truly but are not appreciated for this. And there are some people who keep on changing their partner and called modern.

How to Make Him Miss You


You can see many people who are still stuck on their ex. But there are the people who move on like nothing happened to them at all.

A relationship is all about the feelings of two people. They should be treated with equality. You cannot pick someone out from a relationship and name them important. But in terms of being sensitive, you can say that girls are more emotional than guys.

They put their best feet forward to make a relationship successful.  They are misunderstood sometimes. But that does not mean that they are actually wrong. They just want to do the best and have the best in return.

But guys are a bit different from this. They have a lot of responsibilities on them which make them strong and rigid on their emotions. Sometimes they do not have enough time to even listen to you. But this does not mean that they do not love you at all. It is just the practical things that hover over their mind more than you.

Many a times this results in breaking of a relationship. Your guy does not miss you or text you more often. But now you can have many ideas for how to make him miss you.

You may have had enough of this thing. But now you can actually do something about it. You can try out different things which will surely attract him towards you. No matter if he is your ex or current. These ideas will work superbly on both the cases.

15+ How to Make Him Miss You Tested Ways

Now you do not have to think much about how to make him miss you. Here are the different ideas that have been given below. You just have to give them a try. And he will surely be more attracted to you this time.

1. Stop the Communication for a While

I know there would have been butterflies in your stomach every time you talk to him. But you would have to stop this for a while or time being. I am not asking to you break your connection with him. But you would have to take a break from talking to him. This would really help you for how to make him miss you.

This is the most influential trick that will surely work in your favor. You just need to avoid contact with him and he will be more eager to talk to you.

You may find it a bit annoying to ignore him. But you would have to do this. This is really important to cut the contacts for some day. You have to show him that you are busy somewhere and cannot talk. It will make him wanting you even more. And it is just perfect for how to make him miss you.

You should definitely do it if you guys are talking a lot. If you guys are on texts and calls all the time then it is the perfect time for this move.

2. Do Not Return to His Calls Promptly

Apart from cutting the contact for some time, this is also an important thing to do. You should not reply to his texts or his call very fast. Take some time and think about it and then reply. Even when you guys are chatting then too you should wait before replying him.

If you will reply him hastily then it would show that your life revolves around him so much. But you should let him know that you are busy in your own world too much. And he would have to make so much of effort to be a part of it.

If you really want to know that how to make him miss you then you should definitely go for this. This would make him restless to talk to you. He will be more into you to know you more than others. He would be eager to know that whether there is someone else in your life or not.

3. Limit the Social Media Posts

Social media has been so influential these days. You just like a girl, find out her name and she’ll definitely be on the social media platform. A friend request to her can change many things in your life. Suddenly all her posts become your first priority.

But now the question arises that how to make him miss you by this?

He will keep on checking your social media posts. It will let him know that what type of a person you are. So this is really important for you to keep a check on this.

You would have to be mysterious for him. You should make it hard for him to know you. This is the best way to work on how to make him miss you. If you will be less active on social media then he will be missing you more and more. He would be eager to know about your lifestyle. As a result he will try to connect with you in some other way.

4. Pretend to Be in a Hurry

You should try to be the one who ends the conversation first. If you are not doing this from a long time then you should definitely do this now. You should not do this always but at least sometimes.

You should cut the conversation in the middle and depart. He should feel like you are too much busy somewhere. If you will maintain less contact with him then you do not have to think about how to make him miss you. He will surely be thinking about you a lot.

End the conversation to such an extent that he will keeps on wanting more and more of you. If you are talking on the phone then you should hang up first. He should be realizing that you are always in a hurry.

He will be making more and more efforts to keep you attracted to him. He will be doing more and more interesting things to keep you stuck to him.

5. Use a Signature Perfume

Guys are much more attracted to a girl’s odor than anything else. So you should pick a perfect signature perfume for you. Make sure that you do not go for the perfume which has a very dark smell. There should be a smell which stays for hours and gives a flowery feel to you.

When the guy will come closer to you, then he will be mesmerized by your scent. This may sound absurd to you, but this is really effective.

If you want to know that how to make him miss you then, you should definitely go for it. Each time he will be sitting alone then he will be thinking about you by your smell.

You can go for the fresh flower perfume. You can also go for the body splash; it stays longer than the normal perfume. Apart from the perfume, your deodorant should also be a perfect one. It should always attract him towards you. This is a perfect plan for how to make him miss you.

6. Be Mysterious and Surprising

Play your cards wisely if you want to know that how to make him miss you. You should not reveal everything about you all at once. Things when remain hidden create so much of interest.

Guys usually get more attracted to those girls who are surprising and mysterious. So this trick can really work in your favor for sure.

There are many things through which you can create suspense about yourself. You can keep the things hanging for some time. You can leave the chat in the middle and let them keep on wondering what kind of person you are.

You can hide some of the posts of yours from the social media. You just have to keep him confused about your lifestyle and way of living. You should also try to keep him away from your friends so that he cannot enquire about you. It is another idea for how to make him miss you.

7. Leave Your Belongings to His Place

The best way to work on how to make him miss you is to remind him of yours every time. You can leave some things in his car or at his place. It can be your earring or any other belonging of yours.

If you are not leaving anything behind, then leave your smell behind. This is the best thing to be left at his place. Use such a perfume which stays for long. So it will remind him of yours even in his apartment. You can also leave a piece of cloth of yours. It can be your scarf or handkerchief.

You should intentionally leave such things which are not used on a daily basis. It will be very much convenient and better for you.

You can go for the hairbrush or some piece of jewellary too. You can also go for a pen or notebook. Some make up an item like lip gloss can also be left at his place. It will surely remind him of yours, and he will keep on looking at your belongings. He will miss you so much that he would want to talk to you more and more.

8. Leave Him Wanting More of You

Do not hurry in getting closer with him physically. Let the things get hotter first. You should wait for the right time to make you move. There should not be any hurry in finding the perfect in his heart. You should create some space between you and him.

He will not be missing you if you will always be there right in front of him. Disappear from his sight for some time or days and he will be there searching and asking for you.

If you want to know that how to make him miss you then give him a chance to do so. Try to skip the weekends from spending with him. Do not spend this much time with him that he will end up getting bored from you.

A kiss left in between will always keep him wanting more of you. He will keep on thinking about you and your touch. He would love to spend more and more time of him with you.

9. Create Some Space between You and Him

This is just the perfect thing for how to make him miss you. First hang around with him a lot and then suddenly stop doing this. When a person gets too much of everything then he stops valuing it. So this is the time to make him realize your worth in his life.

Try to pretend as if you are busy somewhere. You should fake it that you are too much tired doing other things that you do not have enough time to spend with him.

Make him realize that he is not that much important in your life. So he will be doing more and more things to grab your attention. And apart from it he will be there missing you and thinking about you all the time.

He will keep on thinking that what are you up to and why you are not with him. He will miss you each and every time.

10. Hang out With Your Girlfriends More Often

There are people who think that girls cannot have a life without a guy. But you should be the one proving them wrong totally. You can have fun with your girlfriends and you would have to show this to each and everyone.

Go out with your girls and have a blast. And then tell him about your wild experiences. Go out and do camping with them. Do something adventurous which makes them envy of you.

He should miss you that why he is not with you. He should be longing for doing all these things with you just like your girls squad.

This is one more thing which is just the perfect one for how to make him miss you. You can definitely not go wrong with this. All the fun which you are having will make him miss you with each passing second.

11. Post Pictures with Your Male Friends

The best way for how to make him miss you and jealous at the same time is to post pictures with your male friends. You must be thinking that earlier I told you to limit your social media posts and now am asking you to enhance them.

Well, these are the little things which should be kept in mind. First, you should create some distance between you and him. So that he can miss you like hell.

And when you guys get comfortable with each other then you should go for this. You should post photographs chilling with your male friends. It will make him miss you like hell and a bit insecure too.

12. Look like a Diva

This is a step which is surely unconventional. This step can never go wrong as an attempt for how to make him miss you. Your looks are your power. This is something which is the most influential weapon for you. You can use this to blow the mind of your guy completely.

You cannot miss the opportunity of dropping his jaw by looking at you. This is something which is just the perfect thing for how to make him miss you.

You should dress differently than usual. The usual dressing is good for the regular days. But for some special occasion, you should dress like a diva. You can go for a ravishing party wear or killing evening gown. Keep it backless and make your heels high.

Look at your best. And most importantly keep the confidence to carry the dress you are wearing with elegance. Look like a diva and talk like a diva and he will be thinking about you even after you are gone.

13. Have Some Straightforward Communication

Instead of talking round and round, some straightforward communication is much better. It will make you guys comfortable with each other day by day. If you will keep on wanting him more and more of you, then he will eventually get bored of it.

Not replying to his texts and calls can frustrate him after some time. So you cannot take any chance about losing him just like that.

He will surely miss you, but he will get someone else afterwards. So if you really want to know that how to make him miss you then you should go for this idea.

You should go for some straightforward ideas for him. Talking about the things which are called taboo can really change your equation with him. You can talk to him about the things he has not talked about to anyone. This will make you guys closer. And when you will be not talking then he will be surely missing you. So this is just the perfect idea for how to make him miss you.

14. Try to Be Happy Without Him

You are an independent woman. A lady with her own work and own happiness. You do not need a man to run your life. There should not be a dependency on someone else to keep you happy. You are the master of your life, and it is not derived by anyone else.

You should know that how to have fun without any guy. Your girlfriends are enough for you, and you do not need anyone else to have fun.

Have fun and post the pictures on the social media. You should be looking like having too much fun. Explore new places and go on the road trips. Go and get a life, a real life indeed.  This is the best way for how to make him miss you and make him jealous too.

Have a happening life and be proud of it. There should not be anything fake about it. Be genuine to you and others too.

15. Get Intimate with Him like Never Before

This is also a thing which is really important for how to make him miss you. Being emotional is not the only thing which is required in a relationship. Getting physically intimate is also as important as this.

From your lingerie to your hairs, everything should attract him more and more towards you. There should be a new spark in you which can set everything on fire. You should be like a wild cat attacking on him like never before.

There should be a new side of yours which is not seen by him ever before. You should make him wanting you this much that he just cannot stay away from you anymore. Getting intimate is something which forms an unforgettable connection between two people.

Fragrance candles, roses all over and there are many things which can be used to create an awesome atmosphere. Make it the best night of his life that he just cannot take this out of his head forever.


All the things which are actually required for how to make him miss you have been mentioned above. These are some of the really simple and cool tips and tricks for you. He can be your ex, or he can be the one you are dating and want to be together with.

You should use the right trick at the right time. You should wait for the perfect timing to play your cards and that too wisely

You cannot afford to miss the chance of getting back together with your ex. And if it is a new relationship then you cannot let go the one you like. So this is the time to make them wanting you more and more every time.  You should definitely go for these things for how to make him miss you.